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Radiohead on Colbert Report – The Setlist, The Videos

Radiohead and Stephen Colbert. A combination to look forward to. And it was actually pretty good. Radiohead showed up with a brass section and again with Clive Deamer on drums.

On the one off one hour special of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, the band played the unreleased The Daily Mail and from The King Of Limbs: Bloom, Codex, Little By Little and Good Morning Mr. Magpie. From Kid A, Radiohead played The National Anthem. Watch all songs and interviews below.

Update: The Comedy Central videos below are not available for all territories. But if you scroll way down to the bottom, there’s a full episode of last night’s show which should be viewable worldwide.

Full Episode of The Colbert Report with Radiohead:

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  • The way Colbert arranged the show for Radiohead, flowed real well, and Radiohead was able to shine. Wonderful job by everyone.

    Wonderful performance by Radiohead, great music!!

  • This is for all the hatred. Radiohead’s still awesome.

  • the only way to properly watch this is to play all the videos at the same time.

  • Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location.

    All I’ve seen so far when it comes to trying to find some videos of this gig. Are there any YouTube clips kicking around?

  • The whole show, including interviews and songs…nice quality

  • ok seems like codex and magpie are missing on the above one

  • Their performances were fantastic! Especially Bloom. Clive Deamer really adds to their new sound. I can’t wait for next year’s tour

  • Flow, Codex and Magpie *are* missing. They weren’t part of the broadcast, but they were recorded for the web only, and (as far as I can tell) only viewable from Comedy Central right now.


    It was nice to see. Radiohead performed beautifully. Too bad Clive “the Dive” was there. But all in all the songs were much better than SNL.

    Thom and the crew are buffered with LOTS of money. They could buy “carbon credits” so they can still drive cars and turn on their air conditioners, keep performing and keep WORKING.
    We the average people would lose our jobs and homes, live in poor conditions while the rich would party like its the end of the world. Thom has no idea what type of people are in on this “Global Warming” SCAM.
    The entire Solar System is heating up. Global Warming, by humans, is utter shit.

    Other than that, I like what I heard.
    Radiohead FOREVER!!!

  • Who was the second drummer? Did I miss the news about a new Radiohead member or is this just somebody joining them for the next tour?

  • Really awesome show, Radiohead handled themselves well in the interviews and played the hell out of those songs. I’ve seen them live three times and was still somewhat awestruck, completely different feel than when they were on snl. Seemed much more in their element.

  • […] Aqui tem o setlist e os vídeos das entrevistas separados. […]

  • What are you talking about ‘too bad clive was there’? Are you fucking kidding me? There would be a huge gap of missing sound…

  • Magnificent performance overall. I guess we can say that the guys have clinched it again with “The King of Limbs”… GREAT, GREAT, GREAT MUSIC TO LISTEN TO.

  • This at least plays in Canada, and I hope it plays elsewhere:

    “The National Anthem” in full:
    The unaired songs

  • Click on the video still below with Johnny standing with a gadget to watch the unaired songs.

  • fantastic . i think codex is a beautiful story that deserves the first verse as well . it all makes more sense that way . not complaining , just in case he did it in purpose when he reads this [ . . . . ] he will understand and go back to that beautiful story . same when he changed a bit the ” so far ” lyrics for present tense – – – –

    when it comes to music and sounds : i n c r e d i b l e . b e a u t i f u l . f a n t a s t i c . l o v e l y .

  • I call jonny gadget his little subterranean homesick alien box lmao

  • It’s so heart warming to see Thom having so MUCH FUN!! this is almost like a new prime for them! They all seem so much happier and more comfortable then they ever have! bright things are in the future for Radiohead!

  • It is quite amazing how individuals shine in right elements, this show makes them feel they are being taken seriously, but yet FUN kind of serious, this show totally knows what Radiohead is all about….., for better or worse, bravo! 🙂

  • I can’t wait for the Christmas album. I’ve already heard Radiohead’s version of Winter Wonderland so I can tell now it’ll be great fun for the whole family including the disillusioned nieces and nephews who see through our holiday facades.

  • On Colbert, its soundstage put out a lot better sound than SNL, I was able to hear the subtlety of all instruments.

  • This version of Magpie brings back Kid A and Amnesiac tour memories. Has a Pearly or Palo Alto feel to it.

