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Radiohead at Roseland Ballroom, New York City [night 2]

Radiohead will take the stage again for another show at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom tonight. A live report will appear here.

We will be updating from Twitter as well, so follow @RadioheadNews and @RadioheadLive on Twitter.

If you want last night’s report, check here. And if you’re going tonight, have fun… but please take note if the message from Radiohead at the bottom of the post if you haven’t bought your ticket from WASTE or Ticketmaster.


Sean & Adriaan.


OK, since Ade is once again at the show I (Sean) will be updating this post with the setlist and any other bits and pieces I come across. Earlier this evening the band soundchecked The National Anthem, How To Disappear Completely, Wolf At The Door, These Are My Twisted Words, and Airbag. Thanks to @suprefan for that info.

Apparently some tickets are being released right now (9:45pm). WASTE entrance. Good luck.



  1. Bloom
  2. Little By Little
  3. Staircase
  4. The National Anthem
  5. Feral
  6. Subterranean Homesick Alien
  7. Like Spinning Plates
  8. All I Need
  9. True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
  10. 15 Step
  11. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  12. Lotus Flower
  13. Codex
  14. The Daily Mail
  15. Good Morning Mr Magpie
  16. Reckoner


  1. Give Up The Ghost (just Thom and Jonny)
  2. Myxomatosis
  3. Bodysnatchers

Encore 2

  1. Supercollider (full band – first time it has been played with the band)
  2. Nude

And that’s it for the New York City shows. If you were there, let us know what you thought of the gig in the comments.


Like Spinning Plates:

True Love Waits/Everyhting In Its Right Place:


Some ticket holders for this week’s New York shows have chosen to re-sell one or both of their allocation on auction sites. Using a 2 ticket limit and will-call only access with ID, we have tried to ensure that more tickets go to the people who prefer to see the show than to fleece fellow fans with re-selling tickets at exorbitant prices.
For those of you who have to pay over the face value of the ticket, PLEASE make sure that you are certain you can get into the show before parting with your money. A ticket is only valid with its matching credit card details and the ID of the purchaser, after which the ticket holder will be escorted straight through.

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  • Let’s hope for a better show.

  • wem, go fuck yourself. Do it quick or no one will like you.

  • @Wem, are you serious? With all the songs they have to choose from you’re not going to hear 100% of your favs…..i’m excited about hearing the TKOL live and will be happy with whatever else they pull out of the bag. They’re the best live act around don’t hope for a better show.

  • Like I give a fuck

  • Off with a bang in the comments!

    Me updating the setlist tonight conflicts with my hockey fantasy draft. So I may be a tad slower tonight.


  • Never been to a Radiohead concert, but I figure the setlist will be the same as last night?

    Personally I wouldn’t care what they play if I’m lucky enough to be there, but I’m not, so… for those lucky folks, have fun!

  • f*ck u wem, dont post if dont like it

  • @music addict – they will play most of/all of TKOL again, look for some changes though, they NEVER play back to back set lists…..


  • and i’m actually pretty sure they’ve never played the same set twice, ever….?

  • @armogi Problem?

  • Im gay

  • Last night’s show was amazing! Happy I could be a part of it…

  • People who come on here to complain about set lists, please shut the hell up. This is for fans of Radiohead, not haters, go hate somewhere else. Who the hell wants to hear the Bends and OK computer when TKOL is freaking amazing live!

  • It’ll be fun following this one.

  • Amazing how fans gets very creative and would do just about anything to go to Radiohead’s concert —


  • Similar set to last night so far…

  • Wow SHA again. Outside of the national anthem it’s song for song like last night so far, that’s unusual for them.


  • Oh hey, Like Spinning Plates! Nice.

  • LSP was not on original setlist…added in by Thom apparently.

  • Whiners, can you please stop complaining about the set list. It’s been incredible so far (both nights).

  • i hope more than 20 songs like 25

  • There’s only the one whiner. (There’s been a version of this person for literally every iteration of Radiohead since OK Computer, change is bad, more old songs, the band is dying, etc etc).

  • wow… Like Spinning Plates, love this one.

