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Thom Yorke reveals new track ‘The Twist’

Thom Yorke guest dj’ed on XFM last night and revealed a new solo track: The Twist.

Guesting on Mary-Ann Hobbs’ XFM show, Thom Yorke did an exclusive DJ Mix. Thom’s ‘Moneyback Mix’ included a new track from the Radiohead frontman entitled ‘The Twist’.

Listen to the track below, as well as the full mix.

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  • one thing’s for sure, he desperately wants his music to be played in clubs! this sounds like dj tiΓ«sto! crazy stuff

  • He’s gone all Modeselektor on this one. πŸ˜€


  • Mess

  • he loses my interest more and more with each subsequent release. this might be the straw.

  • Sounds like Tiesto? Are you mad…?

    Just sounds like modeselektor to me, which in itself isn’t a bad thing…

    Would prefer it if Thom would just do some hard hard techno like they play in Berghain…

    Thankfully where I am has an Ostgut Ton night on this year.

  • I’m not a fan of “twist” being repeated a ton, but that ending is pretty awesome.

  • This needs to stop now

  • Well, once you get past the Twist ad nauseum part, the track has a dirty groove.

    Got me moving.

  • Interesting, but not earth shattering. Just OK.

  • the ending isn’t thom yorke. The whole ‘mix’ is strung together…(which is why it’s called a mix). That last part is “art and cash” by modeselektor. His touches are present throughout the whole thing, because it’s his mix. People are taking this ‘new song’ too seriously.

  • this reeks of tiesto

  • the twist, awesome!!!!!

  • hahahaha is this a joke??? lol my god he needs to stop drinkin’

  • AtEase! You’re alive! Wonderful news!

  • And The World Laughs WIth You, Ego, Shipwreck, This, are all brilliant.

    Twist, and most of Thom’s solo efforts… crap.

    Put Thom in a collaboration with electronic artists who know what they’re doing and you’ll hit gold. THAT voice with genuinely great beats are unbelievable.

    Leave him to his own devices, you get mediocre shit like this.

  • most of thom’s solo efforts are crap? are you kidding me?

  • I know killed/by/twists… what the hell songs of his are these people listening to? Black Swan, Harrowdown Hill, Hearing Damage, A Rat’s Nest, Analyze, etc. All excellent and better than works from entire bands, over half the time. Thom isn’t electronica, he just has an interest in the music and doesn’t pretend to be DJ Thom Yorke, even when he DJs.

  • gross

  • Wasn’t it simply “Twist” and not “THE Twist”??

  • Everyone do the Thom Yorke twist :,)

  • I agree with Bork, we should all do the Thom Yorke twist :,)

  • anyone know the lyrics?

  • Thom Yorke can do whatever he pleases. I just want Radiohead.

  • That was bad. Did not enjoy.

  • I keep trying to tell myself this is just a phase he is going through…..

    It will all be over soon…….

  • @ Noel Gallagher

    I think he is saying “We wont give your money back” I’m guessing its aimed at people who paid money for anything released by RH this summer πŸ™‚

    the end of the mix is only ok the rest is pure shit really not liking the ammount of shit being hurled at my ears this summer, bring on winter and the slow set

  • The only way I would listen to this or attend a club for this is if they supplied the ecstacy or acid first.

    Man. This is just so hard on my ears.

  • @Amnesiac What? There’s our answer! He must be on ecstasy and/or acid.

  • that first track in the mix – cortical songs? – is brilliant

  • Thom’s solo stuff isn’t very good at all. Some of it is listenable, but I don’t love it by any means. You can tell that Thom’s solo efforts have really affected Radiohead’s last album as well, which is just not a great thing.

  • @Khristopher: have you not heard The Eraser???

  • THIS

  • How can you say that this is a new song?? This is just a test in a dj session! No Panic, people!

  • This is the worst thing he’s ever done — even worse than any track on “Pablo Honey”. Unforgivable.

  • i like it. it got me bouncing my head

  • I can enjoy the rave partys and the electronic music clubs, but I really appreciate more the ugly cool rock of pablo honey than this VIP dance club music. Im not saying that this sucks, but I want my 6 minutes back. haha just kidding. I really like this music, but… ok, thats it… πŸ™ πŸ˜›

  • 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  • What will Thom do next? Smear shit all over his body? Its sad…like watching Jordan play baseball, remember how that turned out? Twist is the soundtrack to a downward spiral…

  • I can’t help feel Thom is reaching for something he hasn’t attained, hearing something I do not yet get. I don’t think he’ll quit this road until he succeeds. Hope it’s soon.

  • Irritating track as it is. The end is interesting, but the first four minutes are pretty bad. (weird that it has the 15 step “YEAH!” in it?)

