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Radiohead announce first leg of 2012 tour

Radiohead have just announced the firs leg of the 2012 tour. For now the USA dates have been made available for February/March next year.

First tickets will go on sale this Wednesday (Nov. 9) via WASTE. General on sale date will be on Saturday (Nov. 12, the Tampa date will go sale a week later (Nov. 19).

Here are the dates:

27th Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
29th Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum

1st Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
3rd Houston, TX Toyota Center
5th Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
7th Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
9th St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
11th Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
13th Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center
15th Glendale, AZ Arena

Confirmed Radiohead 2012 Tour Dates.

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  • Cool, hopefully the UK will be announced soon! Although with them alluding to taking breaks inbetween the stages of the tour they might be in some weeks if they tour here in the summer/autumn.

  • Scandinavia, please.

  • 10 shows in 16 days – I don’t remember the last time they had such a tough tour schedule…

  • Austin!!! Its been like 15 years!!!

  • omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
    When will they announce the northeast?!?!!? EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!

  • no California yet.. okay that gives me more time to save more money hah

  • I hipe they take off april and may cause I’ll have f-ing lacrosse six days a week. sorry for being selfish

  • did i say ‘hipe’? i meant hope

  • Suck it up Aw…don’t be a pussy

  • I’m surprised, but thrilled, that they love Florida so much. West Palm and Tampa (where I’m at) in 2008 and Miami and Tampa this tour, amazing!!!

  • ^ also meant to say no other good bands make it this far south…

  • are tickets cheaper via waste? i want to see them in colorado but tickets are 70.00.

  • waste isn’t cheaper(maybe a few pennies more or less), but if there are assigned seats or a pit you’ll do a lot better off with waste.

    so my question is.. what if they just do these dates and then start heading south to south america,,return to europe for summer and come back to the US for the rest in fall 2012… if i knew that answer I would fly to AZ from CA to see a show.

  • I believe I heard Ed say on Radio1 last week that it’s the US, UK, Europe and Japan. I could be wrong, but that show is still available on Radio1 is you want to listen – he’s in the 2nd hour.

    I’m just psyched they’re playing Atlanta! I live in Mississippi, so ATL is a MUCH easier drive than DFW. Fingers crossed WASTE comes through for me.

    With that said, this is only 2 or so weeks of the tour. I’m thinking they’ll post in waves, and that not all of the US tour has been announced. There was a rumor a couple of months ago that they’re slated to play Coachella. That’s in April and the schedule thus far is only through mid-March. So, fingers crossed…

    Good luck to everyone on Wednesday! πŸ™‚

  • Any idea what time the tickets go on sale on Wednesday or how waste presales work? Wasn’t sure if we should go to or to the waste website and tour tab?

    I’m really hoping that I won’t have to buy from a scalper but if I must then I will. sigh.

  • Little question, what does one have to do to be able to buy tickets through waste?

    Thanks in advance.

  • don’t forget the blue states boys!

  • Nothing. Just sign up for a free waste account at
    This way you won’t have to go through the whole thing when tickets pop up.
    Tickets seem to always go on sale around the same time, but i forgot what it was. Its something crazy early Pacific Time. Like 4am. Does that sound right?

  • canada PLEASE!

  • come to Turkey please

  • It has been 18 years. Come to Russia finally. Damn it.

  • Anyone know what time they go on sale via WASTE? It just says am EST from what I can see, no time.

  • Oh I see we’re just not sure when they go up. I guess I’ll be up all night checking the site!

  • The patterns full
    secrets to be told
    secrets to be told.

  • So Radiohead will be in Austin during SXSW!! i wonder if they will be playing somewhere!!!!!

  • What time on Wednesday for the W.A.S.T.E. PRESALE? Preparing like a boyscout…

  • yeeeeee haaaaaaaa

  • @Shockadow

    I’m already looking up distances from my house to ATL and St. Louis as well as hotels in the area. Nothing wrong with preparing! πŸ˜€

  • I’m pretty sure it’s the pot is full, let me take control…

  • Really unbelievable that they would tour in the states before Europe or even just the UK + Ireland. We STILL havent even got the “From the Basement” set over here!!