    How come they’ve never done “The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy” in live? This is one of my fav. in Amnesiac. It’s this song, Amnesiac started to grow on me…..

  • the piano is put away

  • they need play more amnesiac and hail to the thief songs

  • That’s wild music junkie.. That makes me happy hearing how creative people can be, and what they’re willing to do to see their favourite band.. Of course.. For the most part it’s people trying to take advantage of this and make loads of money…but there is definitely something else there.

    I like radiohead, but I’m not sure how far I would go to see them live near me… I would deliver them some pizza .. On me! Or something….

  • It would be pretty awesome if they played that one song from The Bends that I enjoy!

  • What song would that be fake plastic…heh

  • and no separator so far

  • I agree with you Razecah, I think their new sort of sounding fits very well for song such as Backdrifts (Honeymoon Is Over), Scatterbrain (As Dead As Leaves), Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box and Pulk-Pull Revolving Doors, among others.

  • @ Killed/by/ghosts

    you betcha! i used to get so psyched over the bands i like, guess i’m getting older and more mature, come to think of it, a bit silly….., now i’m just happy to watch them on youtube, live sometimes if over hyped anyway.

    @ Razecah

    I’m with you totally, man….

  • live sometimes is* over hyped anyway.

  • Seriously, where’s the “Separator”? Most perfect song to end a show.

  • Well…I’ll pay the price of the ticket, but im not planning on selling my body or something hahaha

  • hahaha……Killed/by/ghosts, oh.. goodness, please don’t make me laugh so hard, ouch, now my face hurts (tmj), but anyway, thanks for your amusement. i have all kinds of questions run thru my mind right now, but since this is a blog, i’ll remain grace. 😀

  • You guys have to realize they only rehearsed so many songs, since a tour isn’t going to be starting up anytime soon. They’re planning on touring 2012, so I’m sure they’ve just rehearsed what they wanted to play for these 2 one off shows.

  • I wish I was there. But instead I am listening to “Sulk” Still amazing.

  • Full band Supercollider!

  • excellent point killed/by/ghosts, thank u
    i cant wait to see supercollider live on youtube

  • I hope everyone starts to chant present tense! Present Tense! and then they play

  • full band? isn’t that the whole concert a full band show? excuse my ignorance for this term.


  • Supercollider cool – still waiting for them to one day play the butcher live… It’s pretty dreary for a tkol era song heh

  • now put Supercollider next to Feral, Feral makes the list…

  • I was backstage before the show – and the bank had a ton of OK Computer songs and some from the Bends on the original set list. At the last second, the Spin Doctors (who are very close with both Greenwood brothers) convinced the band to pretty much rock the same set list from last night – since the crowd, according to the Spin Doctors “wouldn’t know any better”. I was shocked!

  • Haters of the setlist are really just jealous they weren’t attending Radiohead shows all these years 🙂

    Wish I could have been there tonight…last nights sure was awesome.

  • 18/19 songs are repeats from last night? I’m sorry, but for how hyped up these shows were, they are pretty lame on paper. Yes, obviously being there anyone would be hyped/psyched up. They could piss in your ear and you’d still be hyped. I’m not saying they pissed in anyones ear, but for most radiohead fans these 2 nights (as I’ve talked to many!) have been slight letdowns. Nothing else to expect when the bar was set so fricken high was their previous 5 albums (TKOL excluded).

  • ** 19/21 songs repeated update

  • Apparently Thom Yorke has been shopping to buy a private jet while in NYC. There “shows” at Roseland were a diversion from the real intention of this trip – Thom being carted to private jet broker Tron Johnson’s house in Westchester to pick up his very own Jet.

  • @ was there there

    what the?? are you one of the Spin Doctors? xD

  • TKOL, TKOl, TKol, Tkol, tkol
    tkoL, tkOL, tKOL
    TKoL, TkoL

    is that all?

  • Hell of a setlist!!!

  • Somebody know something about the Supercollider’s videoclip? Is that an official video? Someone commented that on Twitter.

