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Radiohead live in Houston – Live Report

Radiohead moved to Texas for a couple of shows. Kicking off in Houston tonight.

The band will play the Toyota Center in Houston. Other Lives are supporting and will take the stage at 7:30pm. Radiohead are expected to play at around 8:45pm. And apparently 15 Step and Paranoid Android have been soundchecked. That would be a first for this tour. The soundcheck has continued with Videotape, Bloom, Go To Sleep, Skirting On The Surface and “possibly something new.” Thanks to @suprefan for that.

Keep checking this spot for live updates on the setlist, as well as the twitter account @radioheadlive.

OK, the band are on stage. You can stream the show here or here. BREAKING NEWS: Thom is NOT wearing the red pants.

01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
04 Morning Mr Magpie
05 The Gloaming
06 15 Step
07 Codex
08 Cut A Hole
09 These Are My Twisted Words
10 Airbag
11 Identikit
12 Lotus Flower
13 There There
14 Feral
15 Idioteque
16 Reckoner
17 Separator
18 All I Need
19 Myxomatosis
20 Everything In Its Right Place (with some sort of intro)
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 Nude
23 Paranoid Android

And that’s it for tonight. 23 songs like the previous two shows. Tour debuts for 15 Step, These Are My Twisted Words, and Paranoid Android while Cut A Hole is played for the second time (first since the opening show in Miami).

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  • yeehaw, motherfuckers!

  • Hoping for some consistent ustream audio tonite – video would be a bonus!

  • Need a stream badly

  • did someone ask for a ustream?

  • Unfortunately, the stream sounds awful. Good effort tho

  • Stream here

  • U stream is amazing everyone… thank you so much fishmarketstew and Adriaan for posting this!!

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  • FYI…they went on at 8:35 pm. Just in case people were late. not sure if that has been the same elsewhere.

    also, where is this posted online?


  • Heartbroken to be missing the Austin show. Just lost my job and got no $$. 🙁 Fellow Texans, have fun!

  • If it’s the same as in Tampa, the “sort of intro” before Everything in its right place, it’s True Love Waits.

  • Adriaan, Nah thom didn’t rock red pants (thank jebus) but the songs were played brilliantly. The vocal setting was a bit low but i think it was easily corrected. anywho, it was beautiful….big ideas (don’t get any)

    You can’t complain when a performance is ended with PARANOID ANDROID!!!!!

  • Why did they play the gloaming i every city so far besides Tampa

  • Probably my 2nd best Radiohead concert ever. Got lots of mementos from this gig. The Radiohead Texas dates were just amazing and I met so many cool people!

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