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Second Radiohead Remix Twelve Inch Announced

The official release date of the first Radiohead Remix 12″ vinyl is Monday July 4th, which means it will be available in some territories tomorrow. But the second release has now been announced.

The vinyl of Caribou’s remix of Little by Little and Jacques Greene’s Lotus Flower remix will be out on Monday. The second vinyl of this four part series includes Morning Mr. Magpie, remixed by Nathan Fake, as well as remixes of Bloom by Harmonic 313 and Mark Pritchard. So, three tracks this time. Release date is set for July 14th. The limited edition release is available for pre-order at Phonica.

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  • Just picked up the first 12″!

  • Looking forward to hearing these. Just FYI, Harmonic 313 IS Mark Pritchard.

  • shangri-la…

  • remixes… REMIXES… I’m sick of this recycled garbage, I want to hear some new MUSIC – not overhyped and mere demonstrations of mixing techniques! I don’t want to sit around and amaze myself at how many times they must have sliced up a sound, looped it, trashed the good stuff, made it more sellable to night clubs etc to a band I once loved.

    I want to hear to Thom Yorke’s raw emotion, singing and speaking to my heart and soul, and that hasn’t happened for at LEAST a couple of albums now. They have sold out, but they are too ashamed to admit it. The whole pay-what-you-want thing was good at the time, and probably would be for every album they make now because they aren’t really worth paying for.

    Get on with it, start recording Present Tense and Staircase, at least a few (musical) notes would be great, and release an album that contains more than beep-bop-bong “ahhhhh” with unnecessarily long tails of reverb. The King of Limbs was not fucking 4 years of hard work that’s for sure, any slightly talented musician could knock it up in Logic Pro in about 2 weeks time.

    Amen to the orchestration in Codec, the only brilliance on the album (and maybe Lotus Flower).

    PS. They’re too cool for Australia, but they go to US at the drop of a hat. Proof they have sold out.

  • If anyone is able to copy these remixes and convert to digital media I will love them forever as I do not have a record player nor will I buy one. Please if anyone finds a good quality recording of these anywhere online please post links in here I have a feeling these could be great seeing as its the whole album but saying that I hated the Eraser remix album.

    Thank you in advance and if I find a link my self ill post in here


  • Sorry wrong face ment to be loads of these
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  • RE: The King of Selling Out, I think the key part of your post there is “I want”. You don’t have to appreciate what Radiohead do, but if you don’t you’re probably better looking elsewhere for satisfaction.

  • To The King Of Seling Out: Better start growing a brain.

    And the track is called “Codex”.

  • @ The king Of Selling Out

    Listened to the TKOL ATB session? You really should!

  • […] (Caribou rmx) and Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene rmx) and was released on July 4th. Out tomorrow: the second vinyl of this four part series includes Morning Mr. Magpie, remixed by Nathan Fake, as well as remixes of […]

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