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Radiohead track leak or a hoax? How Do You Sit Still/Putting Ketchup In The Fridge

Radiohead track leak or a hoax? How Do You Sit Still/Putting Ketchup In The Fridge

Today, an old Radiohead track has leaked. Or at least, we think that’s what happened. Lost b-side or Christmas hoax?

A track surfaced today with vocals sounding like Thom Yorke’s together with a Radiohead sound that could’ve been recorded in the early nineties. Think Pablo Honey, The Bends. You could go for the title: ‘How Do You Sit Still?’, although ‘Putting Ketchup in the Fridge’ has been named as the actual title of the track, but surely sounds less romantic. You’ll get slightly reminded by The Bends b-side ‘How Can You Be Sure?’.

Listen up:

So, what do you think? Dropped B-side or Christmas Hoax?

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  • It’s actually called “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge”. It was written on the original CD along with another name, “Haven’t Got A Hope”.

  • i love it. very “The Bends”-esque. it’s fantastic.

  • “Putting Ketchup in the Fridge” is the official title.

  • >2011
    >Not calling the song “Putting Ketchup In the Fridge”


  • yessssssss~!

  • The names, as suggested by the founder, are either “Haven’t Got A Hope”, or “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge”.
    Surely until a official name comes up, it’s up to the founder to name the track tentatively, no?

  • I saw this leak online as it was being posted, the person it originated from stated the song was labeled “Putting Ketchup in the Fridge”.

    I know it sounds pretty stupid but as far as leads go it’s all anyone has. Plus it’s pretty safe to say the band clearly didn’t intend for it to be released – maybe it was just a working title or a joke between band members, until they found a proper title?

  • The correct title should be “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge.”

  • The song is actually called “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge”. It’ was listed on the original CD as “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge/Haven’t Got A Hope”. “Haven’t Got A Hope” is simply the first line of the song, so that is mostly likely not the title.

  • It would be a less than nasty surprise if they would play this on the world tour though. That is, if this really is their old song. I’m expecting some more! Come on AtEase!

  • are we sure this is Thom and not Andy… there was a B-side by the unbelievable truth that I remember sounding very similar to this.

  • if it was real, lyrics would be referenced on ok computer / the bends site. can anyone find anything?

    production value doesnt seem to be pablo era.

    im hedging on a fake…

  • This song is called “Putting Ketchup in the Fridge.”

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  • doesn’t sound like Thom to me!

  • That ain’t Thom, you can tell.

  • My ears tell me this is not Thom. Andy most likely.

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  • remember the theme song guitar “lull”, what do you think? and the tone too …

  • the long “hey” at the end isn’t articulated the way Thom does…Thom’s singing is more confident, especially during that era.

    though it’s a quite cool song….and maybe I’m wrong ^^

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  • Not Thom York? How can you be sure? The falsetto and the start/ending of the song are all Thom. I agree there’s a part when the low vocals do not match Thom’s, but maybe we get used to the XXI century Thom and this is from the XX.

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  • Sounds a bit like “The Unbelievable Truth” from Thom’s brother, don’t you think?

  • Listen to the old stuff from On A Friday up ’til The Bends, Thom was more powerful in high notes (in songparts, where the backing track was loud and powerful too) and in powerful “long stretched words” (like in Creep, You, Blow Out or Street Spirit, to name a few), stronger, more confident sounding. I would say, this was kind of his trademark at that time. He explored the more silent sides of his voice with more from OKC-era onwards (Paranoid Android, No Surprises, I Will, etc).

    But I have to admit, most of the vocals are really close to Thoms voice, but my ears are trained too much in details and too many of Thoms “trademark”-details back then are missing, like correct placement of vibratos and the way he was using his vocal range in dynamics.

    Remember the time, when Muse released their first album “Showbiz”…there were many who initially thought, oh..some new Radiohead songs because of Mathew Bellamy’s similar voice at that time…but if you listen closely, there are a lot of differencies in details compared to Thoms vocals and Bellamy’s Showbiz-voice…(on later albums, the difference was more obvious…)

    Or Thom fooled us all with an done in a rushed and hurried quick take vocal on some track they didn’t want to release back then….so don’t quote me on…well all of the above I think…haha 😉

  • Another example: the singer of the band Ortega from Germany sounded more closely to Thom in the early days of their existence.
    Here’s an example:

    Hmm…I guess I missed a chance to spread false rumors now…haha 😉

  • Doesn’t sound like Thom to me. Sometimes it does, but I’ve never heard his voice sound like that. It almost sounds like Fran Healy from Travis at some points to me, I’ve never heard Thom Yorke sound remotely close to him.

