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Conan O’Brien does Radiohead, Noel Gallagher: Radiohead should do Oasis

American TV Host Conan O’Brien did a cover of Radiohead’s Creep on his Concert Series. Noel Gallagher thinks Radiohead should cover Oasis on their live shows.

Back in 1993 Conan O’Brien debuted on American Television with his late night show: Late Night With Conan O’Brien. First musical guests on the show were Radiohead, playing Creep. Now, 18 years later, Conan O’Brien is doing his Conan Concert Series with several musical guests. Last episode featured Edward Sharpe and when Conan came on he started a spontaneous version of Radiohead’s Creep (as he did last year)) [videos below].

Then Oasis, since the band split we now have two bands who hate Radiohead. There’s Liam Gallagher with his new band Beady Eye who recently told Radiohead to fuck themselves… and his brother Noel is set to return with a new record soon. On his new tour he will only play a couple of Oasis songs. Noel: “I’ve always thought most bands should play Oasis songs, anyway. Rolling Stone suggested Radiohead: “I mean, let’s face it. It’d be a better night out.” Well, Noel… remember Thom Yorke doing Wonderwall in the nineties?

Thom Yorke plays Oasis’ Wonderwall

Radiohead on Conan O’Brien in 1993

Conan O’Brien plays Creep in 2011

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  • Gallagher, what a dullard.

    He also recently commented in Mojo on his love of Star Wars, “Fuck Blade Runner. Blade Runner is Radiohead. Star Wars is Oasis.”


  • oasis are actually rubbish

  • […] […]

  • This isn’t getting old.

    I’m so sick of these arrogant pricks, why do people like them? They are probably some of the most unintelligent people I’ve ever heard of.

  • Oasis — waste of my time

    Conan & Edward Sharpe — love to spend time watching

  • nice hair thom 🙂

  • Amen to that Ty… It’s tiresome.

  • always loved how Thom changes one subtle word in his cover. “say” becomes “sing.”

  • Conan and Radiohead. WOW!!
    When he said first musical guest ever. WOW!!!

    Radiohead is so awesome. There music has filled me for so many years. This band just keeps getting better all the time.

    Thank you for this post.
    Conan is hilarious. NO ONE can reach alto like Thom. Good try.
    Radiohead is just awesome!!!

  • Oh Dear!
    I like Noel’s Stuff on the Oasis Records… But,… I have heard his and Liam’s new band efforts and its Rehash after Rehash. Sorry but i usually like Noel’s opinions and find them amusing, but i think the old Green Eyed monster is surfacing. This is Someone who openly admits to ripping off the Beatles and other such bands. Then he comes up with an album that sounds like he is ripping himself off. And as for playing intimate Gigs!!! Any artist worth his salt always will pick an acoustic session over a Packed Stadium. Delusions of a forgotten Grandeur my friend or maybe T.W.A.T is more fitting.

  • Bah.

    We’re having a little class war in England if you’ve noticed. x


  • @flerrrrrrrrg0gring :

    and that is sad . doesn t matter if right or wrong . but sad . peace pls . we need it more than ever or might become uncontrollable . pls . let s find a different way . let s just keep on getting better within , the other stuff will get better as a chain reaction with time . pls . peace . peace . pls .

  • Yeah, what the shits going on in England?! Global meltdown.


    good night – maybe tomorrow if i get out of work early

  • I know this is a complicated issue, but I can never understand why people terrorize their own communities in riots, hurting their own people??

  • @ flerrrrrrrrg0gring,

    Thx for posting P.J.’s video, I can’t say enough good things about her new album “Let England Shake”.

  • They are still bitter that Radiohead is far better than they ever were. I still pull out an oasis album every now and then, but far less than I will pull out a Radiohead album. Oasis has been largely irrelevant this past decade, while Radiohead had the best album of the decade. That is at least according to Rolling Stone.

  • Met both noel and thom, at least noel will have a chat rather than thom being ignorant and snooty.

  • poor Thom, this is why you don’t want to get famous, i bet your ears are burning, all the time…..


  • oasis is wack! gallaghers are wack! i laugh because the only way they draw attention to themselves is if they bring up radiohead. punk @ss b!tches!


  • ohhh…. wow!!! #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, this is my chance to show how much I care….., seriously considering about it…

    occupy wallst, thanks so much!

  • *** ohhh…. wow!!! #OCCUPYWALLSTREET, this is my chance to show how much I care….., seriously considering about it…
    occupy wallst, thanks so much! ***

    Fuck that!!! I was full of hopes, but it means nothing now!!!

  • Ok. can anyone explain to me why Oasis was ever popular. Their songs are so lame. wonderwall, champagne supernova. These are some cheesy sissy ass songs. But seriously, if anyone can help me understand why they got, and still get, attention it would be appreciated.

  • **** if anyone can help me understand why they got, and still get, attention it would be appreciated. ****

    They love drama, they hate boredom.

  • Is it really just the drama? I understand the “our music sucks so lets make controversy” dynamic. But i seriously want to know. Have i just been listening to the wrong stuff? Because most of what i have heard is just whiny crap.

  • I don’t know….., I think it’s the combination of unnecessary drama & whiny crap such as this —

    ***” If they play any of the pitter patter crap from TKOL they will be booed off the stage.
    The zombie drones on this website will only be the ones to understand. >>>>>>>>>>

    blah blah blah…….

    Seriously, do not promote TKOL. It will be demoted. ****

  • Why would they want to cover Oasis? They suck.

  • I’m so tired of all the pricks saying “oasis is shit” and the same in the oasis camp “radiohead is shit”. I love both bands. They are both great. Noel Gallagher is one of my favourite songwriters. So is Thom Yorke.

    Yo can’t compare them, since they are so different from each other. If you don’t like Oasis or Noel Gallagher, fine, but there are other people who love his music, so fuck off.

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