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Radiohead 2012 World Tour: Leg 2 breakdown

After the first leg of Radiohead’s 2012 tour we broke down the tour (we like stats!) and we’re going to do the same for the second leg. What follows below is a look at the seven shows the band played from Seattle through the second Coachella show. We’ll combine the two legs in a few days and have a look at the 2012 tour as a whole, but for now here’s Leg 2.

7 shows
Seattle, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Coachella #1, Mexico City #1, Mexico City #2, Coachella #2

42 different songs played
(including After The Gold Rush and True Love Waits snippets)

Songs played on Leg 2 not played on Leg 1
I Might Be Wrong, Planet Telex, Exit Music (for a film), House Of Cards

Songs played on Leg 1 not played on Leg 2
All I Need, Cut A Hole, Hunting Bears, Meeting In The Aisle, Packt Like Sardines, Videotape

Longest show: 23 songs (all shows apart from Coachella)
Shortest show: 20 songs (Coachella #1)
Coachella #2 featured 21 songs

Album Breakdown
To organize some of these numbers into meaningful-ish groups I’ve created a group for the material Radiohead have released since The King of Limbs (TKOL+), B-sides/Other (including These Are My Twisted Words), and then all the new songs. 1/12 means one song from that album’s twelve songs were played.

Pablo Honey – 0/12
The Bends – 2/12
OK Computer – 6/12
Kid A – 5/10
Amnesiac – 3/11
Hail To The Thief – 3/14
In Rainbows – 6/10
The King Of Limbs – 8/8
The King Of Limbs+ – 3/4
B-sides/Other – 2
New Songs – 2

New Song Frequency
Identikit: 5 performances
Skirting On The Surface: 1 performance (Mexico City #2)
Cut A Hole not played on this leg

Live Debuts (excluding new songs)

Songs Played At Every Concert: 7
15 Step, Bloom, The Gloaming, Idioteque, Lotus Flower, Morning Mr Magpie, Reckoner

Songs Played Only Once: 7
The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy, Climbing Up The Walls, Codex, How To Disappear Completely, The National Anthem, Skirting On The Surface, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Opening Songs
Bloom (7/7)

Closing Songs
Paranoid Android (4/7)
Everything In Its Right Place (1/7)
Idioteque (1/7)
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (1/7)

Everything In Its Right Place intros
True Love Waits (1)
After The Gold Rush (Neil Young cover) (1)

Notable Absences
Fake Plastic Trees, Just, My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Morning Bell, 2+2=5, Where I End And You Begin, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, All I Need, Cut A Hole

Appearances by the Red Pants: 1 (San Jose)

Protests by Westboro Baptist Church: 0

Leg 1 breakdown
2012 Tour Songs

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  • Protests by Westboro Baptist Church: 0

  • thought they played Orgy (at least) 2 shows in a row…like Texas/StL and again at Denver? ‘i might be wrong’ …

  • Thank you for including the red pants appearances, made me laugh! Should add number of ponytails next time!

  • I am glad I caught the only appearance of the Red Pants!

    • Red pants AND The Amazing Sounds of Orgy, The National Anthem, and Climbing Up The Walls.
      What an amazing show it was. 🙂

  • Where I end and you begin has not been on rotation since 2003 so it is not a shock it has not been played. Everyone wants it though. Me and my girl have been jamming it lately.

  • The Bends – 2/12
    Amnesiac- 3/11
    Hail To The Thief – 3/14

    wtf radiohead…more love fellas for these albums on the next leg please…

  • Guys, Citizen Insane is down. wtf happened?

    • I e-mailed Michael, the creator of the website, a couple of days ago and he said that Citizen Insane is gonna be back up soon, so don’t worry! 🙂

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