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Radiohead live in St. Louis – Live Report

Hello Missouri! Radiohead will play two shows in the state. First one is in St. Louis. Here’s our live report.

Radiohead have soundchecked 15 Step, Videotape and The Tourist at the Scottrade Center. Well, you now the drill: Other Lives on around 7:30 pm, Radiohead 8:45-ish. Updates below and via @RadioheadLive on Twitter.


01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Airbag
04 Little By Little
05 Morning Mr Magpie
06 Myxomatosis
07 Kid A
08 Videotape (tour debut)
09 The Daily Mail
10 The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy
11 Karma Police
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Reckoner

17 Separator
18 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
19 Lucky (tour debut)
20 Electrolite/Everything In Its Right Place

21 Give Up The Ghost
22 You And Whose Army?
23 Idioteque

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  • st louis is in missouri not minnesota

  • FYI – They also sound checked The Tourist. Sounded great!

  • How do you get to here what they sound check?

    • in houston we stuck our ears up to the doors,

    • here? seriously?

  • the tourist.

  • Electrolyte?

    • R.E.M. cover, i’m assuming

  • So they’ve just basically disowned “The Butcher” and “Supercollider” eh? Not that I can really blame ’em.

    • I’m sure they will play it…probably waiting until later in the tour

    • I gotta have The Butcher. The Butcher is one of their best recent songs (with Staircase). I hope they put it on some B Sides compilation sometimes in the future, or a live album or whatever. The both MP3 versions (digital one wont play on my things) have poor sound for some reason. Why did they have to butcher The Butcher!! Feral and Separator are super not so good!! Help me! PS Anyone else got internet problem when they come to the super good At Ease pages??

  • Wow Thom completely forgot the words to karma police. But he recovered and managed to make light of it.

  • Seeing them at Bonnarroo. I will shit a chicken if they play Packt Like Sardines.

    • I was thinking of you and this comment when they played it last night in AZ!!! 🙂

  • 01 Bloom
    02 15 Step
    03 Airbag

    those are really OPENING tracks if you know what i mean 😉

    • How early do you think I should get to the stage at bonnaroo? if i get close enough i will shit enough bricks and hire cheap labor to build me a house….. made of shit

  • The huge moving screens were incredible in person. The crazy Thom closeups effects during YAWA? was really cool.

  • I was on ticketmaster literally as they updated the site to allow you to buy tickets for the radiohead concert in DC today, and I was unable to buy a ticket. soo pissed.

    • don’t worry…It’s just ticketmaster’s way of letting you pay double for it somewhere else. I was on my way to the “sold out” show in St. Louis Friday without a ticket (I know how things work) and called ticketmaster to purchase two tickets (around 1pm) and got 4th row from the floor no problem! The night before, I was on and the best seat available was literally at the top of the building. They let the big guys get all of the tickets and when they dont sell, ticketmaster or the box office gets those tickets on the day of the show. Granted, my seat was all the way to the side…but 4th row off of the floor???? These tickets would have went for 200 dollars a piece had some unfortunate soul paid for them. My advice is to go to the show on the day of the concert and go to the box office and get tickets or call ticketmaster on the day of the show! There WILL be tickets, believe me. Don’t pay money to some fat cat that resells them. I have been doing this for years and it works always…unless it’s a small venue! Cheers!

  • […] [via At Ease] […]

  • I was just thinking the other day what the first 3 tracks would be, they nailed it in St Louis…

  • When will they play 4 Minute Warning?

  • radiohead to CHILE !!! PLEASEE!!! we`re waiting!!!!!!!! we love UUU!

  • This is probably the best set I’ve ever seen. Well I didn’t see it. I read it.

  • Where’s tonight’s show?

  • Tom forgetting the lyrics to Karma Police in STL. What a great show!!!

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