  • meh patience….at least you dont have to drive 10 hours to see your fav band. If you live in El Paso Tx, Cali is close than Dallas or Austin Tx.

  • do think these will be the only US dates?

  • The only place is worth flying to for Radiohead right now, not Atlanta, not Houston, not even NY, is LA, simple as that!!

  • Last time I got seats from Waste, it was the 200s and lousy sound, especially with the two witches screaming at the top of their lungs and the dimwit drunkard nearby shouting “whoo” every song. Obnoxious fans ruin concerts. Anyway, I’ll never buy another seated seat from Waste, as opposed to standing section seats.

  • Living in Australia, pretty much resigned to the fact that they’ll never come here again. Feel sorry for all you guys who have to actually *wait* for a show in your town, or near your town, or far away from your town, or even in your country!

    And yet…I have no reason to be upset. That band still rocks my world.

  • @meh

    Try this for the TKOL From the Basement. It’s got Japanese subtitles, but it doesn’t interfere with the music. I didn’t get a chance to watch it when the band posted it on their YouTube channel, so I had to find other means…


  • @Muldfeld :

    it happened the same to me . . . waste sold me really bad seats , really bad . . . . but what can I do , risk myself to not getting tickets at all ?

    it’s a hard situation to decide . i will probably ( even when I am financially destroyed ) will ( try ) to buy tickets on th e9th and the 12 th , and just sell ( not an asshole expensive resale but just to friends who need them ) the ones I dont use . THAT IF I GET TICKETS AT ALL …..

    now . . . just an example for bands , what MOGWAI did this tour , is a path to follow , they sent an e-mail to you that are already a fan and they have your e-mail address , offering tickets on the pre-sale . That s a very nice move to copy from bands I guess .

    anyway . with all this . the tour is here , and no doubt ( even when the miami’s venue is the worst in the world ) that we have something beautiful coming to our ears and heart .

    love U all and if you have any doubt , yes , live after death exists , you can be happy about it , just mentioning ………..

    important ps : there are lot of things to do to get this tickets shit better , and not because of a personal convenience but just as an example , they can ( at least ) offer tickets first to the people who invested in the newspaper edition . I think people who love the band and the music for real should really be rewarded , just saying . . . .

  • @netdo sxsw music is the following week during spring break so it’s unlikely they’ll still be around.

    for those that have bought tickets via waste you get to pick your seats or do they just give you random ones? i’m determined to get floor seats but if they’re dont offer those during the presale it wont be worth my time/anxiety.

  • when i did they gave to me the seats [ ps : no good at all ] , no choice on my side . but i dont remember if the floor section was available , really not sure , don t remember .

  • Guys, what does the “am EST” message stand for? I mean, in terms of time, what should I consider tomorrow when I try to buy some tickets? I just don’t want to “show up” there at waste one hour later and miss the pre-sale.


  • it means you sit at your computer all morning and click refresh every 30 seconds. they’re not going to give an official time but i would guess somewhere around 10am est – that is purely a guess though

  • @sarah and Radiofuckinhead Brazil

    sadly it is exactly what that means . sarah is 100 % right .

    one of those things that should change in the future when this world gets better , and radiohead seems to be all up for a better world , would be nice if they start to re-think the ” esclavos de la pre-venta ” kind of situation , even when is better than no-tickets at all as i said b4 .

  • just out of curiosity…what cities are people buying tickets to? since they haven’t announced the rest of the tour i’m just wondering if a lot of people will be traveling or holding out to see if they come to their city.

    i might have an anxiety attack if i’m not able to get floor seats…last time i saw radiohead was in 2008 and i was too poor to buy anything other than general admission lawn tickets. not this time!

