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Radiohead remix album ‘TKOL RMX 1234567’ features 19 tracks on 2CD set.

Radiohead remix album ‘TKOL RMX 1234567’ features 19 tracks on 2CD set.

As announced earlier, Radiohead are set to release a remix album. The album turns out to be a 2CD set and includes 19 tracks.

Radiohead have announced a set of 4 vinyl remix singles. Two of them have already been released, the other two are coming soon and you can expect 3 more. All of those remixes end up on ‘TKOL RMX 1234567’, out on September 16th in Japan. The album will debut in Japan three weeks ahead of release dates in other territories, which is October 10th. CD2 includes remixes that have not been announced before, with interesting names including Jamie XX, SBTRKT, Modeselektor, Objekt, Anstam and Blawan.

Here’s the full tracklisting, as confirmed by XL Recordings.

Disc 1:
1. Caribou – Little By Little Rmx
2. Jacques Greene – Lotus Flower Rmx
3. Nathan Fake – Morning Mr Magpie Rmx
4. Harmonic 313 – Bloom Rmx
5. Mark Pritchard – Bloom Rmx
6. Lone – Feral Rmx
7. Pearson Sound – Morning Mr Magpie Scavenger Rmx
8. Four Tet – Separator Rmx

Disc 2:
1. Thriller – Give Up The Ghost Houseghost Rmx
2. Illum Sphere – Codex Rmx
3. Shed – Little By Little Rmx
4. Brokenchord – Give Up The Ghost Rmx
5. Altrice – TKOL Rmx
6. Blawan – Bloom Rmx
7. Modeselektor – Good Evening Mrs Magpie Rmx
8. Objekt – Bloom Rmx
9. Jamie xx – Bloom Rework
10. Anstam – Separator Rmx
11. SBTRKT – Lotus Flower Rmx

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  • Is this real? It seems fake

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  • Modeselektor remix!!!!! Bring it to my ear drum now.

  • […] AtEase (via confirma el lanzamiento de los remixes de The King of Limbs en CD. Bajo el nombre de “TKOL RMX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7″, el set de dos discos incluye 19 tracks y sale a la venta el 16 de Setiembre, con un lanzamiento anticipado para Japón. Asimismo, se espera que la serie continue en vinilo hasta completar la colección de 7 lanzamientos. Aquí los detalles: […]

  • So we get a remix album probably more than double the length of the actual album, with no new tracks on? What happened to all the awesome b sides?

  • Yay more stuff to buy in a destroyed economy!

  • Meh

  • Awww, no Flying Lotus, ah well, still cool.

  • Also, @Reb: They’ve already released 4 B-sides, The Daily Mail, Staicase, The Butcher, Super Collider.

  • […] 2CD remix album on the way Radiohead At Ease News – Radiohead remix album 'TKOL RMX' features 19 tracks on 2CD set. […]


  • The old Radiohead used to release b-sides. The new one, remixes.

    Fair enough.

  • Wow more of the same, how about some new stuff now please.

  • i hate remixes

  • I’m Jonny Greenwood

  • […] inéditos de artistas como Modeselektor, Jamie XX, SBTRKT, entre otros. De acuerdo al sitio web At Ease, el álbum se lanzará en Japón el 16 de septiembre mientras que las semanas siguientes saldría […]

  • […] AtEase nos informa, vía Thomthomthom, que las entregas de remixes subirían a siete, confirmando los rumores que hace algún tiempo atrás salieron al respecto. Además, se han publicado los nombres de las remezclas faltantes y sus autores, así como también que el CD recopilatorio de estas reversiones será un disco doble de 19 canciones en total. A continuación, el tracklist. […]

  • Hey Jonny.

  • @Tom:

    It seems fake because the cover art is appalling and the remixes are all shit. Sadly, this is real.

  • […] Lähde: At Ease […]

  • 2 samples from Modeselektor’s new album featuring Thom

  • *** It seems fake because the cover art is appalling and the remixes are all shit. Sadly, this is real. ***

    i second that! never seen a cover art so uncreative….., please hire me.


  • I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks remixes are not new material.

  • remixes always remind me of stirred fried rice, use the leftover rice to make seemingly new dish. what did the douchebag Bush say… uhhh….something like “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you”? something like that……. lol!!

  • @Josh
    “They’ve already released 4 B-sides, The Daily Mail, Staicase, The Butcher, Super Collider.”

    Correction 2 below par b sides, and 2 great potential songs on the next album. That is if they get around to doing one after this career nose dive of releasing shitty remix’s in the longest way possible. Cant believe this is actually getting released they should have pulled the plug and admitted they cocked up with this one.

  • LP9 Plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    (also, london get your shit together)

  • When we complain it has no affect on thought. It is just a thought. But one must admit that this album being one of the bummers is getting so much attention.
    The remixes are just scary to say the least. Yeah, I know, there are a few interesting ones…. But why from this bummer album?
    Amnesiac…. B sides just rocked…..
    OK Computer
    Kid A
    The Bends
    Hail To The Thief
    The Eraser (just more than below)
    Pablo Honey

    The King Of Limbs
    Bummer Dude…..