  • That was really good, and just added to the songs on the album. Really liked The Daily Mail and Bloom. Really reminded me of In Rainbows, the way they improvised the studio sounds. I hope Daily Mail is released soon.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to be a new song to download online after the show on Colbert Nation?? I could have sworn I saw that….anyone else see that or is it just wishful thinking on my part??

  • after a slight hickuú. i am once again greatly excited about radiohead

  • Does anyone know where us people outside of the states can see the stuff that is only on colbert nation (and we therefore cant play)? Was watching the full online episode and it cuts out just as National Anthem is getting good. Never seen it before live with the brass (not sure if its ever even been performed live with brass before as it goes!).

    I seriously hope they bring the brass on tour with them in 2012.

  • Scrap that – it lets me watch these videos above after all 🙂

    Bloom live is the best thing around at the moment!

  •…you can watch the entire episode.

  • “We the average people would lose our jobs and homes, live in poor conditions while the rich would party like its the end of the world. Thom has no idea what type of people are in on this “Global Warming” SCAM.
    The entire Solar System is heating up. Global Warming, by humans, is utter shit.”

    98% of Scientists think man made global warming IS occurring and its been proved indisputably in countless peer reviewed journals. But yeah, you, Jeremy Clarkson, right-wing free market fundamentalists and a fuck load of other internet nutter are probably right…

  • Although I do agree with you that capitalists will try (are trying) to make the working class (anyone dependent on the wage fund) pay for the environmental crisis they created. You’re right about that. I’m not defending Thom on this btw, I think he articulated a liberal environmental argument pretty poorly.

  • Although it was a comedy show, so whatever.

    It just freaks me out when people deny global warning. Whether its happening isn’t the question any more. Its irrefutable.

    The question is how we should react to it. Are the ruling class trying to rig things and leverage the crisis so that normal people lose jobs and living standards, and they can carry on regardless. Yes of course they are. Does that mean they made the whole thing up? No, they’re not that smart.

  • this was great. they sounded awesome….man i wanna see them live again. next year it is.

    this also fueled my recent love of ‘little by little’ even more. really diggin it at the mo. sounds groovy live.

  • OH Daniau!!!

    Global Warming is taking place. I didn’t mention that. IT IS NOT THE HUMANS DOING IT!!!!

    Mars and the ENTIRE body of planets are heating up and REACTING to something out in the galaxy.

    Get your head on straight. WE WILL BE TAXED TO DEATH FOR WHAT WE DID NOT DO. The rich and the very companies that stifled future technologies WILL BE THE VERY PEOPLE GETTING RICH, AGAIN, FOR THE POLLUTION THEY HAVE BEEN CREATING FOR A CENTURY.

    I’m not falling for this BULLSHIT even if Thom the All Wise and All Knowing says it.

    Yes, you are right. ITS ALL A JOKE!!!! HAHAHA!

  • That was amazing. Wasn’t really sure what to expect when I first heard about it, but Colbert was hilarious and Radiohead were magnificent! Little by little was the best I’ve heard it yet and the rest sounded amazing as well! Definitely quelled any fears I might have had after their not-as-good SNL performance. BRING ON THE TOUR!

  • I listed links for the vids for Canadians, but for some bizarre reason it probably hasn’t been posted because my “comment is awaiting moderation” for the last 8 hours!

  • **** I’ve already heard Radiohead’s version of Winter Wonderland ****

    Interesting, this sounds quite nostalgic?

  • amnesiac what? i want to make out with you

  • @ Muldfeld

    ima bit confused ??

  • Numbers can be skewed. 98% of scientists polled believed that global warming is occuring, not that global warming is completely man-made. Some liberal outlets characterized it as 98% of scientists believe purely in man-made global warming, as a leap in logic. Either way you slice it, I am all for keeping our enviroment clean, but not at the expense of losing the middle class. The rich will still sit in their ivory towers while trekking across the world in jet planes and yachts. You have to remember that science is not a personal or purely academic endeavor anymore. Most of these scientists are simply spokesmen for their corporate sponsors and stand to gain a nice chunk of change if they agree with their corporate overlords.

