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Stream: Radiohead remixed by Nathan Fake and Mark Pritchard/Harmonic 313

The second Radiohead twelve inch with remixes of Morning Mr. Magpie (by Nathan Fake) and Bloom (by Mark Pritchard and his alter-ego Harmonic 313) will be officially released Monday, July 18. But you can hear them now.

The twelve inch is available in on Monday in the UK and rest of Europe, but unfortunately only on 2nd August in US and Canada (‘a slight delay on the vinyl‘). Patience, North-American friends.

All four remix-vinyls will end up on a cd, the band promised today. How old-fashioned of them.

The band writes: “So, here are the next remixes in our series,

They go on sale on Monday 18th (there is a slight delay on the vinyl in the US & Canada, so those will be in the shops on the 2nd August)

Just so you know, we’re planning to put this series together on CD at the end.”

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  • Sweet! Been checking all day for this…

  • I can’t be the only one who doesn’t care much for remixes.


  • @ ParanoidAndroid

    glad i’m not alone…

    they all should be cremated or buried, whatever religion suits.

  • When you’re a close follower of the artist who’s doing the remixing, it’s exciting to hear their interpretation of another artist’s song – to put it simple. I think it’s a wonderful age for music when artists aren’t afraid to come together in such a way…it’s like a nod to the other in the most respectful manner.

  • i love rmxs . i cannot stop listening to the eraser rmxs . but I didn t get full shock [ yet ] on tkol rmxs – i like them , but i hope the 3rd one [ specially four tet ] will shock me .

    still though, if making the effort on a cd at the end , i will absolutely buy a vinyl with them all . absolutely yes . and if a surprise one day with the eraser rmxs in one album [ vinyl ] i would be sooooooooo happy .

    again , the tkol rmxs are really good . but i was completely crazy when for the first time i ve heard the eraser ones . not sure why this doesn t happen with this new series on tkol rmxs .

    and also , i think this is my first comment in my life about rd that doesn t sound too positive , even when is not negative . I like that , bit weird i always find everything so amazingly good , is good a change once in a while .

    ps : i feel that if thom would had remixed the full album the job would had been more interesting , not sure why i have that feeling . [ ps : Proud Evolution (Thom Yorke 500qd Remix I LOVE YOU ! ! ) ] .

    ps II : i also have a feeling the way i used the verbs on this comment is horrible . my apologies hehe

  • yes, The Eraser remixes are dopes! something to get excited about, for sure.

  • @k/illed by ghosts – Totally agree. So, i really LOVED Jacques Greene’s remix of Lotus Flower. It’s a great interpretation. Little by Little is also good. That said, after listening to both Bloom remixes, I am a bit bummed…Bloom is a beautiful song, and the remixes don’t seem to add anything…they almost muddle and obscure..I was really looking forward to the Bloom remix, so this is too bad, but will keep listening and give them some more chances…

    @Surtnap – ditto on Eraser remixes, especially modeselektor’s skip..skip..skip divided!

  • i’m not sure what it is about TKoL remixes, it’s like it’s got so much potential to be really really good, and yet, i haven’t heard any of them that creative & interesting enough to make me want to move with it?

  • what’s up with the “Tweet/Facebook Share” blocking the view while i’m reading the posts? can this be fixed? it’s so annoying!

  • I live in the US. I am very disappointed that the second one will be delayed two weeks. I will be a little less disappointed if the third one will be released on schedule so I can get both number two and three remix discs on the same day.

  • I wish MDSLKTR was doing one so bad. I love Nathan Fake but thought his was a pretty average effort and I thought both the Bloom ones were decent but uninspired. So far i think Caribou’s is the best. These still made my day though, and can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  • I cant get the last one to play for some reason but the first two tracks sound like someone has stuck a regular sized arse inside a larger arse that has then been crammed inside a tiny arse and then the tiny arse has exploded blowing shit directly into my ears 🙂 ha ha ha cant speak for the last track yet but not a fan of this batch

  • oh what a grand ol party this base’ll thump up. great work and a lot more fun than the album but I still don’t fully understand why Pritchard is billed as himself AND Harmonic 313. Is he trying to see which name sells better or is there perhaps some variance in his technique that stays true to the sound of each and every one of his individual monikers?

  • God these are terrible.

    Absolutely fucking terrible.

    I’d love to be a remixer, because it would, as the Aphex Twin called his compilation all those years ago, be “for cash”.

    Here’s how to do a remix:

    – Receive phonecall from management of mainstream
    band desperate for Hipster Credentials. The band aren’t
    bothered but the singer is.

    -Take Thom’s vocals; distort/extend them a bit.