  • Radiohead….
    Please make another album.
    Sooner than 4 years……

    You are tired of the shit and I’m proud of you.
    P.S. Don’t burn your shit.
    Find the ACTUAL people that are stealing from you and burn their shit.


  • This news makes me a bit sorry… F***….

  • […] An album of remixes from the latest Radiohead album The King Of Limbs is apparently in the pipeline, according to fansite AtEase. […]

  • I see, wonderfully creative remixes by leading producers of our current day (just a reminder, that means 2011) are not “real” music?

    Also, you want “b-sides” like Radiohead released a decade or more?

    Why do Radiohead have to be so confusing and why can’t they just spoon feed you your music nice and regular just how you used to like it?

    Honestly guys, the nursing home awaits where everything will be in its right place for you!!

  • Can’t anybody see?
    Radiohead is always a different thing.

  • this looks promising:

    now use that goddamned thing

    and makes thrilled

  • yeah yeah I know he’s already using one

    I just want to hear more from it


  • I’m not Jonny Greenwood

  • […] se incluyen los remixes de algunas canciones de su último trabajo, The king of limbs. Ahora una web de fans de la banda asegura que se publicará un doble CD de remixes, aunque es algo sin confirmar. En la […]

  • […] launched music mag Magnetic has a nice interview up and I can’t wait to see what he does with Radiohead. 0.000000 […]

  • fuck this, im off to burn down mcdonalds.

  • Jayemeee…. ok so it’s fine for people to bang on about how shit the king of limbs is, but anyone who can’t give a shit about remixes is living in the past. Cunt.

    The king of limbs is fine how it is, leave it alone. If people want to release remixes of radiohead stuff, then great, but I reserve the right to not give a fuck about them, and express my lack of enthusiasm for them. I hated them 10 years ago and I hate them now. I like original radiohead 10 years ago and I like them now.

    Somethings aren’t related to time, they’e related to taste and point of view. The same way I rarely care for covers of radiohead songs, I don’t care for remixes of them.

  • I dont know what all the fuss is about. TKOL is quite a wonderful treat & what i love the most, is that it took me many many many listens to let it grow on me & find that point where I enjoy it greatly. Thats what makes a good album IMO.

    Remix is like being a copycat- some will see it as annoying, others can see it as a form of flattery… (dont be so quick to judge.. you might find you like some of the work)

  • Im very exited about this… well not really. I dont even know if i want to hear that shit XD

  • Hahaha

  • I’m Bork Laser from the forum. Yes. THE Bork Laser 🙂

  • I’m pretty sure Jonny is playing a ondes martenot on “The Butcher”.

    and for everything else: hey, I think we’ve heard enough negativity over the remixes – sure expressing yourself is fine…but is there a reason to be so angry over it?

  • Some people like remixes, some don’t for different reasons. I will only speak for myself. At times I like them because I try not to compare them to originals, vice versa.

    We are embedded with memories has become nostalgia, in terms of subject or living at a certain time period with certain mindset, but not knowing everyday we wake up breathing & interacting, is a process of evolution of our life, and that every moment is ORIGINAL, has become a life of its own, no one can take that away from you or me. ☮

  • […] a los rumores sobre el disco de remezclas de Radiohead. La página de fans At Ease, quizás el mejor sitio para estar informado sobre Radiohead, confirma que el 16 de septiembre en […]

  • […] a sus fanáticos atados y, a ellos, creativos. En esta oportunidad todo indica que el mes que viene se lanzará una producción que traerá dos discos y que se tratará de un álbum de […]

  • Why hear the same 9 sort of shitty songs in 19 different even shittyer ways?

  • […] sitio de fans de la banda confirmó un disco doble que incluiría éstos y otros remixes, completando un total de […]

  • What is the UK release date?

  • […] Visto en Radiohead At Ease. […]

  • […] & via Tags:Illum Sphere, Radiohead, Remix, Shed, The King Of Limbs, Thriller ← The […]

  • **** Find the ACTUAL people that are stealing from you and burn their shit. ****

    Who are these “ACTUAL” people ur talking about?

  • The latest batch are so far the best three of the rmx lot of heard so far…but that’s not really saying much. I am not in the anti-remix camp like so many others, but I do find *most* of these TKOL remixes a bit dull.
    And that said, I’m also cognizant that it’s not Radiohead themselves making the remixes, but other bands, producers, etc.; but still, Radiohead is behind them, and putting them out as their own release(s). So, not their greatest ‘achievement’, but everyone has bad days…

  • Still feel TKoL is an amazing album, and while not generally a fan of remixes, those released thus far have been great listens. Looking forward to more. Cheers,

  • […] addition, music blog At Ease has reported that the band will release a compilation CD containing all of the previously released 12″ […]

  • […] entitled TKOL and Blawan reworked Bloom. All of these tracks will end up on a CD on October 10th, Radiohead TKOL RMX 1234567. Listen to the tracks […]

  • so silly, like leaving a fine cooked meal out too long to spoil. To release all of the remixes as eps slowly to kill one’s enthusiasm. And then at the end to release them all on an album? wtf?! The remixes are ok, but the method of marketing them was heinous, if that’s how you spell it. This is a lesson in how to most poorly use remixes. I hope bjork does not follow suit.

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