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Watch Thom & Jonny perform Give Up The Ghost at Jimmy Fallon

As we announced last week, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood pre-taped their performance of Give Up The Ghost for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The show aired last night. Watch it below:

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  • WOW………….. takes the album to a new level

  • ‘that was pretty pretty good’

  • Last night’s performance is pure, simple and beautiful. Both Johnny and Thom seemed relaxed, focused, and enjoyed, so did a lot of their fans, I’m sure…..

  • So lovely.

  • thommy like his neil young…damn you can hear the influence…so awesome

  • Beautiful! It’s time to give up your Ghost Thom.

  • wow.

    can someone make this into an mp3 version and send it to me so that i can listen it on my ipod?
    thank you!

  • Neil Young?

  • Ehm, sorry, I’ve heard better covers from garage bands. Had to turn that off halfway.

  • what a sloppy, lazy performance. Thom is either having serious vocal trouble or isn’t trying to give a solid performance.

    Original cambridge performance owns every other version of this song to date.

  • This album Is SOOOO much better live.
    The songs just flow…..
    The pitter patter is a little smoother and the others are just gorgeous!!!!

  • Love it! GUTG is my favorite track off the album. I’ve yet to hear a version that wasn’t beautiful, and this certainly did not disappoint.

  • This was very good. Really glad to see them so busy these days.

  • I think Ca,bridge (or baby arena) has better echo than a TV studio so it resonates a bit more. That’s why Thom’s voice might sound a bit flat compared with that.

  • I think Cambridge (or any arena) has better echo than a TV studio so it resonates a bit more. That’s why Thom’s voice might sound a bit flat here compared with that.

  • Am I the only think that doll pose in the show a bit retarded?


  • Anyone know what pedal Thom is using to loop vocals? I know they used Line 6 DL4’s in the past, but I haven’t seen this one before.

  • I don’t like this song at all.

  • GUTG was my least favorite song on the album, and I often find it boring. But this performance was just lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • what the hell is that a choir?

  • oh its the audience

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