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Ed O’Brien reveals more on Radiohead’s 2012 tour

Ed O’Brien reveals more on Radiohead’s 2012 tour

Radiohead have revealed more on their upcoming tour. Ed O’Brien talked about their 2012 tour with BBC 6Music.

Ed O’Brien spoke with with 6Music on their current live set: “I think the important thing is that it’s got to be a set in itself, it’s got to work. Last time we went out, it felt very much like In Rainbows plus the greatest hits. And it’s not going to be like that this time. I guess it’s going to be predominantly from this record and the last record, and then see which songs fit around that.”

When asked when the tour should take place: “We’re just finalizing dates for next year that will run from the end of february to i guess november. We’ll be in the UK, we’ll be in the US, the usual ports of call.”

And on the type of venues the band will be playing: “Some of the shows will be outside, but the ones in Europe will are gonna be inside and I think that’s very much a reaction to when we played last time, we did all outside shows. We played in the height of summer and compromised our production. We’d like to give Andi, our lighting guy a good crack of the whip of the production. Outdoor gigs can be great, but the sound can get diluted a bit. You miss the bass as well. Outside gigs can be the gigs, but you’re at the mercy of the elements and I think the record demands a space where the music is loud, strong and detailed.”

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  • end of February.. okay.. I’LL BE WAITING. (with a gun and a pack of sandwiches)

  • does this mean that they won’t tour the european mainland in 2012? we’ve got plenty of fans and venues in the netherlands too…

  • Any plans for Australia? Please! Please!

  • Who gives a fuck today is all about the roses!!!!

  • “(…)it’s not going to be like that this time. I guess it’s going to be predominantly from this record and the last record”

    A Radiohead tour it’s not worth anymore, I mean.. A band who won’t be playing their classics? WHAT THE HELL?!

    So glad I saw them in the IR tour.

  • give us 4 nights in a row at Glasgow Barrowlands? <3

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  • @bou_ke

    “the ones in Europe”

  • Nice to know they put thought into venues rather than just going “O2 Arena, yep, next.”

  • Are they ever going to come to Aussie? πŸ™
    I think it’s great they’re going to be doing more indoor gigs, it does give the music a lot more definition.

    If they do tour Aus I hope they play more than just the last two albums – don’t get me wrong TKOL was great (im not a massive fan of IR though), but it would be a shame if we didn’t get to hear RHs earlier stuff as well since they only ever tour here once in a blue moon.

  • It is seriously about time they came to Australia. I’ve waited so freakin’ long! They haven’t been since Hailt to the Thief and even then they cancelled their Melbourne show. Oh and I was fourteen and only new that Radiohead was that band that played Creep …

  • I love what Ed said about wanting to play indoor venues because TKOL is such a detail oriented record. I hope that means they want to play some ambient stuff like Amazing Sounds of Orgy or Treefingers. You certainly can’t play that outdoors.

    The downside of the indoor venues is less people get into the shows. I’d still be thrilled to see Radiohead with less than perfect sound in the rain with 20,000 other people like the Montreal IR tour date.

  • Well said ‘In Limbso’, can’t wait for these shows, and it’s so much better that they really want the shows to be good as well, sounds like we’ll all be in for a treat. Ed always seems to clarify things to do with the band very well.

  • Y’all, of course they’re going to play their “old” stuff. It’s only a natural thing for them to do. I think what Ed means (and this is obviously subjective) is that the set will be based in TKOL and IR with some older stuff. I think they love There, There too much to not play it. πŸ™‚
    I wish they would play somewhere in the Drrty South of USA, but they never seem to make that jump. If I can get a ticket, I’m sure I’ll be paying for roadtrip/airfare, as well.
    Good luck to all of us getting tickets!

  • I’m seriously nervous about getting tickets. I know they’re gonna sell out in seconds, and getting tickets for the In Rainbows tour seriously felt like a lottery. I pray I get tickets for this show, as TKOL is one of my favourites!


  • I think many of us wish hey would declared TKOL a great studio album that’s not a tour-kind of set, and not take another 18 months touring it, after which they’ll be all exhausted and take another year off, after which they’ll record new music. And instead just steam right into a new album, and then tour this spring on its release.

  • TKOL sounds awesome live. I keep listening to the NYC Roseland concert. Bloom and Little by Little are especially magnificent. I can’t wait to hear Separator and The Butcher.

    Dear band who is not reading this: Please tour with horns.

  • @In Limbso


    . . .

  • I think every member in the band is assigned to release certain style of information. They choose Ed to speak in a well guided, informative fashion, that being a fan like me is very thankful for that. Although Chieftan Mews annoys me sometimes with all the hints and mary-go-round style, but he must serve some kind of purpose, I guess…..

