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Radiohead at Roseland Ballroom, New York City [night 1]

Radiohead are playing their first New York City show at the Roseland Ballroom tonight. We’ll try to keep you updated on the show here.

Don’t forget to follow @RadioheadNews on Twitter and for even more updates on the show, follow @RadioheadLive.

Alright, since Ade is at the show tonight, I (Sean) will do my best to keep this post up to date with the setlist. For now, the doors are open and fans are filing in.

A new “tour” means new merch. There are four new t-shirts, four posters, a Roseland totebag, and a very limited (to 80) vinyl set of the TKOL remixes at the merch table.

Band on: 10:15pm. Celebs on the list: Cameron Diaz, Kid Rock (singing along), Chris Martin, Ed Norton.

Clive Deamer is, as expected, playing with the band. However, there is no horn section.


  1. Bloom
  2. Little By Little
  3. Staircase
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. Feral
  6. Subterranean Homesick Alien (first performance since Red Rocks 2003) Thom: ‘This is a piano’ as its being moved center stage. ‘anyone know a joke about a piano?.. This one is slightly older than the other one’
  7. All I Need
  8. The One I Love/Everything In Its Right Place
  9. Lotus Flower (Thom: “That’s the video when I officially became an embarrassing dad. And I’m proud of it.”)
  10. 15 Step
  11. Myxomatosis
  12. Codex
  13. The Daily Mail
  14. Bodysnatchers
  15. Reckoner


  1. Give Up The Ghost (just Thom and Jonny)
  2. The National Anthem
  3. Good Morning Mr Magpie

Encore 2

  1. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  2. Nude – Thom: ‘This one is called Nude. You probably should help me. Cause I’m obviously going senile. New Yaawk!’

And that’s it. I think the band may have had some curfew issues but fought to come back out for the second encore.

Subterranean Homesick Alien


For those who are attending the shows, please read this message from the band:

Some ticket holders for this week’s New York shows have chosen to re-sell one or both of their allocation on auction sites. Using a 2 ticket limit and will-call only access with ID, we have tried to ensure that more tickets go to the people who prefer to see the show than to fleece fellow fans with re-selling tickets at exorbitant prices.

For those of you who have to pay over the face value of the ticket, PLEASE make sure that you are certain you can get into the show before parting with your money. A ticket is only valid with its matching credit card details and the ID of the purchaser, after which the ticket holder will be escorted straight through.

On a lighter note, we played on The Colbert Report last night. It was funny.
Hope this link works where you are:

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  • Anyone have an extra?

  • Looking forward to seeing the Setlist and if they dive back into their older catalog or they just play TKOL era songs

  • If all goes well this post will be updated very quickly tonight.


  • Too bad the board is down. I was never able to find a ticket. Very sad about this whole situation.

  • When will the BOARD be back online?

  • @Tim

    Same here. I had bought a flight and everything but VISA verify killed those chances. Cancelled it and lost a ton of cash.

    Instead, seeing a free Broken Social Scene show tonight and tomorrow, seeing James Blake.

    Living in Chicago has its perks, too. πŸ™‚

  • When Adriaan gets back from the shows. πŸ˜›

  • I just “made an offer” on ebay:

  • My roommate ran into their manager last night at a show. Evidently he said “Their show is going to be incredible and memorable with non of that ‘Fake plastic Trees shit'”
    Super excited.
    Going to be tweeting big time when I get there

  • posts are being deleted?

  • fuck radiohead, fix the board

  • So where do all the boarders go when the board is crapped out like this? I need to live vicariously for the next few hours, then again tomorrow night…

  • http://www.greenplastic.con it aint great but something

  • con artist

  • Trying not to be too depressed sitting it out tonight & tomorrow night. I’ve managed to see them on each of their American forays since 2001 (including Atoms for Peace), but with such competition for tix for these shows it wasn’t to be. Alas, I can only hope that they make good on their 2012 tour rumors & play a couple more sizable shows in the NYC area.

