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Jonny Greenwood To Score Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Master’

Jonny Greenwood has another film score coming up. The Radiohead guitarist is working with director Paul Thomas Anderson again for new movie, The Master.

Cigarettes & Red Vines posted a tweet from Oliver Weindling, founder of the British label Babel, saying: “Zed-U recorded part of soundtrack for Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead last week. Film (by Paul Thomas Anderson) to appear in 2013.” Zed-U are a British jazz group and are apparently recording Jonny’s music.

Here’s a clip from Zed-U:

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    also, FIRST!

  • Jonny Greenwood should make a solo guitar album as well.

  • @ Mark: I can’t belive he hasn’t done one already! I guess as far as solo stuff, he has Bodysong, and all of his film scores. There’s also a video of him playing Steve Reich’s ‘Electric Counterpoint’ on youtube which is awesome. But still, solo guitar album would be amazing.

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