  • i am going [ keeping positive ] miami and tampa .

    and i hope sarah i get a general/admission/lawn in my case , since i think works better for the miami ‘s worst venue chosen .

  • and agin , pls , i am very happy and not trying to be negative , but why to chose miami airlines arena ? !? ! is so cold , being so many beautiful theaters and venues in miami that are worm , beautiful , big enough and with a great acoustic for a fantastic TKOL tour .

    i really don t understand , i wish they would had consulted me [ lmfao ] , the venue chosen only speaks about money and revenue on my understanding , and that hurts .

  • @P,
    I so agree with you, Radiohead can improve to minimize the anxiety (like, who needs more, right? :P) given to their fans, by simply email true fan members (those are the ones who follow their moves every day) with more detailed & tangible info. that DOESN’T share with others.., at least fans have something to fall back on, sleep better at night, right?

  • I’ve posted a lot on this thread, so sorry y’all…lol.

    @sarah – I’m shooting for St. Louis. I live in Mississippi and I have friends that are RH fans in Chicago, so it just seems like a nice in-between place. Also, it seems as if most of the venues are for GA, so it’s gonna be first come, first served. I have every intention of being in line LOOOOOOONG before the doors open (if I manage to get tickets, that is.)

  • So, which web page should I be refreshing all night, the Radiohead tour dates page, or the Waste Tickets page? I REALLY want to make sure I get all this right, I screwed up last time and got some bad seats. πŸ™

  • @true fan

    We’re all “true fans”, yes? Just because one person is more active in watching their every moves and the other does not doesn’t mean that the one that isn’t as active with the band isn’t a “true fan”. I think your opinion is skewed and a bit offensive, tbh. As for the whole emailing “true fans”, that’s just ridonkolous. It’s all or nothing. Someone posted earlier about “they should let those that ordered the Newspaper Album have first pick at tix”, which is just as ridiculous as what you’ve posed. I don’t have a record player nor do I collect such things, so it would be stupid for me to buy such a thing, right? So would something like that make me not a “true fan”? I realize that I’m singling you out, but that’s not my intention. I’ve seen a lot of RH fanbois here, on other blogs, and on YouTube tout that RH is the best (I agree) and is shit because they’re not like RH. And y’all, we just got to stop with that. For realsies.

  • *…that RH is the best (I agree) and [insert other band] is shit because…

  • @ Chrissa

    1) sorry, i’m foreign, what’s “For realsies”?
    2) that post was meant to be directed to “P”, sorry if you feel offended.
    3) i’ve stopped listening to RH for months, their cryptic lyrics burn my brain out, i started to listen to Fleming Lips.


  • LOL! Look, no harm, no foul. You didn’t offend me, I just meant that it COULD come off as offensive to someone else. It takes quite a bit to offend me, I assure you.

    I realize that post was meant for someone else, and maybe I should’ve pointed that out too, but yours was the last so that’s why it was directed at you. But surely you understand my logic behind such a crazy thing, right? It’s impossible to do.

    For realsies = for real. I just put a little spin on it. πŸ˜‰

    And FTR, I’m a “new” fan. Just got into them before TKOL came out. And I have absolutely NO excuse because I was in high school when OK Computer came out and ALL of my friends were into them. Now they’re all like, “WTF! We TOLD you they were awesome.” LOL!

  • chrissa i agree with you as well . buying special editions and following day by day radiohead doens’t mean you are a true fan . i truly agree even when ” i think ” i didn t referred to those people as ” true fans ” , but i still think that if you do that maybe you should had an extra chance , not because you are ” better ” or ” a true fan ” or nothing like that , but it would be a nice way to reach people that are strongly interested in the band , that s all .

    and when i said receiving an e-mail from mogwai i never referred [ if you read my comment ] to those people as true fans , i just say they email me just because i was on their mailing list as i signed on their web page because i love mogwai .

