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Thom Yorke DJs for Occupy protesters in London

Thom Yorke DJs for Occupy protesters in London

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke did a DJ set last night at the UBS Building in London to thank the Occupy protesters.

Radiohead didn’t show up after the heavily rumoured appearance at Occopy Wall Street in New York, last September. The organisers were misled and the band didn’t even plan to go, but this time Thom Yorke showed up for the London Occupy protesters.

The protesters have been camping outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Thom Yorke played a DJ set to “thank” the Occupy London activists who have been protesting against cuts, saying ordinary people should not pay for the financial crisis.

The Independent reports, Thom Yorke joined 3D of Massive Attack to perform to about 100 people at the secret gig in the basement of the “Bank of Ideas”, an abandoned office block in Hackney, east London, owned by the Swiss bank UBS. Posters with slogans such as “Save our squatters” and “Big Sister is watching you” adorned the walls of the room, which was decorated to look like an office Christmas party. Neither musician spoke to the audience, but clapped the crowd as they applauded at the end of the 90-minute set.

Campaigners have camped in the courtyard of St Paul’s since 15 October. They also occupy Finsbury Square in Islington, north London, as well as the building where last night’s event was held. Playwright Alan Bennett and designer Vivienne Westwood have visited them at St Paul’s.

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  • Dollars and cents
    pounds and pence
    we’re gonna crack your little skulls
    we’re gonna snatch your little souls

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  • «…but I don’t like it when he Dj’s» Heehee.. just kiddin’ ;-P

  • Thom looks scunnered

  • Thom looks sick

  • but he’s not.

  • supporting an important movement, thank you, Thom

  • That is so fraking cool! I love you, Thom, for supporting the movement.

  • @brttrdmkr I hope he DID play dollars and cents RH predicted the recession/credit crunch/euro diaster almost a DECADE before it happened!

  • Thom says we shouldn’t have to pay for the bail outs
    but is helping all of us to pay for carbon credits.
    A contradiction in terms……..

  • I like the video post. It adds a nice dimension to your blog. Have a blast this wekneed and travel safe. Can’t wait to see the pics from the seminar. 80 and sunshine yeah baby!!!! That is rockin’ my rock of love world.

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