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Thom Yorke posts Hugh Grant interview: News International RIP

Thom Yorke posted an interview with Hugh Grant on Dead Air Space.

Hugh Grant talked about phone hacking by the media, which marked the end of Britain’s newspaper News Of The World. Thom quoted the first line of the interview ‘by sheer coincidence i broke down in the middle of kent in my car…..’ and linked to the video below.

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  • RIP duder, and RIP newspaper of the world

  • whoops i read that wrong, lol he is not dead. but still – check that out

  • Cool bananas

  • this is Radiohead news?

  • Of course, all Hollywood and media love that this is one of Rupert Murdoch’s papers but I saw an interview with Grant where he made a point to say this isn’t just News of the World but pretty much all tabloids doing this.

  • parasites feeds on parasites.

    humans are pests, we eat ourselves so we can generate more paper money, more money so we can consume more, borrow from our future with a planetary credit card.

    when the bills drops on our laps, we act surprised.

    wait, is this related to Radiohead? 😀

  • Fuck the media and Rupert Murdoch! Here in the states they spew so much hate and lies. print media is dead! Long live printer media!

  • Am I the only one who thinks Hugh Grant looks like Ed?

  • I don’t understand how McMullen could have such hubris. Isn’t phone tapping…wire listening…phone hacking…whatever it’s called illegal in the UK?

    How about using that “Other Topics” area, Thom? Every time there’s an update on DAS my tour info alarm systems go off! 😀

  • @Max: I was just about to say the same thing!

    But still, give me Ed over Hugh Grant any day


  • all this sucks – i still have no idea how people react surprised – everything is really like that of course – fucked up for real – but does anyone really doubt it ? – anyway it’s really incredible that a human being with real proof can point it out and hugh has the balls of the planet – my admiration to him x1000 % !

    ps : rita you re the best , funny and creative as hell ! ! hahaha that was so good ! [ obviously we can joke into the shit as well ]

    nice day here sun is knocking on my neck .good news i am buy the pool watching with headphones the ftb good quality one i guess this is my 13 th time or so since we got it . and yes media sucks , corporations are poison , bank [ corporations ] are the devil , car insurance companies [ corporations ] are ridiculously stupidly stealing money from people on the states, and i dont even want to talk about medical insurance companies and hospitals [ more corporations ] [ still in usa ] because i will spoiled my sun by the pool . off now .

  • shit

    someone just spoiled my sun anyway – i refresh my safari and none of the videos were still there – ftb videos – whatttt –

    well . a break till palladia day . end of july here i guess

    we were bless for a while – hope that ziggurat come alive again

  • that’s a shame, they took down the video posted by thelilbearbeeny, which has the best audio, video & navigation.


  • @pntrs

    “watching with headphones the ftb… and yes media sucks”

    a bit of a contradiction here, methinks?

    how about “tabloid media sucks”?

  • sounds like it – but there s no really a contradiction – there s always a balance that should be found- i enjoy my balance very well myself – corporations and media try to abuse so much that they don’t balance – they exceed – so not really a contradiction – just different ways on looking at a subject – and also i work for a corporation – its not always right or wrong – again – balance

  • what sucks is just ” anyone ” who is sick about money and sick about making more and more money .or having more and more succes . that would be my thought round up . if you dont want to get confuse with my contradictions – that s all i am trying to say –

  • ” corporations and media try to abuse so much that they don’t balance – they exceed ”

    Over correction is usually not good when there’s a sense of balance, but we are at the far end right now, over exceeding needs over correction, so balance can be restored, although it will be painful.

    That’s why we need music more than ever, as escapee…..

  • The media are scum the sooner people stop paying attention the sooner they will die. When they crumble we can live in peace and help each other become better people instead of living in fear and being fed tragic stories constantly. Fuck Rupert Murdoch campaigns should be started to boycott anthing he touches this man is ruthless and on hearing about this phone hacking and the lenghts people went to for pure greed is disgusting I hope he and the others involved choke they are not human

  • perhaps related to The Daily Mail

  • 月亮高高在山上


    ehhh eeeh




  • 24/7 news is never a good idea! When there’s nothing else to talk about, they filled the air with trash, gossips.

    i stop watching TV news and TV, 90% of them are sensationalized, over dramatic junks.

  • ” Fuck Rupert Murdoch campaigns should be started to boycott anthing he touches this man is ruthless ”

    It’s about time!

  • Thank You Anonymous. Fox is Fucked

  • And this is the tip of the iceberg.

    The “new” Nazi’s have taken over the asylum.

    Soon we will be back in Egypt.
    Where the slaves get just enough to eat and the Oligarchy crew determine whether they want us to live or die.

    I chose Jesus Christ a long time ago.
    Love your neighbor as yourself and Love the Lord God with all my heart mind soul and strength.

    The Daily Mail has arrived!

  • I think I’ve come to the decision that:

    Harry Patch (In Memory Of)
    These Are My Twisted Words
    Little By Little
    The Butcher………………are fantastic!


    Morning Mr Magpie
    Lotus Flower
    Give Up The Ghost
    Supercollider…………………….are not.

    (I know everyone raves about Codex and Give Up The Ghost, but next to songs such as Pyramid Song or Sail to the Moon, they just sound like rough sketches.. Anyway, each to their own eh.)


  • Oh, I forgot about The Daily Mail, I think that’s fantastic!

  • what do you think of yourself ? are you fantastic or you are not ?

  • @/////////////+

    After putting Codex, Morning Mr Magpie & Supercollider in your blacklist you have no more credibility, though.

  • @Jack Banksia

    Ah well. I’m just one random anonymous voice on the interwebs. I’m sure Radiohead won’t mind me thinking some of their songs are better than some of their other songs.


    I am intermittently fantastic, yes. 😉

  • weird but cool two of my fave people but i’d never put them togther lol! the anti murdoch routine is getting a bit tired though all newspapers are suspect. 31 publications hired private detectives to do unscruplosus things not just notw its been wide spread across the media for DECADES including the beloved broadsheets and if the mirror had done this I doubt the guardian would be jumping on this story.

  • my dad always said journalists were the scum of the earth … im starting to believe him

  • On the Daily Mail: Paul Dacre = Cnut = Rupert Murdoch

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    Amen to that brother.

  • SUV

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