    And even though I won’t be there, I hope they find a way to play an REM song tonight or tomorrow night. It would only be fitting.

  • I’m reading people’s tweets. After you filter out all the lame 4sq, lastfm, listening to posts it’s pretty informative and there are pictures. ha. I may just be here though.

  • Tweets are helpful, but yes, the high s:n ratio is tiring.
    Thanks for link to MT, Briley Style…. that board is kind of a snooze though, yeah?

    I sure hope some kind soul in line coughed up a ticket for Edgar, or at least that SOMEONE inside is making an AUD tape. It blows not knowing… it’s like pre-internet times πŸ™‚

  • Also, sorry about the board guys. Not sure what’s going on (maybe just traffic?) as I have nothing to do with that side of At Ease. But I’ll keep this post up to date.

  • ban anyone who has posted in main in the last month

  • Main and Gen Chat would suit me fine. πŸ˜›

  • Bout to head over to Roseland, sorry for all who can’t make it, I will tweet my best to keep you informed.
    Radiohead show #10

  • OK, the board problems are being looked into.

  • Hey – I’m sorry….. I’m going tomorrow! πŸ™‚ flying in for the night from Canada… Can’t wait. If anyone has any info on set times, I’d be really grateful, my hubby doesn’t land until after 6….

  • Oooh thanks Sean! Fingers crossed the problems are resolved in time for the show.

  • just wipe it all and we’ll start again

  • @pure Don’t thank me, I just let Ade know and he’s got someone looking into it..

  • If anyone KNOWS someone at the show! Please have them stream the show via smart phone! There are several website that you can use! Please please please!!

  • That ain’t gonna happen.

  • A limited edition (80) vinyl set of TKOL remixes are available only at Roseland plus a Tote Bag.

  • Board is up.


  • @sean it can happen! Lots of people stream phish shows live to the internet to the “couch tour” folk. One person at this show needs to be told about it then we can all watch it live!

  • @justme The band will be on in an hour or so. Think you can arrange it by then?

  • @sean, I don’t know anyone at the show, Im trying twitter to find anyoneeee.

  • Hate to say it, but no one is going to be willing to hold their phone up for an entire show at the behest of a complete stranger. Just relax and hope for a recording.

  • Total shitshow at the venue. The line is all the way around a full city block.

  • Ustream is fine for audio too. You can just stick your phone in your pocket to pick it up.

  • @Sean, haha I know its a pipe dream, but just imagine!!!

  • theres 1 new shirt and 1 new poster. i think its stupid they are making merch for this ONE gig. radiohead realized that the money is in the merch. making merch for one gig is pathetic.

  • Not long now…

  • @brttdrmkr yeah, how dare they want money! Like it’s their job or something…

  • It’s a go. Show opens with Bloom.

  • big question for tomorrow night’s show, causing silly amounts of anxiety:

    my sister bought tickets, but instead of calling me to get my billing info she used her own. so my buddy and i “have” a pair of tickets for thurday’s show, but she’s the purchaser, can we take the email, her credit card, and her ID and get tickets or does she physically have to do it herself? i’m guessing she does, if so, she can just pick them up and immediately give them to us, yes?

    anyone who knows anyone who had to deal with this pickle, or saw someone tonight deal with this pickle, please let me know, it could be a massive relief to me. surely there is a way to make this work…

  • 1. Bloom
    2. Little by little
    3. Staircase
    4. Arpeggi
    5. Feral
    6. Subterranean homesick alien

  • @chris Call the venue

    @justme The main post is being updated, no need to add it to the comments. But go nuts if that’s your thing.

  • @ chris, NO WAY MAN, NOT HAPPENING, your sister has to be there. good luck. but you’ll be on here tomorrow night pressing refresh as well.

  • 2 in rainbows songs already? anyone going to guess the total # of songs??