    I’d like to believe it is, it’s a nice song. I’m really curious to hear more about the history of this leak.

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  • […] given as both ‘Putting Ketchup In The Fridge’ and ‘How Do You Sit Still’ by The Radiohead fan site wrote: “A track surfaced today with vocals sounding like Thom […]

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  • i`ve heard it 4 or 5 times shit !!!!! its a hard call

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  • Fake or not (my gut feeling is fake) this is a beautiful song =)

    When the chorus kicks in I keep waiting for the singer to sing “How can you be sure…”

  • Musically and vocally, it sounds like early RH to me…even the production. Doesn’t sound like someone trying to impersonate radiohead…plus it’s a good song!

  • Honestly, it sounds a lot more like Andy Yorke singing this than Thom.

  • hoax

  • hoax

  • For a moment I thought ‘Andy Yorke’ (as someone mentioned)…but I agree with Carson…sounds very very much like old Radiohead from music & vox down to production.

  • What is the actual source of the song? I clicked the YouTube link and it relates back to AtEase…

  • Definitely real.. voice is right, guitar tone is right. Clearly not a finished song, probably a demo, or a scratch take at the beginning of sessions for the bends.. so commenting on the production is totally nonsensical. Guitar at the start seems to be very similar in tone to that of lull a little later. Possibly the same riff got expanded later as the basis of lull.

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  • I am almost certain it is real…

  • This isn’t real. This should be taken off the front page.

  • […] Titled both “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge” and “How Do You Sit Still“, the ‘lost’ track is said to be from the early 1990s according to Radiohead fan site, […]

  • real or not i like it

  • NO WAY.

    this shit ain’t Radiohead.

  • I don’t think it sounds like Unbelievable Truth/Andy Yorke really. The voice is too grizzly/moody at parts. I’ve never heard Andy do that. Doesn’t sound at all like Travis singer either. He’s much sweeter in a way.

    I think it does sound a lot like Thom Yorke.. He didn’t always have that falsetto thing going on. That was around recording The Bends he started doing that, inspired by Jeff Buckley. Before that his higher singing was usually very much like this. Personally I’ll be very surprised if this is an hoax. The guitar part at the start is also very Radiohead-ish(listen to Lull), the emotional drive, and the lyrics also quite reminds me of Radiohead.

  • That is definitely a young Thom Yorke. But my question is… why was this never released? It’s very good.

    – Jon Lovitz

  • Listen to the guitars: there is just one guitar playing by the band with at least 3 guitars! Especially considering that this song was recorded at times when Radiohead were not much using keybords. I would never believe Mr. Greenwood Junior would play something like this.

    This is not Radiohead.

  • Not radiohead, the voice is very near, in the beginning, but is different in the end. the backing band sounds more like a high school band covering radiohead…

  • Anyone considered it could be a SOLO thom demo from the time? Would actually totally maje sense (drum playing, bass line, only one guitar etc…)

  • it sounds like him…but idk later on it doesnt. either way, whoever wrote it, its a great song.

    the high notes doesnt sound like thoms really…

  • It sort of sounds like a mix between Thom and Andy Yorke – but that’s beside the point – the song is most likely by a band called Figures – who have a tendency to sound like them and a few other artists. Here is a link to a report on this that also has a link to another Yorkian tune by Figures.

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  • this was probably leaked by radiohead for christmas imo. they were too lazy to do a webcast, so they released an old song. i can’t really tell if its them or not, the voice is a lot like thom’s, the music doesn’t seem too intricate, perhaps its just a completely undeveloped song they had lying around. it doesnt WOW me. if its a hoax, props to the band that tricked so many, but im not impressed either way. if it is from radiohead, merry christmas

  • Kid/Amnesiac: Figures has now denounced that they did this song. Go to the youtubevideo for Figures – Seeping Nest, which I found through your link. Of course, there’s a lot of smaller bands that sounds a bit like Radiohead. I still think its a Radiohead demo that has been leaked personally, but who knows.

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  • […] Ketchup In The Fridge’ and ‘How Do You Sit Still’ by Radiohead fan site, which wrote of the track: “A track surfaced today with vocals sounding like Thom […]

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  • I agree with M茅么, at first I thought it is def Thom but the his tone in his high range does not match.

    • duh. just read the cnn article. i guess i should read the current news first.

  • […] Titled both “Putting Ketchup In The Fridge” and “How Do You Sit Still“, the ‘lost’ track is said to be from the early 1990s according to Radiohead fan site, […]

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