    You also have to remember that a lot of the funding for this research is coming from oil tycoons and energy conglomerates that have a vested interest in a carbon tax being instituted. Why do they have a vested interest? Because many interested parties have invested in carbon tax funds, which will directly pay these same people. the greatest exploiters of the Earth and its resources, if such a tax is instituted. Thom and the guys are well-intentioned, but need to look at the whole picture. Do we really want the corporations running everything, even moreso than they do now, in the name of savingthe planet? What about gmos that can kill out entire species in a few generations and the inconclusive studies on fluoride, which they pump into every person who drinks tap water in the US? I guess none of those matter to people, such a shame.

  • @ hot girl

    Get in line. You’ll be waiting awhile….

  • Christ Bloom is so good live. B Funny interview too!

  • Amazing show, glad they had the sit-down talks about global warming, wished that segment would’ve been longer.

    So in regards to TKOL live performances of late, so far I’m only sold on Bloom… I LOVE LOVE the TKOL studio songs SO much better. For me In Rainbows was a much better “Live” friendly record, TKOL is like Sgt Pepper or Magical Mystery Tour in the sense it should only be listened to proper on record and not live. But with that said I still listen to it any TKOL live material on YouTube at least once.

  • I’ve watched the first 3 minutes of the show, does this cunt who presents it get any better, I’m struggling to watch it?

  • 🙂 Cooooool this made my day, definitely this is something to share with the friends and family, like “Look, I know im a little bit obsessed with Radiohead, and here you can see why…”

  • its a good performance i think
    but it misses something
    sounds like a rehearse
    the proper sound is struggling to come out properly
    just a feeling i have..

  • Thank you! Radiohead, after the Colbert show, now I feel free, and sit back relax just enjoying watching you perform.


  • Performance was much better than SNL. Can see they are warming up…like Planet Earth.

  • That show is a pile of shit, with an awful host, but radiohead made it better.

    Loved TDM but the rest didn’t do much for me. I thought codex was sublime from the basement, but I didn’t quite get the one from this show. Bloom was good, not as good as everyone on here thinks it was, but I think LBL and magpie are the weakest songs on TKOL so I’m never happy about seeing them, although MMM had a lot of energy but Thom doesn’t do the vocals justice.

    Never mind. Would have preferred to see Supercollider, Seperator, Lotus Flower, GUTG, butcher anything apart from them 2.

    Overall it was ok. That show didn’t need to be 1 hour either, could have been 30 minutes if they stopped that fuckwit of a host talking bolllocks. Why is every chat show host 60 in the US?

  • hey eme…that pile of shit show you’re referring to, is an emmy award winning show. stephen colbert is a radiohead fan, which is why they were on there. the show is normally only 30 minutes long, but he made it an hour for radiohead’s appearance. which is the only time it’s been an hour. i don’t know if you realize it, but colbert is a liberal playing a conservative character. the whole show is political sattire…maybe you just don’t get it…but it’s not shit.
    bloom was great. for you to say not as good as everyone here thinks…is kind of arrogant, don’t you think. a bunch of people believe something, but you disagree…and you’re automatically right??? you could possibly be wrong…
    personally, i thought magpie and codex were amazing…but that’s just my opinion. i would’ve been fine with anything they played, because you know what…it’s not every day i get to see my favorite band for the last 16 years on a show i watch. some people just complain, complain, complain…
    somebody could get a million dollars and bitch that the bills weren’t newly pressed or turned over the right way…

  • The Colbert Report is hilarious. I am neither liberal or conservative, but those guys on Fox are pure retards. It is good to show them a mirror of themselves that they do not like. As a reader of Voltaire, satire appeals to me. Loved the Dr. Pepper flavor zone bit.

  • @ true fan,

    So am I. I’m able to see the post I initially made with links to Canada’s Comedy Network Colbert site, where Canadians can watch everything but “Little By Little”, but I’m not sure any of you can because this page is saying my comment is “awaiting moderation.”

    If so this is odd because no one else’s comment is censored like that and I wonder if it’s Adriaan’s abusive admins extending their unwarranted bullying of me over here.

  • Bravo! Best musical performance ever…., keep up the good work, you feed Radiohead blogs, Radiohead blogs feeds you.

  • summary of atease threads:

    “wow! sooooooo great! radiohead plz make my babies! tkol rox my proverbial sox!”

    “u r a bum-fucker, you suk balls. tkol wuz such a piece of shit. i am a whole lot cooler than you so stop being a hipster i hate hipsters. i also hate you. i hate hipsters so much i’ll say it again. i hate hipsters sooo much. most of all i hate the band that i love b/cuz they suk rite now and will not git better ever in tha history of tha world.”

