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Radiohead live in Tampa – Live Report

Radiohead live in Tampa – Live Report

With Monday’s kick off in Miami Radiohead are finally on tour. Tampa’s St. Pete Times Forum is next tonight.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the setlist and everything else. We’ve got Other Lives on at 7:30 and and Radiohead should be on around 8:45.

Radiohead have soundchecked Myxomatosis, Bloom, All I Need, Arpeggi/Weird Fishes, Separator, Jigsaw Falling Into Place and a couple seconds of There There. [thx Brian]

Radiohead are on. Here we go…

01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 Staircase
04 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
05 Morning Mr Magpie
06 Meeting In The Aisle
07 Pyramid Song
08 Nude
09 Identikit
10 Lotus Flower
11 There There
12 Feral
13 Idioteque
14 The Daily Mail (“This one is for the bankers who think it’s OK to make money off other people’s despair.”)
15 Bodysnatchers
16 Reckoner
17 Separator
18 All I Need
19 Myxomatosis
20 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
21 Give up The Ghost
22 Karma Police
23 Street Spirit [fade out]

Tonight’s setlist was one song shorter compared to the Miami show. Six songs were dropped including new song Cut A Hole. Identikit was played again though. Compared to monday night Kid A, The National Anthem, Codex, The Gloaming, Airbag, Cut A Hole & You And Whose Army were not played. Little By Little, Pyramid Song, Street Spirit, Myxomatosis, All I Need & Everything In Its Right Place made their debut on this tour.

Radiohead will continue their tour tomorrow in Atlanta, GA






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  • Live audio streaming from Tampa, FL

  • Still looked like a pretty amazing setlist to me!

  • Great show all around! Myxamatosis, Meeting in the Aisle, Reckoner, Karma Police, etc.

  • They Jipped us big time at the Tampa show. Miami show goers were very lucky

    • We saw street spirit, enough said.

    • We didn’t get airbag or kid a or national anthem or gloaming, enough said.

    • Still mind blowing show, however Miami had a better set list IMO.

  • Gutted about little by little, I thought they were over that one!
    Maybe I’ll wait and see the videos to see how it sounds before getting too upset! 😉

    I can’t grumble too much about this, I mean the fact they change their setlists is one of the great things about Radiohead’s tour, although in recent years there have been staples in the set, it meant you can get a different experience on the same tour. This setlist is largely made up with songs that we’ve not seen before or for a while, and any changes you have to go with it.

    They will never play your favourite playlist, so just go an have a good time.

    • I was so happy to hear little by little! I was hoping they play that song so much because they didn’t play that in Miami

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  • So that’s why the concert felt a bit shorter! Oh well, thank you for the setlist and a fancy pic from the show! 😀

  • Fuck the people talking through the while show and talking about how much they love radiohead while they talked through every song….

    With that said, I taped it and will hopefully be posting my recording from the floor by the end of the week.


    • Sorry dude, I was that guy but I just couldn’t help my drugs, but seriously , the ice palace and radioheads sound guy were so in tune. Best sounding radiohead I ever heard.

    • I was at the Miami show, and there were this truly awful pack of sororiety girls on the floor right in back of us that were yapping straight through the first half of the show. I wanted to kill them…..they finally fucked off and I could fully enjoy the show, but wtf is with people?

    • Were you sitting in my section I was ready to smack the chics behind me for the same crap

    • Yes yes yes! So right and please share.

    • I thought everyone on the floor was very gracious, and there were teens behind us that we let in front of us so they could see better. There was room to dance and everything…excellent show. By the way I would love to find this recording…

    • status on that recording?

    • I went to this show and would love a recording!

    • that recording (!!!) if it exists, the online radiohead bootleg community would be very happy to hear it!

  • This was a kick-ass set-list. Way better than the Miami one.
    In my opinion ‘All I Need’, ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ and [even if I’m not crazy about it] ‘True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place’ should be made MANDATORY in every Radiohead set-list.

  • what a terribly underwhelming setlist. their live show is going to crap in a hand basket.

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