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Radiohead – The King Of Limbs: Live From The Basement

We’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time, but here it is in full. Radiohead performing their latest album ‘The King Of Limbs’ in full.

Broadcast on Canal+ last night you can see the band, including Clive Deamer and additional musicians, perform the 8 tracks from The King Of Limbs, as well as Staircase and The Daily Mail. Enjoy! Also, you can download all mp3’s via Soundcloud, Mediafire or Sendspace.

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  • AtEase, change the link to this:

    Much better audio quality, slightly better video.


    FakeHD. And sound is way better and louder

  • @Avindra
    Uh, shoe ! How can I delete my post ?

  • neat

  • I have this on hd on my canal+ recorder ๐Ÿ˜€

  • About chuffing time!

  • Fantastic, thank you! Loving Daily Mail with the brass, it’s suddenly gained some swagger, beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Audio:

  • wow

    this is better than the actual album

  • this is awesome. daily mail sounds great. glastonbury showed how inventive their live show of TKOL could be, and I think they could get it back on track – daily mail sounds like hail to the thief shit – the bit at the beginning like amnesiac

    – surely there is something here for everyone and all this nonsense about TKOL being shit and people wanting ‘songs’ again will dissappear… ??

  • Amazing!!!!!

  • most of the songs sounded amazing, in particular bloom, give up the ghost, codex and the daily mail, what happened to supercollider they said it was recorded in this session?

  • Am i first to comment?!?


    p.s digital download anyone?

  • WOW!!!

  • the dogs bollocks. sniff.


  • dvd. link. nao

  • is there a torrent for this please?

  • Thanks Radiomad for the audio download and split tracks.

  • omg Thom what happened to your voice? Separator and Lotus Flower are completely ruined because of it…damn

  • omg Jed… damn. ears and shite

  • Cant seem to do anything with the .rar file from that audio download link..any advice people?

  • Tour damnit …….this is sick

  • Hey everyone,

    This is Kevin, I posted the mp3 of Staircase the day it hit the net, it rep’d here but then got taken off after 18000 downloads.

    So to do one better I mastered the entire show into 320kbps MP3’s.

    You can get em here before MediaFire takes my content down again lol


  • I love this board, thanks for the audio already on my Ipod. Amazing is all I can say but am I surprised?

  • i love how Rh fans looking out for each other.

  • Lovely… Where can we find a nice 1080p HD version?!!

  • haha… i mean “looking after” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • love almost every single one of them! Lotus Flower & Morning Mr. Magpie, not that they are not good, they’re alright.

    this is really a great treat, can’t wait to watch them again & again.

  • Feral is surprisingly good in here, makes me appreciate it much better.

  • speechless

  • @Radiomad Thanks for the link!

  • Wow, i knew that would be amazing after hearing staircase, but i didnt imagine itd be anything like that. they did such a great job with the new, unorthidox material. now all you TKOL haters can hop back on the bus – we knew you’d be back

  • all the king of limb haters can blow me. Listening to “Bloom” live is like being a newborn and hearing beautiful music for the first time.

  • Can anyone help, I’ve downloaded the above links and just cant open it, it says there’s nothing to open it with…I have a Mac – any chance this is the problem?


  • Thanks for the audio, Kevin! Really good quality!

  • ok – got it all now…

    Bloom is incredible.


    You can watch them all individually here or as a whole and you can grab the MP3 downloads.’


  • @ MrStaggerLee

    How did you get that work? I downloaded from both links, both failed. I also have a Mac.


  • God damnit, BBC.

    When is this being broadcast in the UK?

  • Awesome. Re-appreciating Feral a lot more…Bloom is beautiful…Daily Mail, etc…can’t wait to download mp3’s…thanks to all who have posted downloads…

  • Everything is being taken down now. You can still listen here

  • @ Fake Plastic Tunes

    my abundance thanks to you, mp3 works and sounds great!

  • Where’s all the haters talking about tick tocky sound and too electronica? Thom’s vocal delay’s especially on give up the ghost are amazing. Again I love how there’s people out there as obsesssive about this band as I am.

  • these guys, still amazing after all there years

  • Thanks for the link Kevin

  • Thanks Kevin …..awesome

  • @music lover

    you need to download UnrarX to unpack the .rar file.

  • Magdammit it’s all bloody fantastic.

    Watching Bloom and feral etc live really reveals the percussion heavy direction they’ve taken things.

  • @ Dani

    Thanks so much for the tip, it works & sounds great with separate tracks names. Really appreciate it!


  • I am really glad that they are extending their music ideas to new realms and glad they played something simple and easy for their minds and bodies.
    I just can’t get into this album. Very artistic and different for Radiohead. I liked Daily Mail and Codex, of course, is the highlight of the entire album.
    Hope they make a new album soon.

  • everyone who scoffed at the king of limbs originally,

    …i hate to say i told you so…

  • What happened to the good old days lyrics, simple, straight forward, no cryptic, just good old plain words?

    Radiohead lyrics have gone too obscure, they’re about to burn my brain out, man, I need to listen to something simple for a change…., let’s see… perhaps something like The Bravery, something i won’t need to turn on my signals, just a nice straight & easy country road drive….umm…. easy breezy wind blowing…..


  • @ Amnesiac What?

    man… i feel you.

  • Does anyone have the megaupload link to the In Rainbows from the basement session?

  • my lightbulb just went off!

    i’m simply not qualified to be a Radiohead fan, i don’t think i’m smart enough, being born with only max. capacity of 2-track mind. ๐Ÿ˜€

    their music and lyrics are too complicated & confusing to me, like, one day i thought i figure out the meaning of a song, next day the meaning totally changed on me, so there, i’m going to listen to Coldplay…. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • it’ll be nice if Radiohead sells pamphlet that translates their cryptic songs into plain words, at least some clear guidance provided, especially for a F.O.B..


