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Radiohead to play Taiwan in July

Radiohead to play Taiwan in July

Radiohead are set to play in Taiwan in July. The date has just been confirmed by the band.

Radiohead will be playing Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan on Wednesday July 25th. This is the first ever show of the band in Taiwan. Tickets for Taipei will go on sale January 13th.

Click here For a full list of Radiohead Tour Dates.

Since the band are heading eastbound, we can probably expect more dates in Asia or even Australia. Which city would you like to be added to the calendar next?

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  • Turkey please. It’s time. 60.000 people watched U2 in Istanbul last year. There are even more waiting to see radiohead for ages.

  • Please play korea! has been going since 1996 and it’s still updated so they deserve it.


  • Aussie/NZ MUST be on the tour this year! Surely! Please say it is so…

  • I thought I remembered seeing a bootleg of RH playing in Tapei a few years back in a record store, are you sure this is their first show in Taiwan?

  • So close to Australia. If they don’t come this time I think it can be an established thing that they hate us. And if they do come, they better not just play Splendour! I want a real Radiohead show before I can die happy.

  • Lithuania.

  • Hopefully, this means that Radiohead will be coming to Korea as well. If not, I’ll be a very unhappy camper.

  • Pakistan please!!!! Radiohead don’t know the amount of fans they have in Pakistan!

  • […] to play Taiwan in July ?! Maybe I’ll have to push my visit to Taiwan early.. 9 […]

  • Australia or Hong Kong!!!

  • HEEELLLPPP Please. I am trying to book 4 tickets to Taipei concert in July and the web site will force me to jump off a cliff before I even complete registration…. any advice?

    Time is running out… ITS IMPOSSIBLE to navigate, unless your taiwanese…

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