    i really don t want to keep this conversation going on my side , but i answered to you becaused i truly dont want U to think that i discriminate people that dont buy special editions or follow day by day the band . I truly DONT . It was just another way of reaching people who love the band and deserve an xtra possibility for being there . just to avoid the crazyness of pre-sale a little bit .

    super xtra peace and love to all

  • y’all are funny. i’ve been a fan for 10+ years and considering that i was 6? when the first album came out i claim nothing knowing that there are people out there who have been following them from day one. my fear is just that some rich high school kid will get their parents to buy them a floor ticket and i’ll get screwed. i’m buying for austin, possibly houston and both of those shows are assigned seating since they’re indoor venues. i’m not thrilled with either place but it’s better than nothing. last time i saw them was in 2008 and i had to wait forever to get that chance and i’ve been waiting impatiently ever since. let’s hope the scalpers get screwed more than the fans on this one!

  • Next stop: Europe, NL, Amsterdam AND Arnhem. I hope.

  • @p

    Dude, we cool. I understand what you’re saying, and, you know, they could’ve easily done the email thing too with everyone that’s already signed up with w.a.s.t.e., but they didn’t, and there you go. And about the special thingys that they sell, that wasn’t pointed at you – someone above you in the comments had posted that. πŸ™‚


    Yeah, I know. I’m trolling like a summama bitch. My bad. LOL! But I agree with you about the folks trying to get tickets that aren’t necessarily “fans” or worse, scalpers. I’ve never bought through w.a.s.t.e. so I don’t know if they show what your seats are once you get them, but if they do and they’re crap, you could always try for the general sale on Saturday! πŸ™‚

  • **** It’s all or nothing ****

    Uhhh…… shouldn’t “Full Throttle” applies mutually? ^_~

  • I’ll try Miami and Tampa. Those are the closest for me.

  • And to all who replied, thanks a lot!

  • very happy in south Florida. πŸ™‚

  • @Chrissa

    haha aren’t we all? i figure if you’re on this site in the first place that’s a good sign. looks like lots of floridians here! maybe someone will know the answer to this but my other concern about the presale v. general sale is the ticket limit. i’m buying 4 tickets for me and my friends unless the limit for the presale is 2 (which i’m guessing it is). if that’s the case though i’m worried that if i buy 2 and then buy 4 more through the regular sale they’ll cancel both of my orders. i’m not sure if waste is connected to the other ticketing services but i know ours says if you try and buy more than 4 they’ll verify it against your name, credit card, address, phone # and email and if you do get more than the limit they’ll cancel everything. does that apply to waste too?

  • poo. come to australia, we don’t produce as much pollution as America, why give them the special treatment every tour?

    seriously… no tour, the albums keep getting worse and the good songs keep getting ditched… i’m slowly becoming less of a fan.

    R.I.P Radiohead
    1992 – 2004

  • @come to australia

    maybe “they” read posts like yours and think “no one there likes us so why bother”

  • Hope the Northeast Tours are delayed about 4 or 5 months so we can get them at an outdoor venue! I hate to wait but I hate seeing good bands sound like shit in basketball arenas.

  • Errr… American Airlines Arena in Miami, is virtually identical to every other major sports arena in the country…. Not sure why everyone is putting it down. It’s no better or worse than any other venue currently booked on Radiohead’s tour.

  • Reverse engines…. I’ve been to loads of gigs in basketball arenas…. Some sound great… others like crap. Just depends on your proximity to the speakers, and how well the sound engineers are with the mixing.

  • @come to australia… Thom hates Nicole Kidman, Paul Hogan, and the Wiggles. That’s why.

  • Is this what I should be refreshing like crazy?

  • Amanda,

    Probably this:

  • Thanks so much guys.

    I hope they’re not will call cause if I end up with Atlanta tickets and they announce northeast dates… I’m in VA.

    Hmmm. I could go to more than one show I suppose, haha.