  • I’m Radioheads No 1 fan to the point that my girlfriend is jealous!

    But I’m starting to get a little annoyed at how alternative and allusive they are becoming… secret shows, surprise appearances, extra tracks, having to find videos on youtube… I always think I’m missing something!

    Come on, just release a 12 track album and go on tour! Oh and not an arena tour either! too big! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel better now…

  • Anyone who is having trouble un-stuffing, un-archiving un-clenching on a mac go to the App Store and you will find in the top ten free downloads “The Unarchiver” It does all the above…

  • Hi,

    I just posted the whole video of the performance on megaupload:

    format: mp4, quality: 360p (straight from youtube)

    Enjoy while it’s there!

  • Does anyone know when this performance will be released to Itunes in a professional format? I noticed that the In Rainbows from the basement was released one month after the broadcast back in 2008. Any ideas?

  • Kevin, any chance you can repost a medifire link?

    The one above seems to be dead. Thanks

  • listen up, fans, we did those secret shows, surprise appearances, extra tracks, just to spice up & test the market, and we thought we were invited to those small gigs, but often times found empty crowd, we were very disappointed, sort of feel like just got pranked, you know…, there’s certainly a missing link somewhere.

    since we heard some complains from some fans here about our cryptic song lyrics, so we decided to change our style to reality talk, no bulls, no detours, beat around the bush lyrics, we hope you SUPPORT and JOIN us for this new approach, without your support, we can’t move forward. See if you like the result of our new approach, then we will go forward with release of 12 track and tours.

    do we have a deal here? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • **** Anyone who is having trouble un-stuffing, un-archiving un-clenching on a mac go to the App Store and you will find in the top ten free downloads โ€œThe Unarchiverโ€ It does all the aboveโ€ฆ ****

    damn…. you won’t believe how much i needed that! thx for the tips.


  • another great sesssion from them. easily the best band in the world; rollingstone was right – the future belongs to radiohead! anyway, i digressed, despite the big up here and after watching glastonbury i feel colin’s bass is quelled on bloom here. likewise, his bass doesn’t takeover on feral either like it should. his bass at glastonbury definitely did on bloom. the sheer quality of the 8 track cd sets a new standard for clarity no doubt and with feral when driving in my car the bass on that track gradually builds until it’s vibrating everything in my car but it’s a smooth deep resonating bass. likewise with bloom… difficult to reproduce live but if anyone could pull it off live…they can. moreover, in rainbows from the basement is better imo than they’re cd release. finally, the daily mail is such a dope track but the drums come in too soft and don’t pop like they did at glastonbury or like they do on nude from their live from the basement session. needs to be crisp and during that stretch of the track…should be the star of the daily mail. regardless, king of limbs from the basement is more than a welcome treat to us all. once again, mad props to radiohead for extending their legacy and us benefiting from it.

  • Does anyone have a nice artwork for iTunes? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’ve made a little cover for everyone to use in their iTunes library, if they so wish. Just pop over to my flickr channel to get it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What a great session! I’ve been so excited to see them play their new material live, and was thrilled when I heard they would be doing another “From the Basement” show.

    What’s so great about it is it really quells the worries of some fans that they weren’t the same band anymore, and that they were hiding behind computer programs and drum machines. Seeing them do this material live shows how they are still arranging their music as they always have been and are still the same band, but just using new instruments (albeit more computerized than classical) to push their work to the next level. Amazing display of music.

  • **** Oh and not an arena tour either! too big! ****


  • yeah, radiohead needs simpler lyrics. I mean it’s just all too sophisticated for my simple brain. Can’t they just water down their art form into some replicable cookie cutter version of music that I can easily consume without having to feel challenged or intimidated by its meaning. Then they can truly join the ranks of music greats like Justin Bieber, Spice Girls, and Katy Perry. Until then, I’m just going to stay in my room, not put an unneeded amount of thought into anything, and keep my Coldplay discs on loop.

  • ๐Ÿ™‚ ;):):):):):):):):):):):):)
    I put happy faces just like everyone else.

  • I hope ๐Ÿ™‚ i will listen to “the daily mail” on a next album!

  • BBC bloody took the footage off. Is there any way to see it?

  • Pay the TV license, you scum.

  • *** Then they can truly join the ranks of music greats like Justin Bieber, Spice Girls, and Katy Perry ***

    great music for meditation, just let those polluted noise/thoughts pass through without holding or reacting.

  • they took everything down from Youtube, the bastards! At least I managed to download the tracks… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    *** I just canโ€™t get into this album. Very artistic and different for Radiohead. ***

    humm…. RH has been artistic for years, what’s new now? What do you like about them to begin with?

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    sorry, don’t mean to be rude, i meant to add this:

    if you don’t mind me ask?

  • I love you all.

  • Thank you very much for the links by the way.

  • *** But Iโ€™m starting to get a little annoyed at how alternative and allusive they are becomingโ€ฆ secret shows, surprise appearances, extra tracks, having to find videos on youtubeโ€ฆ I always think Iโ€™m missing something! ***

    Haha…. obviously Rh isn’t good enough these days, your girl friend shouldn’t worry about it.


  • man…. perhaps you are missing something?

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  • Excuse me. Can anyone reupload or give a new link or give a torrent for the recording in 320 kbps again? The megaupload one was in 320 kbps but it’s sounds shitty compared to soundclod upload.

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