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Part Five of The 1986 Radiohead (On A Friday) Demos: ‘Lemming Trail’

Part Five of The 1986 Radiohead (On A Friday) Demos: ‘Lemming Trail’

Yesterday, we reported on the fourth On A Friday demo track. Today, we welcome demo number five.

Fragile Friend, Girl (In The Purple Dress), and Everybody Knows all surfaced in the past months. A series of demos by Radiohead, under the name On A Friday, still without Jonny Greenwood. Yesterday we added Fat Girl and only a day later we can listen to Lemming Trail, also recorded at Abingdon School in 1986. Saxophone solo alert!

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  • Actually the most interesting track of all the surfaced ones….

  • Its nice to hear something i can identify more with Kid A / Amnesiac period (my favorite) instead of that pre-pablo honey vibe i dont dig much. Very good demo, finally!

  • I can easily see that the saxophone was replaced by Thom’s wailing voice in its future.

  • Trying to get tickets for this concert in upcoming season!

  • I have the entire 20 song album. Anyone interested?

    • Sorry, actual demo is 14 tracks. Recorded in 1991 at Courtyard Studios UK. The other six songs are from the Creep EP and Drill EP.

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