    -Take the rhythm track. Distort/extend it a bit.

    -Thom thinks you’ve made him look cool! Pocket cash then go back to your laptop.

    Radiohead are actually going to release this shite as a standalone CD? What kind of Retard would pay for this?

  • Why couldn’t they have done all this (the newspaper thing, the professional remixes, the general level of hoopla, etc.) with a more substantial album? It seems like they’re trying to get the most mileage out of the least amount of music. (And I’m not talking about the length of the album, but how… tepid and unexceptional the music on tkol is)

  • listening to the download tracks from TKoL FTB, i’m so thankful for the people who shared the download links, and thanks to Dani who gave me the tips to unpack rar files, you’re all as beautiful as Radiohead!


  • Bloody terrible. I’m not going to go into a debate. Maybe Radiohead should take the effort they do into hyping these remixes and record big boots, and follow me around.

  • yeah…. seems like Radiohead saves the carbon emission from touring, but making them up from making vinyls after vinyls….


  • Wait, so let me see if I get this straight, a remix is an entirely new song with the vocals of the old song over it?

  • Radiohead wants to be a part of the dub scene.
    That’s cool. I’m glad that they are experimenting with different beats. Its not my type of music. But that means they are STILL making music and thats all that matters.

    I may appear like a Debby Downer but its because I love Radiohead so much. I bought my opinion from them years ago when they came out with Pablo Honey and even before that with On a Friday. I still remember those days. They were just as brilliant then as they are now.

    I like to have my opinion. I don’t want to shoot anyone else down and never had I.

    Thom is just giving us mixed messages. I care what he has to say just like I care about what a lot of people have to say.
    I don’t judge until “shit starts rolling down hill.”
    This is a perfect example from Thom that he says one thing and then does another.
    Make vinyl. Print a million of them. Just don’t make me eat the “shit” that comes out of his mouth sometimes. 🙂
    He says he wants to save the earth and then uses the same things that are hurting or earth. Doublespeak. That’s all it is.

  • @ Please could you stop the noise


    I’m still laughing at your comment! Hilarious!!!

  • @ Please could you stop the noise

    hahaha…. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but you got a lot of turkeys to stuff…… 😀

  • I also think Caribou’s was the best remix thus far. I think remixes hold a lot of interest for the musician who created the original work but other than listening to them I have no desire to purchase them. I want Radiohead efforts, not variations on a theme. Get to work!

  • I watched this movie today called Bully. The murder scene is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen. When it was through I had tears in my eyes and was a bit sick to my stomach.

    I listened to the remixes and seemed to fit in a nice place in my day. Neither disrupting or altering it’s flow.

    Later I went to a festival and had a strawberry smoothie. It made me a little sick to my stomach too.

  • the young fellas at atease are the bomb .

  • The first 12″ RMX was much much better !

  • The Climbing Up The Walls Zero 7 remix is still my favorite to date.

  • I like The Climbing Up The Walls Zero 7 remix, it tones down the creepy eeriness from the original, it’s more soothing and relaxing.

    But I also think the creepy part is what makes that song, Easystar Allstars in their album Radiodread did a real respectful rendition of Climbing up the Walls, imo.

  • @ music junkies

    Thanks for the post.
    Both Zero 7 and Easystar Allstars did a great job. One of my favorite Radiohead songs.
    They went in completely different directions.
    Zero 7 smooth
    Easystar Allstars reggaeish

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    yes! yes! yes! yes! 😉

    other master pieces from Radiohead: The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, Like Spinning Plates…., unreal…..

    Amnesiac is seriously growing on me….

  • is that people’s general response when you say Amnesiac is your favourite radiohead album?

  • Amnesiac is on a whole different level than any other Radiohead album.

    Last semester I had class in 15 minutes but I wanted to hear You and Who’s Army, so I put on the vinyl (that’s all I have it on) but I really didn’t want to find where it starts on the vinyl so I just put on the first song.
    Well, I ended up just skipping class and laying in the dark with the sounds of Amnesiac instead.

    Their only album that reduces me to tears every time I listen to it.

  • @ k/illed by ghosts

    **** is that people’s general response when you say Amnesiac is your favourite radiohead album? ****

    What general responses? and who claimed Amnesiac is one’s favorite?

  • Amnesiac is a dark, deep and introverted album, it takes time and patience to discover its beauty and depth.

  • *** Their only album that reduces me to tears every time I listen to it. ***

    certain music moves us deeply because they responded to our personal experience.

    there are tears of fear, sadness, sorrow, despair, joy, happiness, beauty, sensuality…. Radiohead’s music move me to tears with all these emotions.

