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Radiohead set to release The Daily Mail and Staircase December 19

Radiohead set to release The Daily Mail and Staircase December 19

Radiohead will be releasing the tracks The Daily Mail and Staircase next week. The two tracks surfaced on new music service

The Daily Mail and Staircase were recorded during The King Of Limbs sessions, but did not end up on Radiohead’s latest album. Both tracks were included in this year’s live performances, as well as their upcoming DVD The King Of Limbs – From The Basement.

Now, new French based music service (comparable to Spotify) are rolling out their services in 200 countries in the coming months (still no USA or Japan though) and a new Radiohead single surfaced, entitled, ‘The Daily Mail & Staircase’. Cover art is included, except the tracks don’t stream till the release date: December 19.

The Daily Mail is 3:37 long and the Staircase runs for 4:31, both versions are taken from the From The Basement sessions.

Update: has the single online as well now, listed for $1.98 with the same release date.

Update 2: The songs are now added to the official King Of Limbs store. Pre-order wave files for £ 2.49 and mp3s for £ 1.50

Here are The Daily Mail and Staircase from Radiohead’s From The Basement session:

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  • i love when sperm flies out of a tree

  • How on earth did these not make the album? Daily Mail is just amazing. Staircase is solid. Better than most tracks on TKOL.

  • dare i post a positive comment where most ppl who will read it are cynical assholes.. ah forget it

  • A damn shame these didn’t make the album. As it currently stands, TKOL is not one of the band’s best efforts but if they’d included other songs it might have been a solid record. Personally, I’d have favoured this tracklisting;

    1. Supercollider
    2. The Daily Mail
    3. Little By Little
    4. The Butcher
    5. Lotus Flower
    6. Staircase
    7. Codex
    8. Give Up The Ghost
    9. Separator

  • Same date as the DVD are these the live versions that are being released or studio?

  • Im surprised this has been added to the news section without further investigation. Sorry to break it to you guys but these are just the FTB recordings. They are exactly the same in length.

    Either that or a massive coincidence.

  • […] sessions, are reported to be released December 19th on new music streaming service, as At East points out. Both tracks were previously debuted live during the band’s in-studio […]

  • JD. It’s a digital release, with its own cover. The fact that they have the same length could clear it up then: they’re releasing the FTB-versions as a 2-track single.

  • […] via TheKingofLimbs Part2 / AtEase […]

  • @ richey.. that would of been the ultimate tkol tracklisting.. in my opinion, if that was the case, it would of been the best radiohead record.. regardless, atleast we still have all those songs to listen to

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  • Radiohead does not want to make full albums.
    They want to write more songs than on an album
    but put them on more than one record.
    Oh. Did I mention that they are more than happy to sell them for a HUGE PROFIT.
    Because of this we all must consider fleecing their fans for extra cash.
    This cannot be denied that something profitable is going on.
    This is getting stranger and stranger by the post.

  • I wish Staircase was written softer like Codex or The Daily Mail.
    The over drumming on this song just is havoc compared to the acoustic version.
    I wonder if you add up all the pricing of the songs(excluding the remixes) how much it would cost to pay for all these tree branches?

  • Its interesting that Thom sings about keeping his prices down and then charges you AGAIN for two songs that could of clearly made the album.
    A little ironic don’t you think?

  • I failed to mention if you want the butcher you will have to buy another CD. Wow. I need to go and lie down. My head is starting to spin.
    Radiohead NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • And artist are upset that we rip their music for free. Really?
    Maybe in the next few months we get to buy another CD from Atoms for Peace.

  • I really hope this doesn’t mean the band won’t release proper studio versions. “Staircase” actually sounded better on “Saturday Night Live” because Thom’s vocals were more melodic. Don’t give up, guys!

  • amnesiac what, really?
    OMG radiohead are charging us for records!! and releasing singles!!
    is this whiny entitlement shit what comes from them giving away in rainbows? just go download a torrent of it, or rapidshare, or one of the million ways you could pirate the release and shut up.

  • Amnesiac what. you should listen to graves.. please shut up

  • Amnesiac What,

    Your argument that Radiohead is fleecing their fans for extra cash only holds if buying the record is the only way to obtain the music. Obviously this isn’t the case, since most people will just download it for free online, and Radiohead surely knows this. I’ve never heard Radiohead voice unhappiness at file-sharing (if anything it’s usually the opposite).

    And seriously, do you really think that the band deliberately withheld the tracks from TKOL just to make some extra money off their fans? Really? I think their artistic integrity deserves some more credit than that at this point.

  • […] it up to Radiohead to see that we have ourselves a Merry Christmas. The Radiohead fansite, At Ease, has pointed out the band will be releasing two songs, “The Daily Mail” and […]

  • i wish i could get both these tracks on vinyl

  • Shame they are live.

  • Whatever happened to quality control with this band, and the studio perfectionists who wrote and recorded OK Computer and Kid A?

  • […] Christmas has come early for Radiohead fans. Who said blackmailing Thom Yorker wouldn’t get me what I wanted? 2 songs that have been played live before and both featured on the Live From The Basement: The King of Limbs recording (out in time for Christmas) are reportedly going to be out as full studio versions as well (via At Ease). […]

  • Listen to these samples. I can hear some differences from the FTB session!

