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Listen: Radiohead’s Kid A & OK Computer as an 8-bit Arcade Game

Listen: Radiohead’s Kid A & OK Computer as an 8-bit Arcade Game

What if Radiohead’s Kid A was the soundtrack of one your 80′s Arcade Game? Or OK Computer?

Quinton Sung recorded the full albums in 8 bit. As Quinton comments on his work on Kid A “For the most part I tried to follow the album quite closely, although I took some creative liberties, and decided to make a rather subtle change for fun to see if people would notice (and people have!).”

Below Kid A and OK Computer in full + Talk Show Host and Lift. Enjoy!

Anyway, my favourite is The National Anthem. What’s yours?

You can download Kid A in 8-Bit in full here. [via io9]


  • And we’re hard at work making it an 8bit rpg, now, too!

  • Amazing work guys! Defo be using this when I create my personal flash based game on radiohead ;)

  • cool! eiirp sometimes syncs up with crazy ponytail thom just right of the player too. conspiracy..

  • idioteque

  • This is incredible. Particularly “How To Disappear Completely” and (predictably) “Idioteque”. Great work, Quinton!

  • They should have called it Kid 8bit

  • [...] Sung took the classic Kid A, and turned it into 8-bit sounds (via At Ease Web). You can listen to the entire thing below, and if you like it, you’re crazy! you can [...]

  • Quinton did an OKC 8 bit as well. Suggest you guys check it out, its just as good as this.

    He’s also done Lift and Talk Show Host (my favorite of any of his 8 bit works). All available on his channel.

  • Kid eight!!

  • [...] vintage video game versions &#959f both albums &#1110n th&#1077&#1110r entireties , &#1072&#1109 At Ease points out (via i09). Check both albums out out [...]

  • Just kidding, these are actual demos for the album.

  • [...] nonetheless painstakingly made vintage video game versions of both albums in their entireties , as At Ease points out (via i09). Check both albums out out [...]

  • Wonderful and terrible simultaneously.

  • Airbag is great! Really nice work on that – especially the end!

  • [...] someone out there named Quinton Sung saw into my soul and with a flash of inspiration, he recorded OK Computer and Kid A in glorious 8-bit. It’s pretty awesome to listen to, especially “Let Down”, which sounds like a [...]

  • Whoa, the only way this could be any better is if it wasn’t 8bit.

  • Treefingers was the best. Obviously.

  • What sort of synths were used for this? Are they vst/au plugins on a laptop or did Quinton Sung go the whole hog and run midi sequences through vintage gaming equipment?

    Good stuff.

  • This is not his work. He just downloaded (often mistaken) Guitar Pro tabs (made by other people) and exported it in midi.

  • he’s got planet telex too

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  • [...] little gems recorded in 8-Bit are a gift from Quinton Sung. On At Ease Web he is quoted about his work on Kid A saying “For the most part I tried to follow the album quite [...]

  • can i get this on vinyl?

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