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Radiohead to play Amsterdam, Antwerp, London and Manchester in October

And now it’s pouring confirmed live dates. Radiohead add shows in four European cities. Just like we asked for yesterday

Indeed; Radiohead are set to play Amsterdam, Antwerp, Manchester, two dates in London. The earlier announced show in Cologne fits in nicely. Tickets go sale via WASTE on March 7 (Cologne a day later).

Sat 6 Evening News Arena – Manchester – UK – ON SALE 7 MAR
Mon 8 O2 Arena – London – UK – ON SALE 7 MAR
Tue 9 O2 Arena – London – UK – ON SALE 7 MAR
Sun 14 Ziggo Dome – Amsterdam – Netherlands – ON SALE 7 MAR
Mon 15 Lanxess Arena – Cologne – Germany – ON SALE 8 MAR
Thu 18 Sportpaleis – Antwerp – Belgium – ON SALE 7 MAR

Regarding the UK dates, as previously announced, the band states the following: In an attempt to prevent secondary ticketing for Radiohead shows the group has put a number of measures in place for ticket buyers. These include implementing a paperless ticketing system, limiting the number of tickets per transaction, disallowing name changes after purchase, and requiring photo ID to gain entry to the shows. For more detailed information on these ticket restrictions go to

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  • no chances for Barcelona, Spain?

  • Jonny mentioned last year that he definitely want to return to Krakow, Poland, this time with the band. Patiently waiting for it!

  • Tickets through ticket master are £52.25 to £71.50. This is ludicrously high. I want to go but that’s taking the piss.

    • For a band this big it’s not ludicrously high, what did you expect?

    • I’ve seen them 14 times before and never paid anything like £71.50. The closest was Victoria Park in London for In Rainbows and that was only £40. I’m still going to try for tickets but it’ll probably be over £150 for 2 once all the fees are included and I just think that’s a bit steep. Especially for the o2 as it’s such a dreadful venue.

    • Well, if you’ve seen them 14 times before…then you’re doing alright, aren’t you?

    • Stop being such a dick. £71 is a piss take and the chosen venues are poor.

    • So…then don’t go. If someone’s seen them 14 times…then there isn’t exactly a hole in their life, is there?

      I’ve never seen them. Ever. Because they don’t come to my part of the world (Australia) often. And when they do, I miss out on tickets. But there’s no reason to COMPLAIN about something like this. Radiohead owe me nothing.

    • Steve has a point – to illustrate it, imagine the tickets were £1,000,000 each, then you would agree they were too high, right? So whether they are too high or not is based on your own budget and what their perceived worth is to you – based in part on previous experience.

      Anywho, having got my two tickets, I’m bemoaning the fact that the standing tickets all sold out in 0.8 seconds and the o2 arena is quite literally the very worst venue I have ever had the misfortune to set foot in – the seating is miles away from the stage, so we won’t be able to see anything at all; is so steeply raked that after a beer or two you run a very real risk of falling 300 feet and taking 20 other people with you; and the acoustics are AWFUL. If there was anything that would ever stop me going to see them, it would be this venue (I vowed never to go there again after the last time)….but… IS Radiohead.

    • You guys are such of sissies..european.

  • O2 = #fail.

  • What time on 7th March will takes be on sale at WASTE? At mid-night on the dot?

  • this is poor – Radiohead don’t usually ignore [Northern] Ireland, and there’s no way I’m buying tickets for London/Manchester to have them announce Dublin next week and not be able to resell my tickets for London/Manchester because of these ridiculous ticket rules.
    Announce Ireland dates quickly please………..

    • Feel the same about Scottish Dates. Have been to see them in Manchester, Blackpool in the past as, well as closer to home, Glasgow, and I was hoping to take my son with me, but 70 odd quid each then travel and accomodation is beyond my budget. I’ll hold out for Scottish dates, but if this doesnt happen, so be it. Maybe I should move to America, seems to be plenty of gigs available there!

  • I guess there will be no Scandinavia dates. Too bad. I’m not going abroad to see them this time.

  • It’s already 7/3/2012!!!

  • Tickets for NL and BE are on ale now!

  • All sold

    • I bought my ticket after you posted this, people were cancelling orders or something because refreshing made more appear.

      That’s got to hurt.

    • At 9.10 it was telling me ‘SOLD OUT’, bollocks i thought, still kept trying though, and 10 minutes later got two standing for Tuesday night 🙂
      I hope for those who couldnt get tickets there will be more shows, as 3 is piss poor

  • I have to agree that the ticket prices are quite high. I know Radiohead are a massive band but this will be hugely prohibitive for the majority of Radiohead fans. On the WASTE ticket site they were going for £65!

    I think now we know how they can afford to give albums away for virtually nothing on their website. It’s not just the ticket prices that are high, even the official merchandise for the tour is. They have a hoody for sale at £40 and a very thin cardigan for £35, even a pack of stickers is a ridiculous £7 for something that probably cost about 50p to make. I know their items are made out of recycled materials etc but if they want people to get on board with saving the planet, you can’t be charging these sorts of prices.

    I love Radiohead and have got all their albums and singles, just a little disappointed with the ticket prices.

  • That does seem expensive for tickets but I have seen the show and it is immense. Huge moving screens, 3 dozen guitars, two full drum kits, synthesizers and crazy amounts of equipment, and a pretty big crew that does dangerous stunts just to put it together. When I saw it I actually thought Wow, that must be expensive. And the ticket price is actually in line with what all the big acts are charging.

    As for the merchandise, we pay cheap prices for cheap goods and crappy food because they are made of crappy, poisonous quality materials by impoverished workers in foreign countries. It turns out it costs money to make a good product at a fair wage, which Radiohead is in favor of.

  • Why always amsterdam? Holland is more places to perform than gay-city.

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