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Radiohead play Packt Like Sardines, Kid A, Identikit – Glendale live videos

Last night in Glendale, Radiohead wrapped up the first leg of their 2012 tour. The show included the first performance of Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box since the September 11, 2001 show in Berlin. The new arrangement of the song is much closer to the version that appeared on Amnesiac than what the band was playing on the 2001 tour.

The first leg of the tour also saw the band play Kid A several times. And again, it sounds quite different to the way it’s been played in the past. Personally, I think this might be the best it’s ever sounded live.

Finally, here’s Identikit which Thom describes as his favourite of the new songs (evidenced by the fact they played this one at every gig but one). This one is sounding better and better with each performance.

Thanks to Suprefan for the videos.

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  • Unbelievable set list. One that can only be arranged as part of a last leg show in combination with playing in a city they haven’t visited since ’94. Unbelievable chemistry and the sound was surprisingly lucid in the arena. The KOL songs translate so much better live. See this band before you die, if you haven’t already

  • hopefully then i wont die before june 11th when they come by the palace of auburn hills ..
    this will be my first time seeing them. It still hasnt sunk in yet.. i guess im still kinna shocked that im going to my all time favourite band live. I’m 28, and this will be my first concert experience believe it or not. I promised myself way before they announced this tour that if they came to detroit.. i would go see them (although I live in Canada on the border of detroit). But seeing how they only been to detroit once which i believe was in 97, 98.. maybe even bends era.. I wasnt gonna hold my breathe hoping they were comming to detroit. So.. when I seen the venue on their website.. i shit my pants.

    • i’m surprised you’ve never seen them in ‘T.O.??’ Though yeah, its a bit further isn’t it, i love it there though. I was at that last Detroit show in 97, then saw them the following spring in Toronto. The Detroit show wasn’t so great, oddly, not sure why, but Toronto was just, indescribably epic, i teared up like 5 times that night it was so intense. Of course with the early version of How to Disappear, The Tourist, Let Down, No Suprises and Paranoid Android, it’s kinda hard not to:) I’ve seen them one time for every tour since, and every time i cherish it. (well except that mini Kid A tour, grrr, that sucked, they all sold out in 2 secs, impossible to get tix) ANYWAY, i’m happy for you, hearing Thom live is just amazing, and it makes me sad when people who aren’t radiohead people are like…’yeah they cool BUT i’m not that into them…’ cuz if they ONLY knew how those songs come alive in person, and how great his voice is, and the whole bonding experience with the crowd singing along ‘for a min-ute there I lost my-selllf….’ etc etc. poor sad ignorant bastards:)

  • Wow I love how they played Packt like Sardines with the keyboards its amazing! Groovey!!

  • the part in identikit where thom plays the synth is so uplifitng…

  • Yes, suprefan is a real asshole that everyone hates but thanks for the videos.

  • overwhelming show, definitely one of the best nights of my life.

  • i wonder why they havent played ‘the butcher’ yet…would be excellent live!

  • Would be fantastic if they ever come to one of the Baltic countries or at least to Poland, this area quite ignored.

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