  • Everyone complaining about having to stay up all night is obviously not a true fan. True fans took off work tomorrow in anticipation that they’d be up all night refreshing – or still go to work tomorrow and will do so on no sleep. I, for one, make an event out of this night for every tour. We look forward to it. It’s exciting! Have fun with it.

  • I’m kinda lucky I work at home online until 3am so I’m used to going to bed at like 4 in the morning. Not too much of a stretch for me.

  • Plus I’m right at the computer anyway.

  • Anyone here trying for Kansas City tickets?

  • I’m here for TX tickets. Do you think they’ll go on sale around 7AM central time? I need to set an alarm so I can get some sleep

  • Is everyone on the W.a.s.t.e. ticket page, or the Radiohead tour page? I’m guessing it’ll pop up all the same.

  • Apparently the Roseland shows were NOT on W.a.s.t.e

    most people are saying the RH tour page

  • Good to know!

  • can’t believe the good song Wake Me didnt get recorded

  • GOT. THEM.

  • Hi guys! Got them too. See you in Miami/Tampa!

  • Well I missed Atlanta tickets cause I was checking w.a.s.t.e.

  • I got 2 Atlanta tickets, but they say GA Standing, does this mean they are pit tickets?

    The last Atlanta tickets I got via w.a.s.t.e. in ’08 ultimately ended up as # seats when they showed up in the mail, although that was at the Amphitheater… Also, unlike the last Atlanta show, these are will call and won’t be mailed…

  • Got 4 pit for broomfield. Took some time getting through, started at 612am got at 630am. Going to Radiohead!

  • My browser says “no items in basket”. Trying to purchase tickets for Austin. =\

  • Got 2 for glendale. Damn they went quick. Good luck everyone!

  • What time did they go on sale?

  • They went on sale around 6:30ish CST. I got 2 GA for St. Louis! PSYCHED! Anyone else for StL?

  • looks like they are selling againg right now? for austin?

  • I’m guessing that “no items in cart” = “sold out” for now.

  • Hopefully summer in the UK, which means Glasgow Green in the rain, just like 2008, magical night, bring it on !

  • Wouldn’t let me add more than 1 for Miami. + 1 though.

  • Got to choose 4 floor then page could not be displayed!!!!!

  • @netod. I’ve had that happen before. That means they were gone before you clicked on them. You’ve got to click faster! j/k

  • I got two reserved seats (I like sitting) for STL. I rolled out of bed around 6:25am CST and went straight for my computer. “Buy Tickets Now” was waiting for me. There’s an extra spring in my step today!

  • Fuck!!! now only reserved seats and page could not be displayed, fuck it, gonna wait till the 12th.

  • @AT, I’m glad you got seats this time around. In 08 I was the one that got Pit tixs in Atl and this time I missed out.

  • well, officially sold out now. i spent about 3 hours trying. got through twice on houston to be told there were 0 tickets available. never got through on austin. meh.

  • I had my alarm clock going off every hour all night long checking for the tickets ON W.A.S.T.E. RADIOHEAD SAID THEY’D BE ON W.A.S.T.E NOT ON THAT TOUR DATES WEBPAGE. What? They couldn’t be bothered to give any fucking instructions, because they assumed enough people would find them anyway? God it makes me so sick that I’m considering not even buying tickets on the 12th.

  • I got lucky…scored two Tampa tickets and bought two more ten minutes later! Surprised I was able to get the second pair…is Tampa sleeping? Oh I bought these from San Francisco which means I was up around 4:30 a.m.

  • There are plenty on ebay already, WTF?

  • How are they on eBay already? Assigned seats in Tampa? Presale was all GA from what I could tell. Fellow fans be weary of eBay sellers especially since tickets are will call!

  • Money Grabbin ________________( fill in the blanks )

  • Got them!! I think the tickets are in the Floor Pit!!!

  • Tickets popped up at 7:05 am est for me. Purchased right away, only to get an error page. I desperately pushed the back button and submitted again, and thank god it worked! Floor seats! See everyone at will call in Tampa!