  • @killed by ghosts — I am so very happy I got past being too old for live shows — it’s one of the things I enjoy best about being an old f*rt — I can afford the tickets.

  • why complain about almost the same setlist – hopefully no one was greedy enough to attend both nights when tickets were in short supply.

  • and by the … I only wish they toured more often. Last show in NY was Liberty State Park APW? Sigh. Desperately in need of more live shows.

  • youth is color gold, old fart is color green
    youth is priceless, old fart is price”less”


  • like spinning plates… wish i could experience it live once

  • now that’s just mean

  • went tonight… i would consider myself a huge radiohead fan, so it may be biased… but they were truly unbelievable, yet again. My only drawback was reading the setlist from last night, since it was virtually the same tonight. I would have been totally excited to see all those songs had i known they were not coming… but it was oddly like listening to a live album twice. haha. no complaints. i got in for face value, and rubbed elbows with some of NYC’s finest assholes who were pretty much trying to ruin it for everyone… but they couldn’t. because the band just blew the doors off the place. no other band on earth like them… but we already know this… huge highlight from tonight was supercollider, and lotus flower was just massive. same with arpeggi. just glad to see them again… i hope we all get tickets next time.

    TKOL sounds completely different live… the first time i heard radiohead in 1998, my friend put on OK comp, and the first words out of my mouth were like they must never play live shows?? how could they do this on stage?? MAN…. was I wrong…


  • […] played the second of two nights at Roseland Ballroom tonight and we’ve got the setlist via At Ease: Radiohead @ Roseland Ballroom, NYC […]

  • ouhh dammmit supercolider.!!!

  • NO Separator?!!?!1 FFS Radiohead, that’s your best song from TKOL and you’re not even playing it! I’m happy about Supercollider, but as I suspected they haven’t rehearsed many more songs than for Glasto / FTB so no suprise it was pretty much the same as yesterday!

    Excited to hear full band supercollider which is one more song I was excited to hear than yesterday.

    I imagine normal service will be resumed next year for the proper tour!

  • I’m a moron and don’t know what good music is.

  • I probably don’t remember correctly, but I’m pretty sure I saw/heard Supercollider in A’dam back in 2008.. or was that just Thom then??!!

  • Yes you are, X) lol <3 Radiohead! Encore 2 X) !

  • WTF… Does Jonny plays the bass

  • Little by little, Magpie and Feral are by far the best songs on TKOL. All the other songs on it are not really good enough for a Radiohead record in my opinion.

  • Saw the planned setlist on the soundboard before they even went on. They scratched Airbag in place of National Anthem. Twisted Words was supposed to be the second song of the first encore, but they played Myxomatosis instead. Also, How to Disappear was slated to be the closer — but they went with Nude.

  • interesting song choices.
    I’m not that keen on the last 3 songs on the king of limbs…

  • I’ve seen Radiohead plenty of times live, but I have to say, last night it seemed like Thom was having a hell of a lot of fun. Even with some sound and lighting glitches, he seemed to be enjoying playing live more than I have ever noticed before. Anyone else notice this?

  • Even with the full band behind it, Supercollider is a flaccid borefest. Most on, boys, it’s not worth your time.

  • *move on

  • dg i was at the wednesday show and of the 7 times i’ve seen them thom seemed to be in the highest of spirits and more chatty than ever! such an amazing show i can’t stop thinking about it….

  • […] Here’s the setlist via At Ease… […]

  • maybe it’s just me, but when i go to a show i’m there to experience what the band’s putting out there at that moment, and go along for the ride. i not there to hear my dream setlist or the greatest hits. some of the people here only complain it seems. sorry but the band’s not gonna call you to see what they should play. the further a band gets away from an older album the less they’re gonna play off of it. it’s just how it goes. i’ve seen them several times and they normally play a longer set. i’m sure when they come back for the actual tour they’ll throw some more older songs in. they did plenty on the last tour. but in the meantime can the complainers just try to accept the place the band’s in now is not the same place as it was in 1997. and personally…i think tkol is a great album…especially adding in supercollider and the butcher. now i just hope they release studio versions of the daily mail and staircase.

