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From The Basement Bonus: Radiohead – Supercollider

From The Basement Bonus: Radiohead – Supercollider

Radiohead’s DVD The King Of Limbs – From The Basement is out now. The DVD features bonus track Supercollider.

The track was released on Record Store Day and also record for their From The Basement session. The band did not include the song in TV broadcasts, but the song is included on the DVD. Watch the recording below.

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  • I miss OK Computer 🙁

  • […] to a previously unreleased performance of the the non-album track “Supercollider”. As At Ease points out, the audio from said “Supercollider” performance has made its way online, […]

  • george you are a cunt

  • > no video
    > just audio
    > on their worst album to date
    > way to squeeze your fans radiohead
    > fail

  • everyone has an opinion, have you smelled your asshole today?

  • Maybe the mixer in their studio is junk….
    This album live is at least 20% better than recorded.
    What happened in the studio that day?
    Did the flow monster come and take away their mojo?
    I don’t know.
    But here you have another good sounding song(not the greatest) but more decent.
    You are not alone…..

  • Adriaan, are you crazy? How come there is not video? The DVD has THE VIDEO of them playing Supercollider! Please, correct the info, this is Atease FFS, how come you post wrong info? btw, The DVD is AMAZING, so well done and this song is bliss.

  • Thanks for correcting this, Liza. I’m hoping to order the DVD and Blu Ray after the holidays to keep my credit card bill low and was having doubts as to how good a release this was and how misleading a band Radiohead would be if they only had audio for Supercollider. Adriaan’s taking his lead on quality control from his crappy, bullying mods and admins, clearly.

  • Heres the actual video

  • Better quality on my Facebook video…

  • To those of you still dreaming about OK Computer & In Rainbows, please come back here until 2017 in order for another 1 0 years to pass by instead of the endless whining.

    Until then, I apologize that you have not understood the mastery behind crafting TKOL.

  • I’d say the majority really dig King of Limbs, I adore the king of limbs, there are always a select few who tend to whine or troll about it for kicks on forums, but I enjoy listening to it walking around the city and think its the most ambient and atmospheric radiohead album yet. Codex is my favourite song of all time.

    To My Apologies:

    There are a hundred times more radiohead fans who don’t post on the net who really dig the album and their has always been some whinging even since Kid A era. I would say most listened to the album once or twice, formed an opinion and never even soaked the music up properly anyway.

    As for Supercollider, the video is on the DVD apparently and i will purchase it probably after christmas.

  • Greoge, move on man!!!!

  • I stand corrected. Sorry.

  • while I love TKOL, Supercollider does nothing for me. There’s a reason it didn’t make the album.

  • […] Vía At Ease. […]

  • George, really: move on!

  • And btw great song!!!

  • The live version is better than the studio one. I don’t know where did they recorded supercollider, but it has a very poor production, very different from the rest of the king of limbs.

  • supercollider, especially the live version, is awesome! if u dont like it, you’re on crack

  • Loving the live version bigtime!!

  • I am confused. If I buy the new dvd off the Radiohead website, does the free download work right away? Has anyone bought the dvd and got the link to the free download?

  • Along with Lotus Flower, Supercollider is the best thing to come out of the KOL sessions. Down is the New Up was similarly given short shrift from the In Rainbows sessions when it was superior to most of the other tracks. I clearly don’t see eye to eye with Radiohead when it comes to how we rate their tunes.

  • @ brttrdmkr: put down the crack pipe and listen to TKOL on good quaility headphones with an open mind. worst album to date? You really think Pablo Honey is better thnan TKOL? What the hell is wrong with you people?

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