  • the best set list in years

  • if she’s with us in line though she can just give her ticket to us, right? like, clearly she’s the purchaser, clearly our IDs have the same last name and address and all that shit, so i can just take them? we’ll be right there, obviously not a scalping situation and obviously i’m her brother and obviously she’s just off work and not going, if she is with us it should be fine, yeah?

  • @Chris – You shouldn’t have a problem, I’d assume. If they give you grief, that’s a major scumbag move on their behalf. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, personally.

  • @ chris, that’s tough man, how do they not know you’re not an ebay client who paid out the ass for the tickets?? have ID’s ready man, it will be very VERY tough.

  • 26 songs including the encores I’ll guess

  • @ Corey, really that many?? man i live in tx, had presale waste tickets in my cart bu flights were super pricey……if it’s that many i’ll be upset i missed it. i’m guessing 22 including encores.

  • @ clem

    yeah i understand they have to be strict, it’s a silly system but i understand they have to be, however i would think that my ID and my sister’s ID having like details and her and I, frankly, looking a lot alike, all of that, should be enough for it to be clear and acceptable, ugh, will breath a massive sigh of relief, a universal sigh if you will, when if and when i enter roseland tomorrow

  • damn, Myxomatosis, they’re digging deep. if they play wolf at the doory i’ll freak, seen it already but i love knowing the 2003 woodlands show was a special one……

    @chris, SHOW UP EARLY, have fun man. when they bust out talk show host, be ready to tell your sister she missed it!!!!

  • SHA!!! They haven’t played that in years. Oh how I adore that song. How has no one mentioned this?!

  • Sub home. alien is one of my favorite songs I hope they play it again this summer

  • @adam what are you talking about? wofl at the door?

  • i’m sure if your sister is there when you go in, it should be fine.

  • quick question bout will call. did they just check id or swipe the credit card as well?

  • wow up to 1st encore w/o any amnesiac songs, 1 OK computer and 1 Kid A……1st encore guess: Idioteque, the tourist, morning bell, karma police???

  • ends with magpie?

  • This is a Great Setlist!!

  • I hate that song



  • Little by little and magpie are the only too on tkol i strongly dislike

  • wow i meant two

  • dont mean to sound terrible here… been a huge radiohead fan for about 8 years. but nothing about this setlist makes me jealous for not being there like i thought it would. especially if you saw them on the IR tour.

  • @wem what fuck u want ? creep , karma police ?

  • Really…? You don’t like that setlist…? Maann!! Come on! This is fuckin’ awesome… hope they’ll come in Montreal with a setlist like that… no damn song that we are tired of hearing… Myxomatosis man! Too damn epic!

  • @Jose kech


    Morning Bell, Wolf At The Door, 2+2=5, There There, Pyramid Song, Kid A, How To Dissappear Completely, Lucky, Paranoid Android, Bullet Proof, Black Star, Blow Out, Where I end and you begin..


    Fuck you, Thomas Yorke. I’m almost 200% sure that Atoms For Peace Album will sound EXACTLY LIKE KOL

  • wtf ? only 20 songs

  • Separator is the best song on the album…. why wouldn’t they play it

  • @werm So much hatred for a man that you never talk to… that’s fucked up. Seriously… poor yourself. It’s sad, really, to see someone torture himself at THAT point just because he’s disappointed. I feel pitty for you, seriously.

  • @Damn Did I say that I hate Thom Yorke? For god’s sake, learn to READ. Fuck off

    Also, I’m not the only one disappointed with the “new” Radiohead.

    Thankfully, I saw them live in the IR tour, NOW THAT WAS DECENT.

  • @ wem
    Hum… first : You think that you made a good point by saying that “You are not the only ooonnnee!”? I know you’re not the only one. This isn’t a valid argument for me, sorry. You can explain me why you don’t like TKOL and I’m going to understand. But don’t tell me that you are not the only one. This is a sophism.
    Second : So you’re trying to tell me that there was no hatred in your : “Fuck you Thomas Yorke!”? Oh sorry, my mistake. So it was… kindness?

