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Thom Yorke: Radiohead will tour next year, Atoms For Peace album on the way

Fresh off providing XFM with the 25 minute MoneyBack mix, Thom Yorke guested on Gilles Peterson’s radio show this evening where he played a whole stack of great music (Thom’s playlist is here) and shed some light on future plans for both Radiohead and Atoms For Peace.

The main Radiohead news, which Ed had perviously mentioned, is that the band are planning on heading out on the road in 2012. They are hoping the tour will include drummer Clive Deamer who appeared with Radiohead at Glastonbury back in June and on their recent From The Basement session (and who may or may not be with them in New York next week?).

Thom also mentioned that his other band, Atoms For Peace (you know, the one with Flea that toured a couple years back), are in the process of finishing off a record with an unknown release date at this time. So perhaps there will be some more shows from AFP next year as well.

You can listen to the entire radio show here for other tidbits and some pretty great music (including the Jamie xx remix of Bloom which many have been eagerly awaiting).

So, that’s a whole bunch of Radiohead news this week. When it rains, it pours. See you Saturday night for SNL.

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    This is the worst possible outcome. No new (substantial, at least) Radiohead work and he’s thinking more about touring and making another decent (but, by no means great) solo album.

    Frak the tour, which will only set the band back creatively because they’ll want to be away from each other afterward. Just make more longer albums! Please! Come on, man!

  • This is incredible news, an album and a tour, you can’t judge the album before it’s even out. I bet it’ll be awesome, better than TKOL would be a weird situation though. Anyway, THANK YOU THOM!! Substantial information, I love it.

  • I’m with tv’s Frank Black on this one.

    I think an AFP album could be really good but it doesn’t have a hope in hell of being nearly as good as a Radiohead album.

  • YES FINALLY!!!!!!!

  • Man it’s been too long since Radiohead toured Australia. Fingers crossed! I actually loved The Eraser though, so I’m pretty happy with the prospects of an AFP album.

  • Excellent news! I’m glad they’re touring not seen them since 2008! Man that was a long time ago!

    Yeah everyone wants new RH material but until they’e inspired to do so then they’re not going to bother. If they did new material when everyone wanted them too, then they’d be churning out shit albums every year.

    Better to wait and get something good if you ask me.

    Touring together often inspires bands to write material as well, so hopefully they’ll get some songs out the tour and post tour get some recording done! I’m sure we won’t get a new album for a while, but the tour is good to see them and hopefully they will get some recording done.

    The daily mail seems to be played a lot lately so we could be treated to a release of that, or maybe that song is liked by the band it could spur them to recording more! Who knows?!

    Anyways going to see radiohead live is always a treat and you never know how long Thom will be able to sing the classics for, so I’m happy each time a tour comes along.

  • Not too bothered about the tour, but the AFP album sounds exciting. It may well be great. You don’t know until you’ve heard it.

    I was dubious about Thom teaming up with Flea originally (I think RHCP should be illegal) but those shows had a brilliant energy and a rhythm section which (sorry, folks) shits all over Colin & Phil.

    I don’t know why people are worried about this; sure, The Eraser wasn’t great but Thom’s recent collabs w. Burial & Modeselektor were much better. Jonny has also shown he’s more inspired when working outside the band these days.

    I don’t expect such brilliant high standards from Thom anymore, that ship’s sailed. If we get a few more good tracks with this AFP release, bring them on. f the AFP album is mediocre it won’t be as disappointing as TKOL.

    So it’s all good.

  • I am frothing at the mouth just reading this, absolutely wonderful news! Haven’t seen Radiohead since they came to Dublin in 2006, that’s a long time. And a new Atoms for Peace album! Can’t wait, loved Thom’s solo record and I can only imagine this will be brilliant as well!

  • Radiohead needs to come to Korea!

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  • […] At Ease is reporting some juicy news this morning. Look for Radiohead to tour 2012 and we should also see a new album from Thom Yorke’s other other project, Atoms for Peace with Flea, next year as well. If you haven’t set your DVR yet, do so, because Radiohead will be playing SNL September 24 and the Colbert Report Sept 29. […]

  • muldfeld is just the worst

  • I thought king of limbs WAS the new AFP album. My bad…

  • Some more quality related Radiohead news popping up now. I really think TKOL has set a tone for the band and has provided a way for each member to explore their own personal music desires.

    TKOL is almost like a ‘Branch Out’ effect that has given each individual member their own freedom.

  • @ Chris,

    That’s actually not that far fetched. And now I don’t know what to expect from AFP’s next album, which might be a good thing.

  • Can’t wait. The last A.F.P. project was great and seeing you live at the Santa Barbara Bowl was awesome. I ran into Flea at Sushi and told him how great I thought it was.

  • right now, i don’t expect much beyond, i just want to get thru this Friday getting presale tkts, if not, then on the 26th.

    please WASTE, give us the start time of presale?? any word??

  • The King of Limbs was just shit and it took them 4years to make. It may be the last time we ever hear a Radiohead album.
    Base of the Mountain to the Peak and back down again.
    Too bad for me. Just absolutely love Radiohead.

    Atoms for Peace may bring back the beautiful fire we have all come custom to being warmed by.

    The tour is going to suck if that over redundant drumming follows the tour.