    Believe it or not, I was just thinking about the recording style of TKoL is more suited for indoor venues, Ed put it exactly right.

    Whewww….. I’m not even gonna think about 2012 concert ticket yet, I’m still recovering from the Roseland.. *_*

  • Think they’ll play Japan?

  • It seems that Radiohead can read my mind, those were my thoughts last night —

    You can’t sing Creeps if you don’t feel like a creep.
    You can’t sing How To Disappear Completely if you don’t feel like disappearing.

    You sing what you feel like, the quality of performance is there.

    Bravo to their decision on focusing last 2 albums, mature choices.


  • @wem
    your fucking lucky… this will be my first time seeing them

  • Agree with many people here on two levels.

    1. Please tour Australia. I’m a londoner who’s been fortunate to see the band many times since Glasto 97. However, I’m now in Melbourne and I’m greedy. They havent been here since 2004 I’m told and it’s about time.

    2. Please bring the horns along with you. If they want to do a different sounding tour, and focus on the intricacies of the sound, surely they have to being the brass. Bloom live is, IMO, a classic alongiside the very best they’ve achieved.

    That is all.

  • The prospect of seeing them indoors is very exciting! I’ve only seen them outdoors.

    I’m also fine with whatever they want to play and would love to hear the new (and newer!) stuff live, but I just hope, regardless of what they play, that they mix up the set list from night to night so it doesn’t become predictable.

    I also hope I can actually snag tickets. It’s hard enough getting them for their huge outdoor concerts…

  • canada, please!

  • Yes and stop in Edmonton!

  • Ed said about the last tour that “it felt very much like In Rainbows plus greatest hits and its not gonna be like that this time. it’s gonna be predominantly this record and the last record and see which songs fit around that.”

    Does anyone think that “this record” might be referring to one they are working on, and “the last one” being The King of Limbs?

    I just thought it seemed weird that he said It won’t be In Rainbows + Greatest hits and then said it will be In Rainbows + King of Limbs. The context made it sound like he was saying the setlist will be made of lots of beats and King of Limbs-like sounds, which is everything In Rainbows is not.

    I hope this means alot of Kid A and hopefully some Amnesiac b sides too. Backdrifts. Meeting In The Aisle? Packt Like Sardines. Something from The Eraser? I’d love to see Radiohead play The Hollow Earth. Colin would own that.

    I’m just saying I love The King of Limbs and I love electronic music and complicated rhythms so I’d be really happy to see an entire tour themed around the musical style of TKOL.

    In Rainbows and OK Computer are beautiful records but there is a whole other side to Radiohead and it would be so great to see them indulge in that for a year or two on tour, and then go back to making beautiful music that heals the world.

    it’s time to hang out in caves, not fields.

  • Interesting, lots of Down Under fans here…..

  • Australia for sure, but how about New Zealand? Come and visit the Finns, and play TKOL at the powerstation.

  • don’t care where they will play. Gonna watch them where ever is possible

  • I hope they visit The Netherlands also , I saw them in the Goffert park in Nijmegen , Please ?????????????

  • why do they never play any of the My Iron Lung Ep stuff?

  • @in limbso

    I’d say he’s talking about IR and TKOL, judging from the setlists at Glastonbury and Roseland. Also, since TKOL is 8 songs, they’d have to have at least 10-12 other songs to play. They probably don’t have that many new songs up their sleeves.

  • I’d like to see them in South korea.

  • @lovesick

    They used to play The Trickster in the 90s pretty often

  • yah yah yah….. wake me when they release the information of “number and location” of the concerts, I’ll have to see it to believe it…, until then, zzzzzzz……..

  • Fog, Up on a ladder, the old Reckoner!!! Oh and some covers of Texas Tornadoes, freddy Fender and Stevie Ray VAughn would rock too!!

  • @In Limbso, you make an excellent point about what “this album” could, in fact, mean. I had the same thought that he was saying the 2008 tour was “In Rainbows” + hits and then seemed to repeat himself when he said this should be a different tour with songs being played from “this album and the last.”

    Your explanation makes a lot more sense. I really, really hope you’re right.

  • If they get through a tour without playing the national anthem I would be stunned I don’t think i’ve ever seen a gig where they havent played that song! so of course there will be kid a stuff- it fits in with tkol. I can do without hearing stuff from the bends anyway.

  • What ed says about the songs making more sense live is a good point. I think thats the way lots of fans think – after watching the basement show I’ve seen the album in a new light.

  • @ In Limbso, I really hope they play Kid A + Amnesiac too! I TOTALLY agree that this record should be played inside. But where in LA will they play? I am so excited!!!!!

  • Play DETROIT! Lots of colored people like yer music.