    Wonder if it will sound different on the record though. Or if it is even a new song proper yet.

    Radiohead stuff tends to be more straightforward than his solo stuff, but the eraser was good too, because it was songs. This sounds like one of the B-sides from the Drunkk machine compilation like Illuya, and those were still more coherent.

  • Dayum you guys are idiots. This sounds nothing at all like Tiesto. Is that the closest reference to ‘electronic’ music you have?

  • **** that first track in the mix – cortical songs? – is brilliant ****

    Woww…. agree, that track is amazing……

  • um. is this real? please tell me no…

  • I love Thom but I think this is annoying. Makes me want to listen to something else. Anything else.

  • Hm, second part sounds very much like Tiesto, but that’s not the point.
    Am I right that only the first 3 minutes of this “exerpt” are ‘The Twist”, then a song of modeselektor begins? If so, waw, then I hope The Twist isn’t really a song, because quite boring…

  • @Cinna
    even a random national anthem is better.

  • He’ll be wearing a Kappa tracksuit and drinking WKD’s next innit.

  • What a load of crap, thom = wanker

  • @berry blast

    I agree he is releasing some amount of wank lately I hope he doesnt end up like Bono a giant arse hole. Sad to see it happen as it looks like he is becoming a grade A cunt

  • Wish the other members of Radiohead would kick his ass…Good ‘ol fashioned beat down. Bet the “real” electronic community is laughing their asses off at him…

  • I have to say The Twist is not a well arranged track (that repetitive electronic twist sound at start, is a bit retarded), but can we fully blame Thom for this, I mean, don’t forget, he’s got Modeselektor influence….

    Or maybe Thom just gives less shit lately, he realizes praises come and go, shit talks come and go, fans come and go, non of them are tangible, he’s probably enlightened and liberated…..

    But yes, Cortical song really is a nice highlight.

  • Pop is Dead has officially been replaced as worst Thom Yorke/Radiohead track ever.

  • I don’t like this very much, but I think it’s cool that’s he’s trying without worrying about pleasing Radiohead fans. Everything from The Bends to King of Limbs are great albums, but Pablo Honey had to come first. Even if it did suck. I think it’s just kind of a natural evolution.

  • I’ve farted better sounding stuff.

  • @ Whoever

    I like the way you think, very insightful.

  • With a little remixing, this track could pass off as a Goa trance track.

  • well that was shit

  • lol!!!! this site cracks me up!! this got to be the stinkiest blog i’ve ever been on… full of fart, shit… etc..

    @ asdasdasd, you might consider recording it, do some remix, cash flows right back in….


  • I think the track is crap but come on people, he is just messing around – let him be free, it’s just some random new sound hidden in a mix…
    Totally agree he’s aiming at something he hasn’t quite achieved with this electronic sound…
    I wouldn’t take it too seriously, King of Limbs doesn’t sound like this…

  • Never try anything new, Thom. The real electronica community will just laugh at you. Nothing good ever came of trying new things. DJ Loadinthemouth would smoke you and I saw him at the Fever Ball Room the other day and again at Funkd Fest.

    I hope you electronica afficionados understand that you sound this stupid when you are up in arms over your beloved ckub music. Thom isn’t DJ Thom for a reason. Let him have his fun, maybe something good will come of it, maybe not. Either way trying new things out is what has kept Radiohead relevent all these years.

  • One f in aficionado, club instead of ckub. But you get the point, and yes this track is not very good at all, but it is all part of the process.

  • What the F*** was this???? this really bad, sorry Thom.

  • the art and cash remix is by phon.o not roshka and bok bok although it is on that LP

  • Horrible.

  • […] off providing XFM with the 25 minute MoneyBack mix, Thom Yorke guested on Gilles Peterson’s radio show this evening where he played a whole […]

  • To many fucking Radiohead/Thom Yorke haters and fucking winny little bitches up in here. I’m outta here gunna go get my Rh news elsewhere where I can’t smell all the fucking stinkholes…

    …adios haters

  • Damn dude. these comments are harsh…

    I like his new track and i love the mix! Listen to some of flying lotus’ new stuff… its weird, but still badass. I thought Radiohead fans would be more open-minded.. branch out people… electronic music has such a wide scope.. its an evolving genre. i believe that when it comes to art/music, experimenting is essential.

  • the people here are non open minded radiohead fans , probably not even radiohead fans . . . . dont worry , and don t waste your time .

  • Yeah, after hearing Ego and Mirror I don’t think you people are pretentious anymore, I just think you don’t have hearing damage. Thom is pretty much gold on just about any song. Still not a fan of twist, but it has good beats in it.

  • do rather than don’t

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