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Radiohead announce US West Coast tour

Radiohead announce US West Coast tour

Hot on the heels of today’s Coachella announcement, Radiohead have just announced three shows on the US west coast.

April 9 – Key Arena, Seattle

April 11 – HP Pavilion, San Jose

April 12 – Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara

All dates are “on sale soon” so look for the Ticketmaster info and all that in the next few days. For now, just start hitting refresh everywhere in the hopes of landing good tickets. And, if you’re me and writing from Vancouver, you cross your fingers that a Canadian date in Vancouver is still in the works.


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  • Vancouver!!!!

  • […] yesterday’s confirmation that Radiohead will headline Coachella, Radiohead at Ease points out that the band has announced three additional West Coast dates, for Seattle, San Jose, […]

  • Vancouver please!!!

  • Vancouver, WA please!

  • Vancouver please and thank you.

  • wow, why the fuck did they pick HP Pavillion. i thought they were going to play smaller venues this time. And the tickets are $80 with fees!?!

  • i may have to travel west JUST for radiohead.
    nyc… damn you ticketmaster

  • do you guys think they are playing in los angeles ?? or is santa barbara my best bet

  • do you guys think they are playing in los angeles ?? or is santa barbara my best bet

    • As awful as Santa Barbara the town is, the Bowl is an amazing show. My guess is the band likes to play there. Saw them there last tour, rather overwhelming. N.B. Entry security is STRICT.

    • Tom’s favorite place to play in the U.S. Maybe if you got off State Street you’d realize why he likes it so much… There’s life beyond the shops dude, it’s in that green stuff in the hills

    • Perhaps if you read my comment you’d see that I qualified the show I saw there as “overwhelming.” Easily one of the top three concerts of my life, seeing any concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl is a beautiful experience – the weather is usually perfect, the acoustics are fantastic, and the comfort of the venue is beyond what most concerts offer.

      Now, what I said is Santa Barbara is an awful town, and if you walk around the shops there, you’ll soon discover it’s quite the xenophobic, insular, consumer-laden richville State Street you so seem to detest. They just happen to have this piece of heaven (the Bowl,) and a gorgeous locale, connected to their fashionable shopping strip.

    • Not that it matters what Santa Barbara is like, since the WASTE tix sold out in like 12 milliseconds. Lame.

  • just get off your backside and drive to seattle.

    • Fuck Seattle. Portland is a hundred times more culturally relevant at this point. If they don’t play here it just shows how out of touch they are.

  • How about some dates in your home country lads….!?!

  • Pre-sale site/username/password for HP Pavillion??? Just checked the Radiohead site and it says tickets are going on sale TOMORROW, 1/12. Not Saturday, 1/14 …

  • ignore portland not cool

  • Presale tickets for Santa Barbara go on sale the 19th. Does any one have any idea what time?

    • Nope, but I’ll be hitting the refresh button all night. – –

  • What time did the San Jose and Seattle tickets go on sale this morning?

    • 10:00 am PST… they were sold out inmediatly. I couldn’t get them 🙁 I live @ Vancouver and planning to go to Seattle

    • 10am pacific time on the fucking dot. I was able to score one reserved seat for Seattle and as soon as my confir page was up i went back and both shows were sold out. I’d been up since 4am refreshing the page. I don’t mean to throw it in anyone’s face but i’m happy as fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • After getting shut out at Roseland, scored two for San Jose! 10am sharp, and probably just totally lucky…I was stunned when my credit card was starting to process…couldn’t believe it…

    • Ditto. 2 for FLOOR!!

    • how’d you get tix already?

    • There was a waste pre-sale yesterday at 10 a.m.

    • we have to accept that the pre-sales worked out very well for all the shows so far . what a release . . . .

    • How do the waste pre-sales work? do you need a password or anything?

    • Is that 10:00 a.m. PT? ET? GMT?

    • what, how’d you get tix for San Jose already? help!

  • I put in the wrong expiration date for my credit card and was freaking out, but it went through at like 10:03 and 10 seconds. I’m telling you, I telepathically communicate with Jonny and he knows how genuine of a Radiohead follower I am. Anyway, now I know how fast my fingers can move under pressure……heh, heh! 😉

  • […] informative radiohead blog. You should peep it. ( for specifics on the tour Read more here… Unfortunately they’re NOT coming to PDX. Sad […]

  • Anyone knows at what time is the presale at WASTE for the Santa Barbara show, please?

  • If anyone has one or ideally two extra tickets to Santa Barbara or San Jose who they would be willing to sell to another fan for face plus fees, please get in touch. I stayed up all night trying to get Santa Barbara tickets and had no luck then had similarly shit luck during the Ticketmaster onsale. My e-mail address is Thanks!

  • Radiohead fans, have you checked out Civil Twilight? If so, what are your thoughts? Check out their single on iTunes called “Fire Escape” it’s pretty awesome…

  • One radiohead ticket for atlanta show: Section 208, Row C, did I say Row C, yes I did:

  • Can’t wait to see this unbelievable band!!!!

  • Why no Toronto?

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