    Good night. Oh! and take one or two philosophy courses… it may help you to argue better.

  • How I wish I was in NYC, right now (and with a ticket)

  • @Damn


    Google -> TKOL reviews -> Blogs -> There’s your proof Mr. ‘phylosopher’

    Didn’t know you have to hate someone in order to tell him he’s an asshole. Thanks for the info.

    Go To Sleep. You’re embarrasing yourself, kid.

  • Nude closing a setlist is way too brutal.
    Thankfully I wasn’t there or I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from suicide haha.
    The setlist sounds fine. Let’s see how it will evolve during the tour. They are experiencing on us haha
    I hope to see them soon.

  • Anyone go to the MSG @ WaMu theater shows before In Rainbows came out and tonight? How did this show compare?
    I had pit on both nights and MSG really undersold it, you could walk around everywhere. I was able to just walk right up to the stage if i went over to Ed’s side.
    I saw AFP at Roseland and I gotta say that venue blows. I’m almost 6 ft tall and I couldn’t see anything and couldn’t move at all. So anyways, not trying to make myself feel better, but was just curious how it was.

  • @ wem

    A proof of what…? I’m not asking for a proof man! Come on! I’m just asking for you to be able to write something on your own! Not only giving me some blog thing… I mean… I don’t care about others! They may like it or not… 90% may dislike it or vice/versa, I’m just going to forge an opinion by myself. That’s it man… it’s the only reason why I’m saying that “I’m not the only one” is a damn lame argument… that’s it.

  • Interesting show. They played well but the set list was weak sauce. TKOL live is really mediocre.

  • […] Here’s the setlist (via At Ease)… […]

  • matt ur the mediocre

  • This. Show. Was. Amazing.

  • They played the best three songs Little by little, Magpie and Feral from the new album. Great setlist.

  • […] or outdoors, what their facilities look like, location and the like before making a decision.Looking for free swimming pool instructors for your kids in New York City? Parents have realized tha…your children to learn professionally, what you may not be able to teach them. Looking for an indoor […]

  • I love radiohead but if I broke my cock to get tickets and that was the setlist I’d be fucking disappointed.

    You can all pretend to be cool as fuck and say Karma Police and FPT are shit, but they would have got a bigger cheer than any of those songs they played up there apart from street spirit, and you all know that’s a fucking fact.

    I wanna know where separator and supercollider were, as they’re the best songs from the TKOL sessions! Hmmm we shall see what tonight brings!

  • Why is no one else shocke that they let chris Martin even near the building? Seriously, chris Martin of fucking coldplay was there. Wtf. Thom has spoken against him many times before. Also coldplay suck.

  • Cool setlist, all the best from IR too. I’m surprised they still do bends tracks these days, oh to hear street spirit live. Seems short I think they were rushed though, Probably will add some older stuff on Proper 24 song setlists next year, wouldn’t be surprised if we get only 2-3 90s era songs a show from now on though.

  • Don’t be silly Princeps, these shows seem to be about performing/practicing the TKOL songs in a live setting to get them right. I can’t imagine on a full tour they would omit so many classics.

    Radiohead wrote a lot of their best and most loved songs in the 90s so I wouldn’t be too suprised to see more of them back in the setlist on the tour next year.

    Steet Sprit is still played because it’s a fucking great song.

    Planet Telex needs to make a more frequent come back if they’re gonna resurrect songs like SHA. There’s also a ton of 90’s b-sides they could sneak in the set like The Trickster and Punchdrunk, Pearly, or sneak Lurgee or thinking about you from Pabs.

    Even if they did a tour of less well known songs, you could still pull a lot from the 90’s. Shame Jonny doesn’t like Electioneering, that could fit the tour.

