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Radiohead not disappointed on missing out on Mercury Prize

Radiohead are not disappoint on missing out on a Mercury Prize. Philip Selway speaks out on the award and future Glastonbury appearances.

In an interview with BBC 6Music, Philip Selway said “It would sound churlish to say we don’t care. The Radiohead drummer added: “But when we were putting out ‘Kings Of Limbs’ we knew it probably wasn’t our most immediate record.”

The prestigious Mercury Prize revealed its nominations earlier this week, but the prize for British album will not go to Radiohead as The King Of Limbs was not included in the nominations. Since OK Computer every Radiohead album (except for Kid A) received a nomination. However, despite all the nominations the band never won the award.

Philip on The King Of Limbs: “It was important for us to make that record in that way but it wasn’t put out with a view to getting Mercury nomination. So not being nominated isn’t a huge disappointment really.”

On Glastonbury festival organiser’s statement that the festival probably wouldn’t last more than three editions Selway said: “That would be an enormous shame. It gets better year on year. I know there’s a fallow year next year and one planned for the year after but I’d be surprised if that was it.”

“Maybe it’s like when they said they’d take Heinz salad cream off the market and then didn’t, just to get people’s interest up, or [BBC] 6 Music.” He denied that the band had any plans to play the festival in 2013, NME penned down.

Next up for Philip Selway is the release of his new EP, Running Blind, this Monday.

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  • From the way everything has went with The King of Limbs – I really feel like the band just doesn’t want anyone to even hear the album. Still no Press, Tour, or interviews on the album and the band seem just fine with that direction.

  • jajajajajajaja!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Press: hey Radiohead, please bow and drop your knees to beg us for an interview, don’t make us ask you.

    Radiohead: leave a message, we’ll get in touch with you for an appt.


  • Radiohead are not disappoint, but son, i am disappoint

  • if radiohead would do things your way [ generally speaking ] , it wouldn t be called radiohead anymore , it would have your first and last name . wouldn t make much sense right ?

  • guys just found this

  • Who cares???!!

  • Wot Freddy said. This isn’t news, sorry Adrian.

  • Of course its news you churlish cunt

  • I love Radiohead. Some award thing… who gives a shit. Looking forward to palladia tonight!

  • yah….. this is the only time i feel good about living in east coast. 😀

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