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CNN reveals the identity of that ‘Radiohead Song Sit Still’

CNN reveals the identity of that ‘Radiohead Song Sit Still’

It’s been a week since we posted about that possible Radiohead track ‘How Do You Sit Still’. We asked the question: real or hoax. CNN has the answer.

Just before Christmas we had the song How Do You Sit Still aka Put The Ketchup In The Fridge online. Sounding like a Radiohead song from 15 to 20 years ago. Quickly it was picked up by other media and CNN’s Brooke Baldwin found out if it is actually Radiohead who recorded that song. The answer is: no. Aired on CNN’s OutFront with Erin Burnett it was revealed that somebody else composed and recorded the track. It was Christopher Stopa, who recorded the track 10 years ago in New York. Christopher retired from making music a couple of years ago and now runs a bakery in Toronto. CNN found him, wacht below.

Christopher Stopa reposted Sit Still on SoundCloud:

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  • I KNEW IT!

  • Amazing that some Radiohead `fans’ were so certain. You have to wonder whether they truly listen to their songs. The surface details were similar, but all the nuance–what made Radiohead great then as now–was all wrong..

    • You sanctimonius, self-righteous, pompous twat

    • Even Thom doesn’t always sound like Thom. Velvet Goldmine… But these odd leaked songs are usually fake.

  • Wow, whatdaya know. Come to find out it was some guy all along. Just think how exciting it all could’ve been if that song was actually any good.

  • Well ehm….told you so.

  • So interesting!

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  • Maybe he should consider starting a Radiohead cover band?

  • This is so cool, like an experimenton art. “oh I love that old lost radiohead song… ” wasn`t Radiohead… and the love vanish… put high and dry, is totally better.

  • I knew it, I know Thom’s voice better than my dingle dongos…I swear… ^^

  • Incredible to see just how many morons out there thought this was Radiohead. The worst ones are the so-called “fans” who’re now saying “better than anything Radiohead have done in years”, etc…

    The real question is why these muppets would like their so-called favourite band to start releasing bog standard generic “indie” tunes. Even the guy who performed this ended up jacking in music!

    I’m willing to bet those “fans” probably shout for Creep at every concert and think High & Dry is the greatest Radiohead song. Idiots, please leave!

  • Oh man !! FINALLY !!!

    I heard this song along with 3 or 4 others on AtEase MB years ago.

    They called the band ‘Morris Air’

    Fantastic group of songs. Glad it finally made bigger news whether or not it’s Radiohead !!

    • i reckon they should be a radiohead tribute band. His voice is uncanny they’d make so much money- they should capitalise on this!

  • the begining sounds like lull.

  • To be honest its a bit lethargic and slow that is probably the only thing that made me go hmmm? plus the musicanship is basic and the fact it was written 10 years ago when rh had just released amnesiac shows how dated this band is but the guy has obviously studied thoms voice- if stars in the eyes was still on he’d win by a LANDSLIDE!

  • Its funny how everyone makes such a big thing out of it. no matter if it is radiohead, its a great song. There is a reason why the band doesnt comment on things like this. they just dont give a fuck, so why does everyone else? Radiohead are one of the best bands ever, that doesnt mean their sound has always been so uniwue that nooone could ever sound like them. get over it and enjoy the song!

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  • even its not radiohead, i should say this is still a good song

  • I knew it

  • It’s a shame it wasn’t Radiohead, as the song sounded better than anything on The King Of Limbs!

    • I love TKOL!!!You just don’t get what they are doing now musically, They will never go back to playing songs that sound like Pablo Honey or The Bends. Please do us all a favor, don’t go see them when they come on tour.. let people who understand and like what they are currently doing go instead.

      I can promise you they won’t play creep or high and dry…

  • I don’t really care who sung it though, it was a good song and still is…

  • Doesn’t sound like anything like Thom Yorke, especially at 1.40. Timbre is closer to that guy from Travis. Definitely old school radiohead style though. That’s funny that Radiohead fans couldn’t tell the voice apart! Do they really listen? ūüėČ

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  • […] CNN reveals the identity of that ‘Radiohead Song Sit Still’ […]

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