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Philip Selway releases ‘Running Blind’ EP – Pre-order on 10″ vinyl

After the release of Philip Selway’s debut album ‘Familial’ last year, the Radiohead drummer is set to release a new EP, ‘Running Blind’

As the press release states, ‘Philip wrote the songs that formed the track-listing for his acclaimed debut solo album he kept back a handful of beauties to release later, songs which he felt worked best as a separate piece of work and are now unveiled on this new EP. Although these four tracks were initially recorded during the album sessions, the songs evolved through Philip’s live shows and he subsequently returned to the studio to record them with his band. Providing supple and intriguing backing across the 4 tracks are Adem, Alex Thomas, Caroline Weeks and Kath Mann.’

The EP is available on 10″ vinyl as of July 25th. You can pre-order at the Bella Union shop.

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  • Can’t wait!

  • The cover is kickass…

  • i am still growing into the fisrt lp – love the way he does it and love the quality simple and beautiful quality of the music – but i have to accept i couldn ‘t get further than nick drake . still dont enjoy too much this music . and hey , with my biggest respect since i fucking absolutely extremely incredibly love PHIL ok ! ! ? ? ?

  • the cover art is so marvelous !

  • Apparently the band is having creative differences.
    First Thom Yorke goes off and does something alone.
    Jonny Greenwood goes and does several new things.
    Now Phil Selway is venturing off.

    Just think. If the band would just stay home and not burn themselves out with such a production we would have at least 4-5 new albums from Radiohead.

    Can’t wait till they realize they are not invincible and stay home and make music. Instead of touring around the world. Just stay home and make music.

    Phil Selway. Please tell Radiohead to go back to the romance and enough of this pitter patter shite music.

    Phil brings the romance to the band. Thank you Phil Selway.

  • oh my god . . . fans do it again . . . . . man . . . or girl . . . .

    they been doing that forever . . . almost forever . . . and if they wouldn t do that we wouldn t have radiohead . that s the way they flow in life – what the fuck is wrong with that ? ? ?! ! ! the conjunction of multiple characters and ideas in music is what makes radiohead so amazingly beautiful .

    and man . . . . . jonny was doing things like TKOL even b4 thom perhaps stared thinking on it ! ! stop blaming on thom of something that s not even something to blame about ! c’mon ! ! ! what the hell ! ! bodysong is one of my favourite albums of all time [ still dying to get a vinyl copy myself ] . . . .

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee .

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    Do you really think that Radiohead still be together after all these years if nobody kept going further in their own personal project…? Come on…

    Let them create what they want to create and the way they want to do it… anyway.


  • I think is already admirable that they are still together. And its hard to believe they could be playing for more than 20 years now!! without doing something else here and there.
    I have like 2 years in one bussiness project and im already tired or the rutine, imagine after 20 years!. Glad Radiohead are creating machines!

  • Forget about The King of Limbs branching out what about the whole band branching out into their own solo projects and other interests?

    Maybe the whole Tree analogy from TKOL was more in reference to the band saying it was a good 20+ years – hey we are moving on and going to try some new things on our own.

    So the whole individual branches would represent each member of the group and their own solo and side agendas?

    I dunno just making things up as I type I guess I just miss all the theories that were being passed around a couple of months back

  • @ Amnesiac What?
    you can post the “pitter patter shite music” thing another 1000 times, but you can`t change anything. TKOL is perfect as is, radiohead can do what they want and you can still wasting tears on that. 😉

  • @ Damn and Divinci

    Of course I happy that they are making their own music and venturing off. Its called a healthy relationship. I am happy for all of them. They make beautiful music together and they share that music with me.

    I know I can post pitter patter shite music all I want.
    I have my own opinion. Stop trying to control it and just post your own opinion.

    TKOL is perfect the way it is. They can play and record anything they want.

  • radiohead king of limbs from the basement is absolute GENIUSSSSSSSSSSS… I can not believe what I’m seeing… and hearing… I’m blown away.. BLOOM IS AMAZING , the daily mail sounds like it’s from another world…

  • “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”…. I’m absolutely shocked by the incredible beauty of this song. daily mail is a work of art. wake up atease

  • with adem! i hope it becomes available on a cd at some point, i have actually thought on several occasions how great a pair they’d make

  • the cover art looks like a shot of nature’s potpourri, except with some dead bird & feathers in it.

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  • r Philip Selway is the release of his new EP, Running Blind, this Monday. Radiohead news on this day..Amanda Palmer’s Radiohead Ukulele Covers Out Now – […]

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