  • Nice set-list overall. The most beautiful songs from “In Rainbows” are there, though only two representatives for the 1990s were played.
    I’m desperate to listen to Thom covering R.E.M. (“The One I Love”)… πŸ˜‰

  • sha

  • 8. The One I Love – what is it?

  • @tele.kom
    That’s an R.E.M. song

  • “Kid Rock (singing along)”

    Is that a Joke?!?!

  • snl was legendary

  • To all those people out there who are posting that the setlist was rubbish without having been at the performance:

    I was there, and TKOL sounds wonderful when played and seen live. Different from the studio version (more “rock-y”?) but each version definitely stands on its own. The band were enjoying themselves and believe me the fans were going crazy.

  • To the people who have been there:
    How was the light show?
    The lights on the IR tour were just awesome…

  • @Flo:

    I wasn’t too impressed, actually. I mean they did try to change the color of the lighting occasionally but that was pretty much it. But this was such an off-the-cuff performance that I wasn’t expecting much in that aspect.

  • Since when did radiohead fans become DMb fans? Stop bitching about the setlist because thy didn’t play enough 90s songs. They have 8 LPs, there is not enough time in the day for them to play them all. You dadrockers need to stop fighting KOL and learn to appreciate.

  • More celebs – I was there last night, and I saw in the right hand VIP section

    – Philip Seymour Hoffman
    – Bradley Cooper

  • Setlist could be better. I missed Separator and more stuff pre-In Rainbows (one song per album and none from Amnesiac, wtf?)

    A bunch of stuff from IR, at least.

  • Holy God FUCK : Subterranean Homesick Alien live! this is nutts!

  • […] Here’s the setlist (via At Ease): […]

  • “A limited edition (80) vinyl set of TKOL remixes are available only at Roseland plus a Tote Bag.” what is this? photos?

  • What’s FPT? I’m trying to figure out what song that is…and it’s bugging me I can’t….

  • I like how Radiohead are playing more unusual set lists than the same tunes over and over again. My favourite album is Ok Computer but a set list dominated by it and The Bends would be quite unsatisfying. The set list looks good and hearing the King of Limbs live would be special. Bloom sounds absolutely incredible live.

  • @Badowski

    Who gives a royal shit about the celebrities that were there?

  • I love the stage, simplicity but also compliments their musical soundscape.

    It seems like an enjoyable concert, good for those fans made it!


  • […] At Ease was there and got some great setlist notes as well as the celebrity report. Band on: 10:15pm. Celebs on the list: Cameron Diaz, Kid Rock (singing along), Chris Martin, Ed Norton […]

  • ps. …. and those cute looking snowflakes….. πŸ˜›

  • @head of state they played the one i love at saitama too.

  • […] you want last night’s report, check here. And if you’re going tonight, have fun… but please take note if the message from […]

  • more celebs on the list: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bradley Cooper and Adrian Grenier!

  • Yay! Radiohead are gigging again and right on cue, the atease stupid embarrassing little whingers brigade are right there. “Why didn’ they play this one? Why aren’t all these old ones in the set? Even though I didn’t go it looks shit. How come Chris Martin was alllowed in. Etc etc etc (various other sub-adolescent griping)”.

    Looks like a perfectly good setlist to me. I hope all who went enjoyed it.

  • Was at that 2003 red rocks show and Subterranean Homesick Alien was pretty amazing that night. Didn’t realize that was the last time they played it live! Wonder why they aren’t doing The Butcher live anywhere? It is the second best song from the TKOL era in my mind, right behind Codex.

  • Watching them do SHA….it rings home how very different they are as a band now. It sounds so commercial for some reason, even though it really isn’t! Of course, it would help if Thom could still sing πŸ˜›

  • Not sure why people keep saying Thom can’t sing anymore. He’ll be fine by the middle of the tour. It’s just rust from not touring consistently in three to four years.

  • SHA sounds great with the piano.

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