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Ed O’Brien hints at UK arena tour. Radiohead rehearse new songs

Ed O’Brien hints at UK arena tour. Radiohead rehearse new songs

Radiohead are most likely to add more arena shows than festivals to their 2012 tour, Ed O’Brien told BBC 6 Music.

Ed O’Brien talking to BBC 6 Music‘s Sinead Garvan on choosing arenas over festivals in the UK: “It is that classic thing that a band in our situation we never know how many people want to come and see us. “You have to do what feels right instinctively and arenas feel appropriate this time for some bizarre reason, I don’t know why.”

“I think the thing is what we wanted to do on this tour was, we haven’t played indoors for a while and I think the King of Limbs lends itself to a really good sound because it’s quite precise and quite detailed. So outdoor festivals probably aren’t the ideal venue for that,” he explained.

In the interview today, Ed O’Brien also said that the band are rehearsing new songs to play live. “We haven’t got anymore stuff left over but we are rehearsing at the moment and we are rehearsing new songs because we want the tour to be creative.

“So if that means at the end of the year we might have nipped into the studio for a couple of weeks and done an EP or something else then it could be, but the thing is to keep it as fluid and flexible as possible”

To Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM, Ed was more specific: “We’ve been rehearsing about four or five new songs this week. So we’re going to try and take those on the road.”

Listen to the full 6 Music interview below:

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  • EP, Album, 2-track release, whatever. Just bring out new material please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also come to Brazil again. We are already missing you guys here! 🙂

  • Please come to the Netherlands:
    -Amsterdam (Heineken Music Hall)
    -or Rotterdam (Ahoy)

  • They ned a new album.

  • superb . . . . .

  • underworld – a collection
    1. High Contrast featuring Tiesto & Underworld The First Note Is Silent (3.30)
    2. Scribble (3:50)
    3. Brian Eno & Karl Hyde Beebop Hurry (3.08)
    4. Mark Knight & D Ramirez vs Downpipe (3:17)
    5. Crocodile (03:52)
    6. To Heal (02:36)
    7. Two Months Off (03:56)
    8. Jumbo (03:58)
    9. Born Slippy Nuxx (04:25)
    10. Dark and Lond (Dark Train) (6:00)
    11. Mmm Skyscraper I Love You (07:04)
    12. Pearls Girl (04:25)
    13. Cowgirl LIVE (04:25)
    14. Rez (05:50)
    15. King of Snake (03:50)
    16. Moaner (04:08)

  • RH are charging an ABSUD $200 face value in the US. KOL didn’t even make the top 25 in the AV-Onion poll. It sounds like demo tracks with little passion. And they are saying they wont play the old faves. Why pay to see that? A new EP of emotional, forcefull songs is needed to excite fans for a tour. Also, who tours a year after a meh album is released? Most bands give up and go record a better album. RH should record 5-6 great song,s some uptempo, a guitar chord or two, to give us reason to spend the ABSUD $200 face value they are charging in the US.

  • So this is what they have recorded since in rainbows. Theyve recorded tkol..these are my twisted words.. butcher/supercollder. Im not going to count daily mail or staircase for they were never recorded in a studio. Im finding it annoying how slow they are releasing material. But they are the almighty Radiohead. I suppose they do what they please

  • Thanks for the news and especially posting the cilp.

  • Nothing left over? yeah, right. You surely can’t tell me takes of stuff like ‘The Present Tense’ or ‘Open The Floodgates’ weren’t recorded during King of Limbs sessions, to name a couple… there’s always stuff left over.

  • Man… you guys are always complaining. Oh…? Did I say guys? Sorry. I meant divas.

  • I recognize that their future, they will definitely succeed in this field

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