    “no! shut ur face. u r such a negative nancy! don’t talk about my tommi lyk that i am crying.”

    “global warming iz not real”

    “global warming iz real beacuse (statistics, blah blah, blabbadi blah) oh yeah and i hate you”

  • Amnesiac what?

    How do you know this? What exactly is your source of informtation? Show me a credible peer reviewed scientific paper that states the activities of humans (farming, industry, transit etc) doesn’t contribute to global warming.

    all the arguments I’ve read against man made global warming are based on tiny shreds of mis-information, taken out of context and blown wildly out of proportion.

    eg/ the apparantly ‘fixed’ data in the University of East Anglia. I was at UEA when this took place. The news that UEA scientists were fixing graphs to support global warming was gleaned from 1 of 1000s of illegally obtained private emails. It actually referred to a graph to go on the cover of a report – the scientists discussed simplifying the graph to make it look more striking on the cover. The data inside was accurate and untampered. Of course, this was taken out of context by some journalist hack who started going around saying this email proved that man made global warming was made up. Ridiculous.

    Show me proof. Just writing in capitals doesn’t convince me.

  • What exactly defines a hipster? and why so much hate?

  • Pretentious Electronica Fan

    You make a fair point. I agree that much scientific research is sullied by capital interests and this distresses me a great deal.

    I also agree that the environmental cause can be leveraged by corporations to increase their dominance. Which is why I don’t think Thom Yorke is a particularly good spokesperson for environmental issues. His point is weakened by a liberal adherance to watered down capitalism. A democratic marxist appraoch is needed in my view. Sorry to ramble.

  • @ no clue . but there s still good people . like U .

  • Thanks, but no thanks… I don’t want to have anything to do with either hipster or good people, they both share same bad karma – being hated.

    I want to say just give me “peace”, but it costs too much to maintain.

    I guess I’ll just be “me”, like U.

  • I don’t think I ever laughed as hard as I with the bit:

    “Dr. Pepper is the soda of choice for Radiohead”, with “Bodysnatchers” playing in the background and dancing Thom.

    That was pure gold.

    I watch this show nightly, and some of my favorite bands have been on, including LCD Soundsystem earlier this year. Best late night show on TV.

  • Innit? The last show is always is best!

  • My favorite part was Colbert saying “Wow!” (and even one “wowie!”) after Bloom. That was not manufactured – he seemed truly blown away, as we all were.

  • Subpar performance vocally from Thom..but the band as always is on point. Crappy interview also.

  • Yes, they may sound different now, may have had better songs and performances in the past, but there is still not a greater band than Radiohead.

  • I thought the interviews were terrible. For a band who have so much “interest” in the topics discussed they answered with a rhetoric word here and there a making a silly face. Great performances though.

  • I’m going to fuck you up

  • Daniau – I prefer Muse when I am looking simply at the politics of a group. I definitely prefer RH’s music. I’ll reiterate that I think Thom’s heart is in the right place, but he doesn’t see the whole picture. Science isn’t what it use to be.

    Marxism is a noble political ideology, but people are far too greedy for Marxism to work in its purest form. Maybe tempered by democracy that wouldn’t be the case. But we’ve seen it play out in a differently since Marxism has been tried. The upper crust just gets replaced by those who rose up against them, then the revolutionaries take power and become worse than those they fought against. You have to watch out for that sort of thing. Orwell said it best; power is not a means, it is an end. You do not create a dictatorship to safeguard from revolution, you create the revolution to install the dictatorship. That is just paraphrasing so I didn’t use quotes.

    What I would like to see is an end to the cycle completely. Equality and freedom for all people is what I hope to see by the end of my life. I am not very optimistic that I will get what I want. First people need to break the old British conservative-liberal paradigm and start thinking for themselves. That is the first step toward equality. So long as people are divided into two camps we can be conquered all the easier. You didn’t ramble at all. I am far more long-winded!

  • What the fuck are you guys talking about Marxism for? They sounded awful in these videos.

  • These videos don’t sound as good as the actual performance did on a tv set live. We were talking about political ideologies and Marxism came up, not that hard to see how it came up.

  • the only weakness of radiohead is perfectionism. which is also their strength.

  • so true……

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