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Radiohead – Cut A Hole & Identikit (live in Miami) – The Videos

Radiohead – Cut A Hole & Identikit (live in Miami) – The Videos

Radiohead really surprised at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL last night debuting three songs live for the first time.

As reported last night (full setlist), apart from ‘Meeting In The Aisle’, a b-side from 1997, the band treated us with two brand new songs: Cut A Hole & Identikit. Be sure to expect some more new (or old) stuff this tour. Thom Yorke said at the AA Arena that the band will be playing different sets every night.

Videos are below.





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  • Fucking sick. Now I have to go to Bonnaroo

  • I’m not shure, but is Meeting in the Aisle not in the Meeting People is Easy documentary? I am positively shure that I know that song. It’s great, as is Identikit. Can’t wait to hear a studio recording of that song!

    • it’s in Airbag EP

  • I would really love to find this entire live show!

  • Anyone else a little concerned that Radiohead pulling out old, rare songs and claiming they’ll be playing a different set list every night is a sort of farewell? A final hurrah, at least to touring?

    • It would make sense. This band’s been active for twenty years, and they have to have a second drummer on every tour from here on out if they want to do KoL stuff. Keep in mind though that the In Rainbows tour they pulled off a different set list every night, and the 2006 tour had obscure songs like Permanent Daylight and old songs they never play much like Black Star.

    • Yeah they’ve always been great about varying their setlist I guess. I don’t know I may be just letting my fears get the better of me. I don’t want to live in a world with no more Radiohead tours.

    • No, sounds like another experiment to make things interesting.

    • I agree @MEEfO. Also, the bringing of Clive in. AKA how the beatles brought in the keyplayer

  • ed has one of the new fender johnny marr signature jaguars in the clips. super nice. a friend of mine has one on order but they haven’t actually shipped yet. ed has connections though…he got his early.

  • Identikit is excellent, I think. Totally catchy, too. I can imagine a full recorded version being something pretty special.

  • Multicam video of IDENTIKIT

  • Phil fucked up the meeting beat….smh

  • Cut a Hole, sound’s like Big Boots, to me.

  • Courage from hearts and not from numbers grows….

    To win a race, the swiftness of a dart Availeth not without a timely start….

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