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Radiohead at Austin City Limits – Live Report

Radiohead at Austin City Limits – Live Report

Radiohead are having a break from their three Texan shows, but before they play Frank Erwin Center in Austin, the band will do a taping for Austin City Limits tonight.

The show is supposed to start at 8pm CST at the Moody Theater in Austin. We will keep you posted here and via @RadioheadLive on Twitter.

Thom Yorke early in the set: “It’s TV so I’ve got nothing to say. There’s a jewel inside but it’s not fucking coming’ out”


01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 The Daily Mail
04 Myxomatosis
05 Morning Mr Magpie
06 The Gloaming
07 The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy – Thom: “An old song that “had disappeared like a wet fart in the wind”
08 Staircase
09 Reckoner – In two takes. Thom: “Let’s start this again”
10 Arpeggi – Thom: “We’re Radiohead and we’re pleased to meet you”
11 Identikit
12 Lotus Flower
13 There There
14 Feral
15 Idioteque

16 Skirting On The Surface – Thom: “I’m not going to sign your poster for you right now, luv. I’m a bit busy”
17 Paranoid Android

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  • could i stream this live anywhere?

    • Looks like people are barely going to provide updates and no photos. So I doubt someone will get a ustream going. But you never know. The good thing is this will all be broadcast on public TV in HD at a later date.

  • Bloom
    Little By Little
    The Daily Mail
    Morning Mr. Magpie
    The Gloaming
    The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    Lotus Flower
    There There
    Skirting On The Surface
    Paranoid Android

  • They soundchecked ‘Cuttooth’

  • so this is gonna be aired somwhere ? stream ? or what?


  • People had better record this off of TV because PBS doesn’t put out DVDs of these shows and streams them only for a limited time, I think.

    • I’ve got the R.EM. ACL DVD at home; 100% legit, full concert. How do you know Radiohead won’t release their concert.

    • This is all I could find from PBS’ website of “Austin City Limits” CDs and DVDs. Only old stuff. Maybe bands from the 2000s onwards didn’t want the program to have the rights to release their stuff.

      If you’re talking about this DVD, it might just be a very good bootleg:

      There’s no dependable way to know if such a good bootleg will be available of Radiohead for sale.

    • Also, Radiohead’s had dozens of well-filmed concerts and hasn’t released a single one. Even Bonnarroo was promised and never delivered.

    • I think we won’t see another live release from Radiohead as that would require cooperation with EMI.

  • We need the legendary ‘Austin Brock’ to download this

  • 17 songs? Is that it? Christ, I’ve just paid £70 to see these and if they don’t play at least 20 I’ll be annoyed.

    • i guess thats the uk shows right? the doors are 6pm so im guessing mush more on the bill than just rhead…. expensive i know, i got tickets to the manchester show… but it’ll be worth it.

    • possibly an added solo yorke eraser set or something

    • it’s just cause this was a tv taping. everything’s been well over 20 at every other show, so no worries.

    • it was free

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  • In case anyone else was panicking that Radiohead’s “Austin City Limits” would air without notice, here’s the schedule. It WON’T air this weekend, so relax.

  • I was lucky enough to win tix to the ACL Live show – we were so close on the floor, awesome time. amazing to be that close to greatness. the real prize was after the set my wife and i went by my office on W. Mary right off of congress – walked over to Magnolia Cafe on So Co for dinner, walk in and who’s inside waiting for a table JONNY GREENWOOD!!! NOT LYING. I told him we were at the show, he thanked me for coming out. Told him we were at the houston show as well, he said Oh the Houston Show was a great show, we shook hands and by then he was going to sit down with his friends. I WAS STOKED to say the least. Very humble, actually thanked me for coming out. what a great evening.

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