    If solo is the way they want to go then okay.
    Goodbye Radiohead. It has been a fun ride. I think I’ll get off now and plant some flowers next to your grave. I will always visit your grave site from time to time. Your music WAS absolutely worth every minute.
    R.I.P Radiohead. The day music truly died.

  • Hey, Amnesiac What? You may not believe this, but I truly know how you feel, being a Radiohead fan is NOT like being any other bands’ fan, that deep loyalty, devotion, admiration, and deep love for their music run deep, although at times painful since they are not tangible. Ever since I become their fan, there’s not a single moment I don’t think about their music,

    Often times I sit there by myself listening to them, it pains me with their beautiful, at times sad music, with their cryptic lyrics sometimes I get confused and lost, but that doesn’t take away any of my love and enjoyment with their music.

    If you choose to leave Radiohead, that’s really a sad decision, beside they are not disbanded yet, they are still kicking pretty well. But now I only speak for myself, even someday Radiohead announces their disbandment, I will always and forever be their fan. They can break up, but they can’t break their fans’ spirit.

    I hope you make peace with them someday…..

  • @true fan
    I will never stop being a Radiohead fan ever. But to hear of so many solo ventures really shows the bands heart.
    Album by album they are drifting apart. A random album here or there is what will be the beginning of the end.
    I will leave some room for your flowers by their grave when the time comes.

    I have made peace.

  • You guys are funny. I had a good laugh.

  • @ Amnesiac What?

    Okaaaayyyy……?, buuuuttt, dooonn’t uuuuu wannttt themm tooo becommeee soooloo first to begin another new life, orrrr nnooottt??? mannn….. i’m confused now.

    anyway, don’t worry about leaving room for me, to me, Radiohead will never die. it’s your choice, it’s your memorial.

    it’s the way of life, fans come and go…., i’m sure Radiohead knows this all along, that’s why they stop trying too hard, cause they don’t have a clue what the fans really want from them.

    it’s been nice chatting with you, chatbot buddy!

  • @ killed/by/misplacedhumour

    ha… i’m glad at least “someone” is laughing, HA!!! HA!!! >:[

  • **** Radiohead will never die ****

    wait… i never said never in future tense, so i take “never” back.


  • @ The Man Muldfeld speaks the truth fucktard

  • It’s funny how so many people want a longer album from Radiohead, yet forget that the TKOL sessions also gave us Supercollider, The Butcher, The Daily Mail, and Staircase. Any band in the world would kill to have their b-sides. It wasn’t that long ago that RH talked about not releasing albums in their traditional form anymore, so I was thrilled to hear TKOL was an album, even if it has only 8 songs. And as for it’s relevance or ranking among other RH works? It isn’t as thematic as In Rainbows or OKC, but as a collection of work, it is pretty amazing. Who else can put Bloom on the same album as Codex? Feral with GUTG? There are two sides to every story, and TKOL actually has two sides to it like albums you used to buy (for us “experienced in age” fans at least). Plus, I always look forward to the live versions because they somehow take these incredibly produced songs (EIIRP, TNA, Myx, Videotape, Bloom, HTDC) and make them even stronger live. If you don’t want to see them live, think their best years are behind them, or think AFP is fracturing the band…GOOD, stay off Ticketmaster and give me a shot at getting better seats when they tour.

  • @ dg….AMEN! I want better seats!!!!!

  • TKOL ROCKS! Cant wait for the tour!!

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  • dg, the problem with having short albums (yeah, they’re of average length for, like, the ’70s, but not nowadays) is fans have to pay disproportionately more for all those extra EPs, etc. And have Staircase or The Daily Mail even been released; have “The Butcher” or “Supercollider” even been put out on CD? No. These songs would have made TKOL stronger, but there’s not a single amazing track in the bunch; just lots of good or okay songs. And there are still 3 songs I don’t care for on the album — the same number of songs I didn’t care for on the far, far superior “Hail to the Thief”.

    The reason I don’t like tours is that people don’t respect the music and many don’t shut up during the songs or are childishly obsessed with blocking people’s views by jutting their cameras/cellphones in front of people’s faces.

    I don’t think Radiohead’s best days are behind them, that’s why I want more fraking music — not more solo subpar (for Radiohead, that is!) stuff. I’m a fan; that’s why I’m heart-broken at the notion of not releasing a follow-up really soon.

  • Atoms for Peace – Present Tense?

  • Id like to clarify something here. The Erasure was Thom Yorkes ONLY solo album. AFP is a “super group” of excellent musicians that started out by playing Thoms solo work. But if the members of AFP are collaborating together on a new album, that wouldnt make it another Thom Yorke solo album, but rather a whole new Branch of the Thom Yorke franchise ( as I like to call it) aka Atoms For Peace.

    @Muldfeld- dont go see them play if you dont like live concerts, I cant imagine a band like Radiohead would want to hole themselves up in a studio for the rest of their lives just making music for unsatisfied listeners, rather than get out there & show the people who like TKOL (myself included) that they can rock out those songs live..just sayin’

  • @ True Fan

    I am so glad that are optimistic like you. I am truly blessed with all the music Radiohead has made. I’m just selfish and want them to last FOREVER.
    I have always enjoyed their solo ventures.
    Each has their own distinct sound.
    Solo albums are for me too.

  • Amnesiac What?

    yipee!!!! welcome back!! my pal !!


  • FINALLY GODDAMN!!! How long has it been? Too long is the answer.

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