  • How likely do you guys think it is that they announce more dates before this batch goes on sale Saturday?

  • @Amanda, I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance.

  • I’m hoping for the Northeast tour announcement beforehand. Otherwise I’m gonna shell out the dough for two shows. Ha.

  • Got my one ticket to Broomfield! It was like being in hell for 15 minutes because I couldn’t get through to the last part. I thought they had sold out entirely, but miraculously I got GA floor tickets. My allnighter was rewarded handsomely. Now for the planning and saving part. Huzzah!

  • Yea i am going to sell tickets on ebay for 500.00 bucks and say ” meet me at will call” haha….fucking scalpers suck ass freaking capitalism at its best fuck them all to hell!!!

  • […] […]

  • I got tickets! Hope everyone else was as lucky as I was. See you in Austin!

  • I bought an extra for the Atlanta show in case i need to trade, or for someone to hold a spot for me in the queue. Fans help fans. Assholes scalp tickets.

  • Conduit9–You rock,

  • got 4 tickets to the tampa show but doesn’t look like i’m going to be able to make it :'( is there any way i can return them or sell them at face value, not looking at scalping these tix, would just like to get my money back and make another rh fan’s day if they missed out on tix for tampa…

  • Goddamn i need them to come to seattle or portland.

  • Who’s going to the Miami Show???

  • @Jennie
    Hopefully I will be there too, driving up from San Antonio!!

  • I’m scottish!!

  • $1500?? There is a special place in hell for scalpers. Greedy bastards!!

  • Just sayin’, but their music since Hail To The Thief has been absolute sh*t, except for a few songs her and there. And I’ve been a fan since the early 90’s., even saw them at their famous 1996 Avalon show in Boston.So if as Johnny says they will be basing their tour around music their last two albums, I will not be enthusiastically attending. And I’ve been a big fan since the 1990’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there, but F*ck all their current tecno shit: my 12 year old can do a better job on her synthesizer/keyboard.Maybe I’ll get her a drum machine for Christmas. Where did they put their guitars? Do we need to sit through 15 crap songs just to hear 1 or 2 good ones? Just sayin’. Flame if you want, but I’m coming from where you are… I say, OCCUPY RADIOHEAD!!!!!

  • In case anyone’s reading this, there’s been a presale all day. I never thought to come here and post it. >_< All's left is Tampa. As long as there's a button that says BUY TICKETS – keep trying! Once the listing has been removed, there are no more tickets. Here's the link:

    Good luck!!! πŸ™‚

  • they just a holiday to miami then they will start to record better lol
    What songs do you want them to play anyway?

  • At like 10:00:05 I scored upper level tickets for Atlanta.


    I may end up having an extra. No scalpies.


  • Looks as though first leg of the tour is sold out! Ticketmaster is saying so at least. Cray cray.

  • @St. Peter-

    Howabout you spare everyone & dont buy tickets, since you are stuck in an era & they have “graduated” from that era. I understand you are entitled to your opinion…good or bad, but no sense in buying a ticket & taking away the opportunity from someone who appreciates the work they put out. Besides, youll just be miserable during the whole performance right? Being a fan since “the early 90’s doesnt make you anymore of a fan than someone who discovered them this year btw.
    From MPLS here- I will be seeing you guys in KC MO in march. It hasn’t hit me yet how excited I should be- too far away

  • i’m pissed the f off. tried to get tickets for the houston show. seats all bought up by scalpers or second hand retailers. normal ticket price is 45-100. it’s not cool. we are now going to have to pay over 300 for the tickets we want because of these shitbags.

  • @blot

    I checked this morning and Dallas had tickets if you purchase one by one. Better than paying scalpers, right? I have to travel 8 hours to see them in St. Louis – I’m totally not complaining. It’s a mini-vacay! πŸ™‚ Good luck trying to find some tickets!

  • @St. Peter


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