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Radiohead Live in Austin – Live Report

Radiohead are playing in Austin for the second night in a row. This time it’s the Frank Irwin Center.

Yesterday, Radiohead did the Austin City Limits taping, now the band will play their 6th show of The King Of Limbs Tour. We had a couple of surprises the past shows, so we’re excited to see what the band will play today. The band are around 8:45 CST, Other Lives will open at around 7:30.

Of course, updates will appear here and via our Twitter account @RadioheadLive.
Stay tuned.

Idioteque was soundchecked. You can stream the show as it happens below. That was an old stream. Correct setlist below

01 Bloom
02 Little By Little
03 The Daily Mail
04 Morning Mr. Magpie
05 Myxomatosis
06 The Gloaming
07 Kid A
08 The National Anthem
09 Reckoner
10 Arpeggi
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Idioteque

17 Separator
18 These Are My Twisted Words
19 Bodysnatchers
20 Everything In Its Right Place

21 Give Up The Ghost
22 You And Whose Army?
23 Paranoid Android

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  • It’s only 8:10 and i’m hearing Separator on the stream?

    • Are you in central time zone?

  • how far into the set is this?

    • Looks to be about 4 songs in, douche.

    • Haha I read your comment and was like wow that was really mean. Then I read his name.

  • went to the show. fantastic! i mean look at that setlist…what more could you ask for? they killed it!

  • Great show. It was sweet to have the band in town. They’ve been absent here since ’95.

    FYI: The venue’s name is Erwin, not Irwin.

  • Great show tonight, about 5 people back from the stage, it was quite a treat to be so close…Truely a band at the top of their game… Thom was quite interactive with the crowd as well… Love them and cant wait for their return!

  • This show was truly great. I saw them on monday in dallas and it was incredible of course, but tonights show was just on. They were locked in tonight. Thom was even being goofy with the microphone between songs. Saying things like, “It’s all good” and speaking in a weird country voice. He said they tried to go to barton springs but it was closed, but saw three or four Keep Austin Weird shirts and said he loved that.” When introducing Myxomatosis he said something like, “this is an older one, old and dirty” Just lots of funny little banter which is unusual at radiohead shows and a pretty significant indicator that they were really having fun and were in the groove. There is something special about playing Austin. There was an amazing energy in the whole place throughout the night, and it just kept feeding into itself. Everything just clicked tonight.

    I feel happy for the people who get to see them on the rest of the tour. Knowing this band they’ll be on like that for most of their shows.

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  • Amazing show. Not sure how they kept an entire arena fixated while ignoring an entire decade of music, but they did. Hats off to you Radiohead. And hats off to austin.

    Also… What do you call a fish with three eyes

    • a fiiish 🙂

  • ugh – board’s down!

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