  • hellspawn3000 (user name) over at YouTube put up some amazing videos of last nights show. Special thanks to that guy. I posted most of his videos over here in one place…

  • Surprised about no “Separator”, which is my favorite track on the song. As much as I like the rest of the setlist, I think this omission kinda ruined it for me. They played EVERY other song, including b-sides. IDK.

    Thanks for the videos!

  • The whinging about “olny 20 songs” and “mostly the same as last night” show how spolied we’ve been compared to fans of other bands who hardly ever vary setlists even on full tours.

    Always amuses me to see pillocks griping and grumbling about the setlists of shows they didn’t attend.

  • Worst set list of all time! I was expecting to hear Creep, Karma Police, High & Dry, and Fitter Happier at a minimum on night 2!

    I got tickets to both shows so that I could be there to experience it all, both sets.

    Radiohead has clearly gone corporate. Apparently 45% of the tickets went to a guest list of celebs – way to stay indie boys!

  • Julia Roberts, ya… Go to sleep!

  • Dear NYC,

    Thanks for waiting 90 minutes to walk into Roseland. I know you all were hoping to hear Myxomatosis both nights. One of the best songs ever.

    You will be happy to hear that the money we made on this show is going directly to our well needed vacation at the St. Regis Bora Bora. 3 weeks in paradise!

  • ^^ TROLL

  • when did the show start, when did it end last time? anyone knows?

  • last night *

  • This live show was great!

    I believe the reason that the band played Subterranean Homesick Alien was to honor Miles Davis who passed away 20 years ago on that day.

    Seeing as how that track is supposed to emulate the sound on his album Bitches Brew it makes a bit of sense to me.

    Anyone else think so?

  • I posted this first in the “Occupy Wall St” rumor thread:

    Perfect. The backdoor security guards at Roseland last night didn’t let me in through the 53rd St. “secret” entrance for “$65 CASH ONLY!” (sez beefy beardo) “HAVE EXACT CHANGE READY OR YOURE OUTTA HERE” until the 9th song. “True Love Waits/Everything in the Right Place”. I was one of the last 3 to participate in this little “security side biz” and entered in time to avoid the near melee on the street & to catch the last 12 songs. Lord knows where those tix came from because that show was beyond sold out. But they handed me an actual ticket on my way in. So, if my math is correct, I paid $5.41, per song. Not bad in the end for a band that I would never miss intentionally. Although I hardly imagine this is what Radiohead had in mind with their anti-scalper approach to this TicketMonster debacle of an onsale. They meant well, I believe. I really do. But we know how it went in the end. I was happy just to get inside. And if they actually *do* play some songs for Occupy Wall St today, that might add up to a whole set for me over 2 days. As for last night’s “12 song set”, it was pure Radiohead greatness. The haters can suck it. “Bodysnatchers”, “Codex” and “Myxamatosis” were all epic last night. And closing with “Nude” was sublime. Here’s hoping for more this afternoon downtown for all those TicketMonster casualties that weren’t able to catch a decent connection online for face value tix or grease their way through the shadows with me at Roseland.

  • strange blog, asked something, got bitched at? > <

  • interesting though with subterranean played for miles. comparing it to bitches brew isnt totally out of the blue… i dig. also the first radiohead song i heard. and that was it for me… the rest is history.

  • **** Julia Roberts, ya… Go to sleep! ****

    haha…. i know the Morse code for this one.


  • Supercollider……… WOW!

    TKOL is played SOOO much better live than record.
    Still not the best but Much better.

    Spinning on a Plate is STILL DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!!

    TRUE LOVE WAITS…. It still does!!!

    Everything is still in its Right place!!!

  • >> Still not the best but Much better. < < )

  • **** Still not the best but Much better. ****

    I “hate” it when people comparing album to album from same artist, it’s like comparing from our childhood to our adulthood, like comparing our own evolution as an individual, rolling eyes……, besides what defines “the best”? rolling eyes…. (there’s no rolling eyes expression i can type, > < )

  • Scrap my first post, something happened to AtEast, sorry….

  • […] Below is the setlist via At Ease… […]

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