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Radiohead to play Fuji Rock Festival in Japan

Radiohead have added another festival to their tour schedule: Fuji Rock in Japan.

The band have announced to play Fuji Rock in Japan. The festival in Niigata is held from Friday July 27th to Sunday July 29th.

There will be no W.A.S.T.E. presale for this festival. Ticket details:

“HAYAWARI” early-bird ticket – Limited to 10,000 tickets:
“Hayawari” Application Period: FEB 4 – 12
Ticket Type: 3 DAY TICKET ONLY
On sale from: e+, Lawson ticket

On Sale : MARCH 3
Ticket Prices: Y39,800 for 3 Day ticket / Y16,800 for 1-Day

On Sale: MAY 19
Ticket Prices: Y42,800 for 3-Day / Y17,800 for 1-Day

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  • Man, I will be severely pissed if Radiohead does not come to Korea. Why do they always go to Japan first? Do they think we live in the same country?

  • They better come to Australia if they’re going all the way to Japan. Don’t give me any of that greens crap either, Japan have their fair share of environmental impact yet Radiohead are providing them with a live gig.

    Hope they don’t get mercury poisoning.

    • Yep. None of this, we aren’t touring because our carbon footprint will destroy the universe crap, which they used for the IR tour. Come to Australia you Muthas. And if you want to do it without damaging the ozone, trek from Turkey to Japan for Fuji Rock, and then walk down to Indonesia and get on one of those illegal immigrant boats. Carbon Footprint = 0. Hurry up.

  • I don’t think Radiohead has ever played Korea. I’m hoping for a Seoul date to be added.

  • Yay, Radiohead’s coming to Korea at last.

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