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Radiohead announce tour dates for Australia & New Zealand

Radiohead announce tour dates for Australia & New Zealand

The Radiohead fans Down Under finally get what they were waiting for: Tour Dates!

While Radiohead will kick off their World Tour in Miami tomorrow, the band have just announced they will return to Australia and New Zealand after many years this november. Starting on Tuesday November 6th in Auckland, New Zealand, Radiohead will move on to Australia on Friday the 9th to play Brisbane and then two double dates in Sydney and Melbourne. Connan Mockasin will be supporting on these shows.

Tickets are on sale now via WASTE; have sold out. But that was just an allocation of tickets. More tickets go on sale March 1st. Brisbane and Melbourne tickets via Tickets for the Sydney shows via Ticketmaster. Tickets for Auckland are also available through Ticketmaster with a pre-sale on Tuesday February 29th.

Tue 6 Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand ON SALE NOW
Fri 9 Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia ON SALE NOW
Mon 12 Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia ON SALE NOW
Tue 13 Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia ON SALE NOW
Fri 16 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia ON SALE NOW
Sat 17 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia ON SALE NOW

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  • Very happy for our Oceania fans!

  • I wonder what Radiohead will be doing for August, September, October? Japan show at the end of July and then November in Oceania…3 month break, or more show in the US? They don’t have a Hollywood Bowl show scheduled yet. And don’t they like finishing off a world tour with a date at the SB Bowl? They play there before Coachella, but maybe they’ll come back?

  • Dammit, Radiohead. Australia is a huge country and millions of people live 1000+ kilometres from Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne. You’re flying all the way down here, would it really be so hard to tack on a show in Adelaide and Perth on your way home again?

    Also does RH charge 90 pounds for shows in the UK? Why are NZ shows 70 quid and Australian ones over 90?

  • Has anyone bought tickets directly from the Radiohead site before? I’m just curious if anyone has had any issues seeing as how they’re based in the uk.

    Any experiences?

  • Were the waste tickets just pre sale, they said on the Radio tickets on sale 1 March?? Already sold out of course & tickets on Ebay for $1000 already

  • Finally! Woohooo!

  • got 2 tix for syd! finalllyyyyyyyyy, we’ve waited a long long time for this. honestly never thought theyd come back here

  • Missed the presale. I’m am going to be so anxiety filled come Thursday morning. This is the thing I’m most excited about: ‘the band will use these long-overdue shows as a chance to “showcase the band’s multi-decade career in an aural and visual celebration.”‘ Which means not just a show full of King of Limbs. Not that I dislike the album, but boo yeah!

    • Probably best to listen to what the band have said the show will be over a bit of blurb by the ticket website, TBH…

  • how is it that they have settled dates for everywhere in the world except the UK and the goddamn Northeastern United States. Please come back to Boston I must hear staircase live 🙁

  • No Perth dates. WTF Radiohead? It’s been nearly 20 years since you graced our city. Disappointed!

  • holy %#@ all those dates have already sold out?! Doesnt matter, I wont be seeing them anyways this year. I have a feeling they purposely left out Canada because of how much of a disgrace they’ve been with certain environmental issues. There’s been some heavy controversy during the past few years. So, if that is the reason radiohead fucked canada.. well i commend u. Very excited to see what the setlist will be like tonight. Cheers to everyone who’s going to see them this year.

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