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Radiohead live in Seattle – (Almost) Live Report

Radiohead kicked off the second leg of their 2012 tour last night at a very sold out Key Arena in Seattle. Sorry for the lack of live updates (especially since I was actually at the gig)! I’ll hopefully update this post later today with some further thoughts on the show but for now here’s the setlist and a few other notes.

15 Step
Little By Little
The Gloaming
Morning Mr Magpie
Pyramid Song
The Daily Mail
These Are My Twisted Words
Lotus Flower
There There
How To Disappear Completely
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
You And Whose Army?
Give Up The Ghost
Everything In Its Right Place


  • The band soundchecked Supercollider and Meeting In The Aisle earlier in the day (as well as 15 Step, Everything In Its Right Place, Identikit and a couple others). Meeting In The Aisle was actually soundchecked three times in a row so it seems like it will get back into setlists at some point. In fact, the first encore for last night’s gig was intended to go: Arpeggi/Meeting In The Aisle/Lucky/Bodysnatchers but the band changed it up at the last minute.
  • Thom dedicated the show to Jonny who had a very sore hand and was, apparently, a bit of a trooper last night.
  • No tour debuts or song debuts last night but Identikit keeps getting better and better.
  • The lights/visuals for this tour really are incredible.
  • I’ll go back and check in a bit but I think this might be the first Radiohead show ever to not include a single song from The Bends (since the release of The Bends, obviously)? Regardless, hope you weren’t in the crowd hoping for a bunch of old stuff. UPDATE: a couple other shows this year also featured nothing from The Bends (something I should know since I’m tweeting the damn shows!). Sorry about that, it was a long day yesterday. Thanks commenters and twitterers.
  • These Are My Twisted Words was one I was really hoping to hear that I didn’t think I’d actually get to. So thanks for that one, guys. It was fun to watch Thom and Jonny help each other through the long intro to that song as they seem to have some trouble remembering the chord sequence (in fact, they were both occasionally referring to a sheet of paper with notes on it).

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  • they soundchecked ‘planet telex’ too…

    • If they play Planet Telex at Bonnaroo i’ll loose control over my bowle movments resulting in me pooping myself.

  • KC didn’t have a single bends tune, either. oh well.

  • are you kidding? their very last show, in Glendale, had no Bends songs. not a new thing.

  • Anyone know the pre show music played at this show?

    • I came in right before they went on, and I know the song that played right before they came on was Actress – “Hubble”

      I know this only because I’ve been obsessed with that Splazsh album as of late.

    • I remember hearing some Zomby of the Dedication lp.

  • What an amazing show!

  • No need to apologize for anything, Sean. You’re a very conscientious site manager and I’m glad you’re doing what you can.

    • Cheers, Muldfeld.

  • Can someone please tell me what time the band went on?

    • Around 9 o’ clock.

  • Thanks Josh. 🙂

  • Thanks for the report. Just updated the spotify playlist :

  • Thanks for all you do!

  • hoping they will re-discover their love for the Bends. Bones only takes 3 minutes, i think Sulk would be fun, but i really think Black Star would be the best and they’d realize they miss it the most.

  • These Are My Twisted Words!

  • Photos from the Seattle show…

  • Photos from the Seattle show…

  • Was really hard to enjoy being we were surrounded by people who didn’t know how to handle their booze/drugs. . . Actually very disappointing. Though Radiohead was on spot, cant say I enjoyed it to its fullest.

  • […] of this post is no reflection on my lack of excitement about the gig. But writing for At Ease (here’s the Seattle report) has kept me pretty busy this week along with the arrival of my oldest friend’s first child. […]

  • This was really an incredible show. I hope that they release a live recording from this tour. The songs from TKOL are so incredible live- different than on the ‘In the Basement’ release. Please?

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