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Radiohead guest on hour long Colbert Report special

Radiohead will guest on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report on September 26th.

Apart from the band’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, Radiohead will also be a guest on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Not just as a musical guest, but Stephen Colbert will have the band on for an hour-long special. Radiohead will be playing four songs, some from The King Of Limbs, but also unreleased track The Daily Mail. An extra song will be made available online.

Stephen Colbert: “I look forward to meeting the Radioheads and leveraging their anti-corporate indie cred to raise brand awareness for my sponsors.”

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  • an extra song?

  • I’ve always been wondering : not being a native english speaker, how wrong (or right) is it to say “the Radioheads” ? Is it like an usual way to call people from bands (even if it is not an “The Something” band), as you coul say Jimmy Page was a Led Zeppelin, or is it an American mix-up, as though the band’s name was “The Radioheads” ?

    After years of waiting, nothing came…

  • It’s the internets, so it’s ok.

  • awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By saying “the radioheads” he’s just trying to sound “whacky”.

    The correct way of saying it would be just “radiohead”. A band becomes single entity even though it’s made up from different people.

    I’ve never heard of the show or the host/character, but I already like him less than neutral just for saying the “radioheads”. In fact I can’t think of many people I hate more than him.

  • wow, it’s kind of hard imagining them being on this show…especially as an hour long guest. The ‘radioheads’ thing was obviously a joke —-here let me show you “haha heh whoo hee”

  • Last time I watched Colbert was for Gorillaz. A year later it’s for The Radioheads. I wonder who he’ll have me interested enough to make me put up with the commercials next year.

  • For those who don’t know, he is a satirical comedian who at his core is a genuine, highly sophisticated anti-news journalist. Don’t take what he says at face value, he plays a character. Look him up on the youtubes, you will see.

  • Colbert is a politcal satirist. He makes fun of the American right wing by pretending to be one. He is playing a character. I luv him.

  • I can’t wait, this is really exciting, from SNL to Colbert……

    I notice when whether gets cooler, good things start to happen, somehow people tend to be nicer and happier? πŸ™‚

  • weather not whether πŸ˜›

  • Colbert show is political satire. He’s a very smart dude, it’s just he’s way of comedy. Him saying The Radioheads is intention, and a joke.

  • Intentional**

  • The Colbert appearance should be really interesting. I really like Colbert’s humor. This should be GOOD. πŸ™‚

  • Oh my god, is this really happening? Too good to be true. Cant WAIT to see how the band reacts to Colbert’s character, especially Thom.

    For anyone who doesn’t know Colbert, he and Jon Stewart help keep many of us Americans cope with the insanity that is 21st century politics and media. Don’t want to imagine what the world would be like without them.

  • This is awesome. Colbert is hilarious.

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  • Colbert is the funniest man on TV at the moment, hands down.

    Please Tour Oz guys!

  • β€œI look forward to meeting the Radioheads and leveraging their anti-corporate indie cred to raise brand awareness for my sponsors.”

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week!

  • I’ll be there……..

  • Despite Colber being quite progressive on domestic American issues, I hope the band challenges him on his ridiculous pro-military, nationalistic “get tough” agenda and his virulently anti-Palestinian Zionism.

  • I wont be able to see this, so I hope they are on youtube as well as that other show.

  • anyone who doesn’t know who colbert is should watch him eviscerate president bush at the white house correspondent’s dinner in 2006 – hilarious, ballsy and brilliant!

  • Hahahaha…. Colbert totally grilled him, Bush was “trying very hard” to remain smile, I laughed all the way thru.

    Toward the end, he tried to open up the car door with the key, was reaaallly animated and FUNNY!!! Thx for posting!


  • Do people actually not know who Colbert is?!! Fucking hell.

  • Even that jackass O’Reilly can’t snare Colbert. I can’t wait to watch him with Radiohead, should Colbert spare Radiohead??


  • LOL!!!! I can’t stop laughing when Colbert said Bush’s view remains the same on Wed. as Monday, no matter what happened on Tuesday…, that’s classic!!!

  • Thanks for all your answers ! Now I know how to call my fave bands :
    The Led Zeppelins
    The BjΓΆrk
    The Muses

    … and no, I didn’t know about the guy. And how on hell can this happen ? I do not have TV :-/

  • haha…., i like my new name, like now i have new band mates.


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  • Do you know the way to fuck that asshole… after all they are an asshole!

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