  • Lotus Flower RMX is pretty amazing and I listen to it more these days then the original. Wha the f$@% happened to Bloom though, eh? I don’t think I’ve ever had anything negative to say about a radiohead/thom yorke release ever, literally, but both of these remixes totally DON’T “get” Bloom and sound unimaginative and uninspired. How does someone take a soaring, beautiful song like Bloom and make it ugly? Too bad Fly Lo or Four Tet or even Jacques Greene didn’t have a crack at it. Hint hint.

  • oh sorry that was to ‘Amnesiac what’

    random person “What’s your favourite radiohead album Bob?”
    Bob: “Amnesiac.”
    random person: “Amnesiac. What?”

    it’s just usually people say ok com, or kid a or something

  • @ k/illed by ghosts


  • All their albums are unique and interesting.
    So I would have to pick Amnesiac. But you have to give me the B-sides as well. Brilliant.

  • i’m totally not familiar at Rh B-sides at all, been venturing out some B-sides, they are def. growers.

    Amnesiac’s B-sides are delicious….

  • I’d check out the my iron lung ep…lots of great b-sides…I was surprised when I found out that it was actually before the bends – almost sounded like they would’ve gone to ok computer after that ep. Airbag/How am I driving ep is great too. The amnesiac b-sides though are probably my favourite. They’re all songs from the Kid A/Amnesiac sessions – the songs are like radiohead on speed, errr or something…

  • Finally got the last song to play not impressed at all. Radiohead if your reading this give me a shout for the next batch of remixes ill gladly destroy perfectly good songs for a few quid

  • suit yourself… oh, remember, get a good night sleep, so you can enjoy yourself!

    we hope you’ll find something else better to listen to, have a good life.

  • that was Jonny.

  • I can’t wait for the CD with all of them together comes out. Hopefully I will be able to download it from their website. You guys should check out my Lotus Flower cover and tell me what you think!

  • Ah ill sleep well dont worry, If I have trouble sleeping I always have the remix album to look forward too

  • Everyone just shut your traps already about the remxs,
    what do you know about music?? Not a damn thing!! So all of you

  • No you shut your trap

  • Please could your SHUT YOUR TRAP!!

  • @@Please could you stop the noise

    No I suggest you shut your trap too

  • Ill shut my trap if you promise never to speak again about the remxs and radioheads music…no one here gives two sh*ts about your opinions on their music …

  • Why cant I give an opinion though? What im saying isnt 100% fact and im not claiming it to be fact. Would you rather just read 50 replies saying oh these are fantastic? Im not trying to stir shit or cause an argument simply saying I personally dont like them. I love Radiohead’s music as much as anyone who visits this site and Im allowed comment on any release’s I want. Why dont you reply to anyone who said they like the tracks telling them no one gives a shit?
    You dont have to read what I say and you for sure dont have to agree with what im saying. I would’nt tell you to “shut you trap” if you posted a message saying how you loved the new tracks and wished the sound waves could take on the form of a human so you could ask it out on a date, show it a good time and make love to it just to love it that bit more.
    I suggest you give your opinion as much as you like and if you dont like what you see stick to the posts that make you feel warm inside. And if you cant do that and dont like what im saying I suggest you print out a hard copy give it a second read on paper if it still doesnt sit right with you maybe the best option is to crumple it into a ball and either ram it down your throat or shove it up your arse.

  • Wah wah wah cry cry cry…

    And when your opinion doesn’t suck balls ill give a fook so for now Kiss my fookig arse…lol!!

  • I am writing to retract this statement:

    “Wah wah wah cry cry cry…

    And when your opinion doesn’t suck balls ill give a fook so for now Kiss my fookig arse…lol!!”

    I now realise how much of a biast cunt I sound, I will proceed to the nearest school to receive a propper education that will help me in my everyday life and in particular help me understand when I have been severely served on
    I will not continue to reply to messages with lame ass comebacks and shitty attempts at spelling swear words.
    If I feel the urge to keep spouting crap I will slit my own throat and attach a complex system of pipes and funnels to my arse and feed my own feces to my self just to understand how other people feel as they try to digest my shit daily.
    Once again Im very very sorry

  • Hahahahaha…. you wanna talk about spelling, why don’t you go back and read your comments you too have misspelled words and its their not there you schmuck… hahaha oh what fun your pissed off now huh!!!!!

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  • Radiohead should record full-band versions of tracks by the likes of Flying Lotus, Burial, etc. That would be an interesting way around. Would sound fucking terrible. But woudn’t be any worse than these remixes.

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  • The body methods were the coupe and convertible.

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