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Radiohead expand remix vinyl series to 6 or 7, CD expected in september

Radiohead will be releasing more remixes on vinyl than expected. The CD release is now scheduled for September.

The band said that they’re not exactly sure how many releases will be put out, but it will more than the four which have been communicated earlier. Right now, Radiohead are expecting 6 or 7 vinyl releases of The King Of Limbs releases. Three are already announced, two of them have been released so far. All remixes will be collected on a CD, which is expected for ‘sometime in september’. Vinyls and digital downloads are available here.

Update: The fourth remix single will feature mixes of Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Remix), Codex (Illum Sphere rmx) and Little By Little (Shed rmx), tweeted Norman Records, who have a pre-order available

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  • Reminds me of Aphex Twins Analord series, which then became the Chosen Lords album:

    The obvious difference being these releases are through Radiohead, yet the music is by other people. Which is….. odd.

    Zomby, Major Lazer or Skream to do a forthcoming one please!

  • Wonder if any of these will actually ever be any good… so far they’ve all been complete and utter shite.

    I can’t believe Radiohead think they can charge £11.99 for EACH vinyl with no accompanying WAV download, and then STILL offer a CD release for purchase!

    I liked most of TKOL but i’m glad I’m no longer a sheep who’ll buy everything with their name on it.

    Smell my fingers, Radiohead!

  • I second that Chastaa, I never thought Id question the band or any of there actions but they are kinda taking the piss with these remixes. They just seem like they are trying to squeeze every last cent out of this album.
    If you were a die hard fan who needs to buy everything your pocket would be taking a serious raping by the corporate cock of radiohead at the minute, add up the album, ep and everyone of these releases to come thats a lot of money.

  • it’s unbelievable how much junk mails people throw out each and every day, this planet can’t sustain any waste any more. most absurdity, those so called “environmental organizations” just keep sending out recruiting mails asking for donations, oh, “but we use recycled paper”, duhhhh…., recycled paper cost energy to “reproduce” eh?

    people are screaming how hot this summer is, keep cranking up the AC, well, the worst is yet to come.

  • If you like the remixes, you can buy them. If you don’t, don’t buy them. They’re trying something different, it’s kind of neat that every remix will be part of one big CD. Since when have people ever felt like they need to buy everything Radiohead has ever released anyway? Remember Com Lag?

  • literally speaking 🙂

  • The whole world is falling apart at the seams and it’s all Radiohead’s fault.

  • Com Lag was great.

  • I say the CD is going to be a giveaway


  • Hi Thom, please make some new songs right now bitch. No, im just kidding… … maybe… damn 🙁

  • one may not leave Tao by calling names and profanity, but that’s certainly not good manner, although we should never give words that much power, but the thoughts behind our words means more.

  • Finally people are taking their mouth off Radiohead’s….

  • my post is literally, straight forwardly about the climate and planet, nothing else. 🙂

  • Please could you give it a rest already and stop your crying about the remixs and the money your not spending on them…better yet why don’t you do radiohead and the rest of us a huge favor and go jump off a cliff NOW!! OH AND CHASTAA CAN JOIN YOU TOO… 😀

  • Oh dear a remix CD….. the end is nigh!

  • It’ll probably need to be either a double album for the remix cd, or not all the remixes will be on it. We’ve now heard of 11 tracks on the 4 vinyls, if there’s 3 more each with 3 remixes, then that’s 20 tracks. 20 4/5min remixs won’t fit on one CD.

    I’d guess that the remix CD deosn’t have all the tracks on, and then when they release it you’ll get the option of another Special edition newspaper edition with the 2nd CD with the rest of the remixes, and perhaps a CD/DVD of From the Basement, or you can just buy the Strandard Remix CD with most of the remixes on.
    It just seems that a Newspaper would have another edition.

    I’d think that there’s possibly something in the pipeline for From the Basement too, perhaps a CD/DVD release. Maybe if they’re feeling greedy a 3rd £30 newspaper.

    By the way does anyone know if these remix vinyls are limited edition, or did they send out 1500 to the shops and will just press more for WASTE.

    But we can moan about the cost of The King Of Limbs, Bjorks new special edition for her album costs £500! Mind you it does come with 10 hand made tuning forks.

  • It could be a double remix cd

  • I also blame radiohead of the Norway thing, oh and killing that winehouse slut

  • test

  • Stop with these shitty remixes Radiohead and give us studio versions of Skirting on the Surface, Open the Floodgates, The Present Tense etc… As someone else said, people who are defending Radiohead for releasing these pointless remixes need to take their mouths off of Radiohead’s dick. What annoys me is that Radiohead feel these remixes justify Radiohead’s inactivity. WRONG. Radiohead are my fave band of all time, but they are really phailing at the moment.

    Bork Laser has an objective mind.

  • @Ben Dover : you really are a piece of shit person .

  • You guys hurt my head…
    I will build myself a raft from whatever is hanging around and push off from our imaginary desert island that I forgot to tell you existed at least to me…

  • @ k/illed by ghosts

    Can I shove off with you?
    I want to know what it feels like to push off from our imaginary desert island.
    As long as I can have dessert on the raft.

    You made a lovely raft. I like what you did with the bow and stern.

  • @ k/illed by ghosts

    i’m a cute tame tiger, can i also join you? i promise i won’t eat you up, although i do have big appetite, do you fish well?

  • @@Please could you stop the noise

    Dude at least use a different name. And really you dont have much of an opinion your completely biast and are one of the people Xander Lewis Townshend mentioned with your soggy ball sucking mouth firmly wrapped around the pulsing cock of radiohead.
    TKOL has been recorded its a decent album why the need for the remix its already been said and done. Its borderline selling out man
    as for @please could you stop the noise person
    suck a dick dude and im glad you say sense and said sorry for your stupid comments

  • Wah wah wah cry cry cry..^^

  • I have a box of Kleonex tissues if you need it.

  • **** i’m a cute tame tiger, can i also join you? i promise i won’t eat you up, although i do have big appetite, do you fish well? ****

    my above comment was referring to the book “Life of Pi”, that was the first thing popped in my mind.., that’s all. =)

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  • I see you guys didn’t get the newspaper edition.

  • These remixes suck, plain and simple

  • They sound good! People are getting angry over this? Grow up everyone.

  • Billy join the que for the cock sucking. “Grow up everyone” Fuck off dad

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