  • DeToilet is music city, deserves Radiohead! πŸ˜€


  • I just hope they come to Brazil again this time, but I don’t really believe that. So, I’ll have to be prepared to travel to either the US or Europe…
    Radiohead in 2012. This will be AWESOME.

  • I still hope they do some Stevie Ray Vaughn and or Texas Tornado covers.

  • Come to Madison, Wisconsin!!!!

  • neto, you think RH can play badass blues rock like Stevie?

  • I think they could….not just like Stevie, but to hear RH sing “Texas Flood” would freaking rock!!!!

  • ON that note, I dont know why they dont come to Austin or San Antonio….:(

  • Now THAT IS BADASS musician!!!!! Stevie is AMAZING!!!!

    He produced lots of great music, do you like this song particularly?

    Do you live in Austin or San Antonio? Been to both, really liked Austin, until rich people from Texas all want to move to Austin. I used to live in Houston, people always compare Houston to another LA, except less trees and flatter. Have you been to Houston? I don’t know, I like LA better than Houston!

  • Yea i live in SA, but go to Austin a lot. Not a big fan of Houston and Dallas, just feel so disconnected and no soul…Austin and SA are the places to be in Texas!!

    Yea Stevie is the MAN!!! I wish the Radiohead would come to Austin or San Antonio….


  • I like you, netod, cause I feel exactly the same way about Houston and Dallas, although Houston does have some neat areas, still overall, not enough soul and culture. I moved out of Houston years ago without a blink of an eye.


  • Has Radiohead ever had concert in Austin or San Antonio?

  • They played Austin back in 1996 or so with REM, but since then nada, they go to Houston and Dallas, the two dirtiest, crookedest, crime infested, polluted cities in the nation…but they dont come to good ‘ol San Antonio or Austin where everyone rides bicycles…WTF?

  • Oh please play in my city in my state. Selfish bitches!!!


  • @ Amnesiac What?

    This is when I “scratch” my head whenever you beat the drum on touring, but then you take a U-turn going back to not wanting them to tour. Being a fan, “touring” means Radiohead goes to “visit/meet” with their fans, right? So now you wish them not to go visit your town? No wonder Radiohead keeps themselves busy on “railing the injustice”. ><

  • railing against* the injustice.

  • @ neto

    Exactly! WTF? I don’t get Radiohead. ><

  • Kind of an odd picture to go with the subject?

  • When Radiohead tours they miss so many “true fans”.
    I live in Los Angeles so I am NEVER missed.
    That’s the thing though. I want them to make an album so that we all can enjoy their music.
    A tour skips so many people and, as Thom would babble about,
    create a carbon footprint that is “taxable by the poor”. So no, I do not want a tour. I want music.
    We all get new music or just a VERY SMALL amount of fans get to see them. ITS UNFAIR.

  • **** I do not want a tour. I want music. ****

    I will mark your words here.

    Sure…, and also “restrict” in digital form, right??

    Yup! mind fucking confirmed!

    ps. thanks for your concerns for “other fans”

  • From one true fan to another. You’re welcome.

    Restrict in digital form???
    What are you talking about….weirdo.

  • Yah yah yah… my bad! my bad! I mistaken you as another fan from another RH fansite.

    Oh… thx for your compliment, weirdo.

  • again, you’re welcome.

  • weirdo

  • im a creep

  • …. and i’m a weirdo

    news are slow these days at AtEase?

  • What the hell am I doing here?

  • Whatever makes you happy
    Whatever you want

  • They should came to Portugal… haven’t been here since… 2002!!!!! 😐 That’s a lot of time!!! πŸ™

  • ….”Oh, what a tangle ‘web’ we weave when we selfishly ask for the tour to visit me.”

    Its a lot of time between albums……

  • **** Yea Stevie is the MAN!!! ****

    You bet!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Come to portland or seattle, goddamnit!

  • Did anyone else receive a free TKOL RMX 1234567 Vinyl box? it is a hardboard box that keeps all 7 12″ remix’s
    it also carries a note saying that its 1 of only 500 made???
    It came through the post absolutely free on thursday of last week.

  • When mephistophilis is above me and he’s reaching out to sell me a 1 in 500 copy…..

    This is one for the good ol’ days and I have it all here at atease…

  • @Amnesiac What?
    Im sure you will find someone who is willing to sell you one, unfortunately im a massive collector and fan.
    ;-( sorry
    If you bought all of your 12″ Remix from WASTE you may still get one sent through the post πŸ™‚

  • I don’t want one. I can’t even stand listening to it on youtube.

  • Awesome. It’s about time they played an indoor gig in the uk after a good 5 year break. Looking forward to it as i’ve only had the pleasure of seeing them in the outdoors every time. Fingers crossed for Birmingham or Wolves Civic.

  • Please
    Come to Southamerica, we always are listening all your music

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