  • Nevermind.. 🙁

  • OKay, this means they won’t release a proper studio version anymore. Fine by me. These FBT versions rock!

  • After listening to both the FTB staircase and the Amazon preview, the only difference I can hear is Thom’s vocals being slightly clearer. But overall, yeah, I think it may be the same performance.

  • not releasing staircase is just silly

  • Would you people quit complaining already this is new music by one of the all-time greats. King of the limbs may not be their best album but it’s not far behind and seems to get better with age. And whoever made the new playlist of tkol above and didn’t include bloom, you r an idiot.

  • Studio mixed versions of the basement performances perhaps? Works for me!

  • […] to At Ease, the songs, which were recorded during studio sessions for the band’s latest album ‘The […]

  • @code red spot on dude, how can you leave out bloom, honestly!

  • it sounds like a different vocal on “staircase” on amazon. especially at “walk down the STAIRCASE” and MAGNETIC pull”

  • […] Daily Mail” and “Staircase,” both of which have been previously played live (via Likewise, Amazon loaded their website with the pre-release date, as well as the official King of […]

  • oh cool
    a song we’ve already heard for the last year


    who gives a fuck

  • just download it or copy it from a friend!

  • i have nothing but love for radiohead.. but this release seems quite pointless to me. I highly doubt now they even did a proper studio version of the two songs…or they wouldnt have released staircase/daily mail from the basement. doesnt make sense to me to release live versions before studio version. unless they end up putting the two songs on a later album.. but uhh ya..anyways. Regardless, I do love these two tracks, and I’m so excited about the way supercollider came out from the basement session..

  • Great!!! I also found another website abour Radiohead:, if anyone’s interested

  • […] were added to it. First Supercollider and The Butcher and then, yesterday, the announcement that The Daily Mail and Staircase (recorded during the King of Limbs From the Basement sessions) will be released next week. Thom’s […]

  • […] Da bandet nylig spilte en tv-sendt konsert på BBC, kalt From the Basement, spilte bandet to av låtene som ikke fikk plass, og nå skal de gis ut, melder nettstedet Radiohead At Ease. […]

  • @espen pedersen i agree that the word MAGNETIC in staircase definately seems to sound different from the basement session. new one has a longer M. though i think the other words sound the same. weird. be interested to see if that’s all thats different. to be honest i love the basement version of this song so much i don’t want changes.

  • studio recording with the entire band playing all at once is hard and a bit of a lost art these days. I think it the FTB recordings are great but I admit, I was hoping to hear some different versions. they should make the tracks available on vinyl though. Radiohead will have no problems getting a hold of my money as long as they keep releasing vinyl. It makes sense to buy digital copies of anything these days…it’s just too darn easy to get it for free.

  • It’s nice to hear these songs on the radio for all the people who didn’t watch the basement session. That’s what’s good about the release for me. The band aren’t forcing anyone to buy their music. I think that The King of Limbs was a great album. Who cares if these two songs weren’t on there. Maybe some have too high expectations from this band. Studio or live? sometimes it’s hard to even tell with Radiohead so why does it matter?

  • I dont get it. Really pointless release. Great songs but unless they are different from FTB versions doesnt make sense

  • Releasing these tracks makes sense to me – just a promo device to sell the DVD, like singles are released to promote albums…no difference. But once again, the ‘needy’ amongst us feel all let down. No like? No buy. Quit bitching and moaning. Please.

  • I like how Radiohead now seem to predominantly release non-album singles.

    From the amazing Harry Patch onwards it’s been like this.

    It makes every release special. Keep it up I say.

    Releasing half your album over half a year as promotional noise would be insisted upon by a major label, but Radiohead are having more fun with the format now they’re freed from that.

    (I still don’t much like TKOL though. Ha, sorry.)

  • Well, going from what Ed said in his XFM interview last night, they are the “From the basement” versions, but with some retouches to the mix, and no overdubs or retakes at all. All live.

    The Daily Mail also premiered on Radio 1 yesterday, during Zane Lowe’s show
    The studio version can be found here:

  • I don’t know about this band & Nigel anymore. Even U2 is writing and releasing better shit than this nowadays!

  • “the daily mail” on picthfork really sounds different. i hear it mostly on thoms voice!

    is it just me?

  • @ Jon Lovitz

    U2 will never have a patch on RH

  • Staircase > The Daily Mail

  • described as shit sandwich, but then again you would like that funeral piano on The Daily Mail

  • Mark, surely you need three components to make a sandwich, two slices of bread and a filling? Who made this analogy? Your comments are cryptic and lacking grammar. My Gran used to say, “if you haven’t got anything nice to say… then don’t….”.

  • I’m with Kev here “No like? No buy. Quit bitching and moaning. Please.”

    Radiohead should do whatever they like and wants to.

    Stop pretending they owe us fans something. They don’t. I don’t buy their records and go to their concerts to please them I go completely for my own sake and own satisfaction. They shouldn’t play and make records to please me. They should do it to please them self.

  • YXJYXQHAPPY I like it very much!

  • […] Radiohead will release a pair of new (yet familiar) songs Dec. 19, according to the fan site Radiohead At Ease. […]

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