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Radiohead live at Coachella (Weekend 2) – Live Report

Here we go, the final show of the second leg of Radiohead’s 2012 tour. Once again Radiohead are headlining Saturday night at Coachella and, once again, they are scheduled to hit the stage at 11:05pm. Sadly, no live webcast tonight.

Will the sequel match up to the original? Could weekend two turn out to be Empire Strikes Back? Check in later and follow @Radioheadlive to find out.

And we’re off in the desert…

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Morning Mr Magpie
04 Staircase
05 The Gloaming
06 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
07 Pyramid Song
08 You And Whose Army?
09 Nude
10 Kid A
11 Lotus Flower
12 There There
13 Karma Police
14 Feral
15 Idioteque
16 House Of Cards
17 Reckoner
18 Bodysnatchers
19 Give Up The Ghost
20 Exit Music (for a film)
21 Paranoid Android

And that is going to do it for tonight and Leg 2. The band now takes five weeks off before starting up again at the end of May in Boston.

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  • please stream and radiohead play a san jose set!

  • That’s such BS that they aren’t webcasting weekend 2. I mean, wtf is up with that?

    • I know right. First they stamp out AustinBrocks rip of the webcast (and others) then don’t even have the courtesy to broadcast this weekend.

    • Yeah, I knew they would find the rips and take them down so as soon as I found one I downloaded it to my comp.

  • sooooo this weekend show isn’t being shown online?

  • I guess a predictable setlist

  • do not understand why Radiohead has not changed their setlist songs lately and avoid playing the bends and ok computer songs :S

    • Well this is The King Of Limbs tour not the OK Computer anniversary tour (which I hope they eventually do).

    • Although I do wish they would give The Gloaming a rest.

    • YES. seriously such an average rh song

    • To its credit, it’s a WAY better song live than on record. But yeah, would love to hear some different HTTT tracks mixed in on this tour.

    • I know that , but they are playing the same setlist from last week

    • They’ve said they play the songs that they feel like playing. Otherwise they wouldn’t be very into the performance. I’d rather them keep pumping out incredible albums for a while and supporting them on tour instead of just giving up on new material and playing old songs.

    • Karma Police, Airbag, Paranoid Android, Lucky, Climbing Up The Walls, Exit Music, Meeting In The Aisle. Am I missing something or is that not like half of OKC with a rare instrumental B-Side? The Bends has definitely got the shaft this tour thus far, but I’ll settle for Telex any day. Awesome their playing that semi-regular lately. Keep in mind too that we’re living in an online age where “nerds” like us can see all these set lists. So of course it gets redundant seeing the consistancy of their sets. But when you see them live it’ll be the first time you hear it personally.

    • This is why it’s really only necessary to see one Radiohead show per tour. The setlist changes very little. But it’s also why its incredibly fun to see a band like Pearl Jam multiple times a tour. The setlist changes drastically each performance. Last tour they played more than 120 different songs. So much more interesting and you’d assume more fun for the band to switch it up.

    • Heresy!

    • yea but they changed it pretty good during in rainbows…technically it doesn’t matter bc they will be good in person no matter what…they will keep moving forward..hopefully they will be like rush and keep putting out albums for the next 30 years…

    • Not true at all. I saw them twice on this tour (San Jose and Coachella #2) and the setlist had 7-8 different songs.

  • Good setlist so far, can’t wait for the encores. Man I just realized how much of a nerd I am for this band. Staying up just to see the setlist despite no livestream.

  • sulk live

  • I hope they play Kid A when they come to New Zealand!

  • Fantastic set!! I just wished I could of been there/watched it.

  • Bring back The Daily Mail!


  • I wish they would play sit down stand up…they have the rythm section for it now

    • Good point!

  • These setlists are all very similar. Just not feeling this tour at all at the moment, though judging by other comments I think I may be on my own with my ambivalence.

  • Thought it was interesting when Thom talked about You and Whose Army? being about riots in Seattle. Had never heard that before.

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