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Spotify arrives in the USA – A Guide to Radiohead

This morning Spotify finally made it to the U.S. We’ve been bothering you with Radiohead playlists in the past, now more people can actually use them.

Spotify is on the market for several years now as an online music streaming service. Personally, I’m a big fan of Spotify and use it on a daily basis on my MacBook and iPhone. It’s relatively easy to make your own playlists and subcribe to other peoples lists. However, Radiohead’s recent albums ‘In Rainbows’ and ‘The King Of Limbs’ are NOT avaialble on Spotify, if you own them digitally, you can easily add them to your library though. The albums released by Capitol/EMI are all available including all the deluxe editions with live tracks and b-sides. For all available Radiohead tracks, check the Radiohead playlist. Whenever Thom Yorke and the boys post a new Office Chart, tracks are added to the Radiohead Office Chart Playlist. And if you want your fix on Thom Yorke’s music, check this one. Here’s some work from Jonny Greenwood. And Philip Selway’s music is over here.

Some other playlists are in the works, not all Radiohead related, but check my profile. Subscribing to Spotify is relatively easy and i’d recommend the Premium version, but you can also test out the free version. Well, so much for this advertorial. Enjoy!

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  • Thx to that someone, who has always been an angel to post a Grooveshark playlist here while Spotify is not available.


  • If only it were available in Canada too 🙁

  • I’ve recently subscribed to the premium package of Spotify and I love the concept, but there’s a lot of problems with the software in my opinion which could easily be fixed. Also, I’ve added the King of Limbs to my library and I get an error saying “cannot play current track” and I can’t find a solution on the internet anywhere.

    Anyone got any thoughts?

  • @Liam

    the problem could be that it can’t find the original song file maybe?
    Try importing it again

    (if you keep your songs on a removable device, portable harddrive etc, then it will need to be plugged in when you use on spotify)

    hope that might help 🙂

  • @George

    Didn’t work. I keep all my music files in the same folder. I tried importing it again and I got the same error.

  • Still need invite for free version

  • Being able to listen to Thom Yorke’s office chart-playlist wirelessly on my smart phone is the ONLY thing that attracts me to Spotify. Everything else is.. meh…

    Maybe i’m too new to it to understand the excitement behind it all. And like Draniac, i’m also waiting for the free invite.

  • 🙁 Not in Canada…

  • Not sure I am getting the whole Spotify gig. Maybe I will come around later but for now I will pass.

  • OK I have invites and am willing to share w/ fellow Radiohead friends, PM me on atease (marwood).

  • Coolness, I subscribed to all your lists

  • Get your spotify invite here:

  • Thx, Ashley, but there’s no 16 characters invitation code?

  • OK I have invites and am willing to share w/ fellow Radiohead friends, PM me on atease (marwood).

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