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Radiohead shows in Australia & New Zealand sell out in minutes, Tickets end up on eBay

Radiohead shows in Australia & New Zealand sell out in minutes, Tickets end up on eBay

Tickets for the Radiohead shows in Australia and New Zealand went on sale this morning, but were gone in minutes.

Radiohead are set to return Down Under for the first time in eight years this november. Five Australian shows and one in New Zealand went on sale this morning at 9am (local time). Beforehand the promotor stated that no extra shows would be added.

Talking to Herald Sun, a spokesperson for promotor Chugg Entertainment said: “It comes down to simple supply and demand and unfortunately there were never going to be enough tickets to accommodate every Radiohead fan wishing to purchase.”

Ticketmaster glitch
On top of that, in yesterday’s pre-sale there was a technical glitch on Ticketmaster’s website. Promotor Chugg Entertainment responded in a statement: “Those who tried to buy tickets to the Sydney shows, we have followed up your feedback with Ticketmaster and they have advised that due to overwhelming demand for Radiohead tickets today Ticketmaster experienced a technical issue with the delivery methods made available to purchasers. The issue was rectified as a matter of urgency and all available pre-sale tickets were snapped up quickly.”

In a telephone interview Chris Forbes, CEO of Ticketmaster Australia and New Zealand, told Casey Weekly that the issue affected only those that selected the electronic delivery of tickets as opposed to getting them sent in the mail.

Promotor on Scalper hunt
When it comes to scalping, the promoter has threatened to cancel the scalped tickets. Chugg: “As you can see when you go on to eBay, professional scalpers list tickets with vague details on seating locations but rarely ever get specific about seat or ticket numbers, as this information would allow us to track who they are and cancel their tickets. We are regularly scanning listings to look for tickets that we are able to cancel and will continue to do so up until the tour.”

According to the Herald Sun, Queensland Radiohead fans are protected by anti-scalping legislation in place in that state – ticket scalping over 10 per cent of the face value is an offence and can lead to a fine of $2000 for buyers or sellers who are caught.

New Zealand fans turn to Facebook
In New Zealand, disappointed Radiohead fans are pleading for the band to play a second New Zealand concert after 12,000 tickets to their one Auckland show at the Vector Arena sold out in 19 minutes this morning. Fans who missed out have taken to the Facebook pages of Ticketmaster and promoter Chugg Entertainment to plead for another New Zealand show.

Following the almost instant sell-out of the Australian Radiohead tour, the page, titled ‘Radiohead Ticket Swap’, offers a place for fans who bought tickets to swap them for other dates or other seats, writes. eBay currently has 68 results for Radiohead tickets, selling from $300-$699 each and up to $1,199 for a pair.

Just after the shows in Australia and New Zealand sold out, Radiohead announced a setup with Ticket Trust for the band’s UK tour.

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  • Gutted! 🙁

    I’m a long time w.a.s.t.e. member, no email from them to inform me of the shows in Oz! WTF? I tried in vein to buy tickets from Ticketek this morning, what a joke!

    Come on RH add another date in Brisbane! Sydney and Melbourne get two shows?

  • That glitch was a disaster! I had standing tickets but couldn’t confirm my order, apparently because I’d selected ‘electronic transfer’. Luckily for me, I was still able to log back in and secure seated tickets (even if they are up the back) but others missed out entirely!

    • The system was pretty lagged. We got tickets, then whilst filling in our credit card details the timer ran out so we lost them! Absolutely fucken pathetic! If their system worked it would not of been a problem. Not fucken happy at all!

  • And a Perth show or two would be even better! Don’t make it a half-arsed Australian tour!! Ticketek absolutely suck!!

  • try waiting 14 YEARS for a gig here in NZ!
    and they then think one friken show in a 12,000 ministadium will sort out the whole of New Zealand. I’m really really fucked off with Radiohead. Such a cynical / don’t give a shit attitude is not what i came to expect from them over so many years of being a fan.

    • Could not agree more. I’ve never seen RH live and i’ve been waiting for about 15 years, it’s pretty much number one on a list of things I have to do before I die. I am a massive RH fan.
      This is total bullshit. If they are going to come all this way at least play enough gigs to give as many fans an opportunity to see them as possible (and maybe lessen the impact of scalpers). I didn’t even get a chance to buy tickets because I was at uni lectures. A handful of gigs in Aus and ONE gig in Auckland is such a slap in the face.
      I love RHs music massively but this is such a dissapointment.

  • I’m rapped. I got my tickets on Monday morning from W.A.S.T.E. But those who are being critical of Ticketek should also apportion alot of blame on Radiohead. The pre-sale tickets on WASTE were availble for several hours since not many new about them. I’m pretty sure the Scalpers did though. That is why they could buy upwards of 20 and have them on eBay for sale a day before the public release. All the Scalpers needed were 3 or 4 different credit cards and 3 or 4 email addresses. Bingo!!

    Radiohead and their management just created a cess pool for these pond scumming Scalpers to have a field day in. Idiots!!!!!

  • the ones in US sold in less than a minute and magically the resellers (ones are partners with thicketmaster) got thousands of tickets available, some cost over 10 times the regular price, and that was no sistem error… that was pure business… I even talked with some personel of the reseleers to verify the tickets and they said that I shouldent be worried because they got some kind of aggrement with ticketmaster and waste… very disapointed

  • the great ticket scandal strikes again!!

  • […] where.  As an example, last year I gladly paid $140 to see Radiohead at Vector Arena, a show which sold out in minutes.  Vector Arena seats 12,000, not including the thousands of people that can fit in General […]

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