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Radiohead announce third vinyl with Feral, Separator and Morning Mr. Magpie remixes

It’s raining Radiohead vinyl lately. The second remix single isn’t out yet, but the third one is already announced.

The first vinyl single of Radiohead’s album The King Of Limbs included remixes of Little By Little (Caribou rmx) and Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene rmx) and was released on July 4th. Out tomorrow: the second vinyl of this four part series includes Morning Mr. Magpie, remixed by Nathan Fake, as well as remixes of Bloom by Mark Pritchard. And slated for release in two weeks: Feral (Lone RMX) / Morning Mr Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger RMX) / Separator (Four Tet RMX).

Boomkat already have a pre-order available.

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  • Four Tet separator sounds very nice

  • Bloom – Mark Pritchard – Harmonic 313
    Little by little – Caribou
    Morning Mr Magpie – Pearson Sound Scavenger – Nathan Fake
    Feral – LONE
    Lotus Flower – Jacques Greene
    Codex –
    Give Up the Ghost –
    Seperator – Four Tet
    The Butcher

    So far these are the 8 announced remixes, I think that we can assume that disc 4 will have Codex and Give Up The Ghost on it, but maybe not. I would guess that Flying Lotus was remixing one of them, and possibly JayElectronica if that tweet is to be trusted.

    The post on DAS didn’t say that there would only be 4 sets, so maybe there’s more to come, I would guess that Modeselektor were likely to be involved somewhere too.

    I wonder whether they’ll release them all on a CD once all the vinyls are out? It seems strange that they’re releasing them all at independant stores, but rather than going though the hassle of finding one that’s not sold out you can just buy it on WASTE.

    I also wonder whether they’ll release the DVD or CD of the From the Basement sessions, if they’re still in the studio then there could be more tunes coming soon, perhaps studio versions of The Daily Mail and Staircase

  • […] AtEase reporta sobre el tercer lanzamiento en la serie de remixes de “The King Of Limbs”. En esta oportunidad, se trata de otro lanzamiento con tres canciones: Feral (Lone RMX) / Morning Mr Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger RMX) / Separator (Four Tet RMX), saliendo dentro de dos semanas aproximadamente. […]

  • Hopefully they’ll release a vinyl/cd with all the mixes on it in the end

  • ahhhhgrrrr . if i had this single release with all of them i would buy it . but i changed my mind so far about buying the rmxs . who knows . . . maybe i ll buy them in the future if available . but yes . . . only 1 vinyl with them all would tempt me a lot more .

    anyway . . . . it s going to be tooooooooooo hard not to be tempted now that 4tet is involve . . . how can i leave that aside ?

    i wish money was better these days . and i wish the wolrd would be better and a better balance as well .

  • […] con el primer EP actualmente. El día de mañana se lanzará la segunda entrega (según reporta AtEase), con los remixes de “Morning Mr. Magpie” por Nathan Fake y “Bloom” por […]

  • probably Fly Lo for codex methinks…

  • […] Fake along with two “Bloom” remixes by Mark Pritchard — is out tomorrow. Today Radiohead announced the third single, this one featuring “Feral (Lone RMX),” “Morning Mr. Magpie […]

  • I picked up the 1st remix for $13 @ a record store here in Miami Beach. Told me about this 3rd release last night. Excited.

  • Silly pointless remixes, more new Radiohead songs please.

    Lork Baser :’)

  • I can’t f****ng wait!!

  • Hey everybody break out another $20 bucks for this piece.

    Just think.

    This album complete could cost close to $200.

    He talks of saving the planet and about paying more taxes and asking all of us to get behind the government by paying a “Nazi Tax” but here he goes printing vinyl after vinyl.

    Is Thom becoming political and sharpening up on his double speak?

    Just my opinion. What do I know.

  • O’Brien?

  • Remixes are not by RH, guys, they matter less than 1% in the discography of an artist unless they improve the quality of the original tracks themselves, but it’s very, very rare…

    BTW: we want the new songs recorded!!!

  • This is quite silly. very shocking they are releasing 4 vinyls instead of one.. esp after the supercollider/butcher vinyl. crazy. but, who knows.. perhaps radiohead is hurtin in the cash area and need to make up for the album they just created – i mean they havnt even gone on tour yet for it! i know a good portion of their cash comes from those sold out shows

  • I don’t understand the amount of ‘remix hate’. You don’t have to buy these. They are available as mp3 or as a stream if you want to hear them. You don’t need to spend $200 to complete the album. You already have the album. I for one, don’t mind paying for the vinyl, and will be getting them all.

    Just my opinion.

  • is the second lot definitely out today? most places say 18th (Monday), which makes sense in the usual UK music release date scheme of things.

    Don’t want to use up an hour of flexi to trawl to my record store for nothing!

  • @Mr. Saturn
    Bands live from tours. CD sells are so little that they wouldn’t be able to get rich from them.
    So if Radiohead would be struggling from money problems, they would defenately went to a tour.

  • @ Mr Saturn “perhaps radiohead is hurtin in the cash area ” lol your joking right ha ha aha hahaha ah ahaha the ammount of singles eps and albums released by the band added with dvds t-shirts books live shows you really gotta be kidding. the band are kicking back on a massive pile of money Im not paying for any more albums Ive bought everything I could get my hands on for years so im just gonna download them for free they can fuck off with all these remixes ill listen to them but wont be buying. Anyone who does wanna pay fair enough

  • […] série de remixes do álbum The King of Limbs deve ser lançado hoje (14), segundo informou o site Radiohead At Ease. O tracklist traz duas versões de “Bloom” por Mark Pritchard, além de “Morning […]

  • @Amnesiac What:

    You’ve been levelling a constant stream of criticism against Radiohead. If they’re pissing you off so much, why bother to keep up with the news? Yes yes, I know you’re entitled to your own opinion and all that, but wouldn’t you rather channel your energy in a more positive direction? It’s not like Radiohead are elected officials who are taking your tax money. They don’t owe you anything. You could just ignore them and it wouldn’t change your life one bit.

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    I’m with you there, brother!

  • Don’t give me wrong, i’m not against remix if interestingly done.

    But TKOL beats and instruments used, (doesn’t include Codex/Give Up The Ghost/Separator), are already close to electronic ambient experimental music. What else would be added to a remix, except more beats or a little electronic spin to fit in a (dance) clue environment.

    As a fan of certain soft beautiful songs or musicians, I used to get so frustrated and offended when listening to a remix in clubs, pumped with mindless beats, the spirit of that song is totally ruined for me.

  • […] […]

  • Anyone have a link to where these remixes can be downloaded for $0 money?

  • @Amnesiac what..

    $20 bucks is a small price to pay for a little piece of RH history in the far future, aren’t these vinyls limited edition…?

  • radiohead, if you’re reading any of these comments – just like to remind you – – – Negativity tends to be louder than positive energy…there are many who are enjoying what you are outputting – we’d rather be listening, then cramping our hands banging away on the keyboard. Thanks for this music. – yes –

  • Fuck yes, anything Lone and Four Tet touch turn to gold.

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