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Radiohead live in Mansfield – Live Report

Radiohead live in Mansfield – Live Report

Radiohead kick off the third and final leg of their North American tour tonight at the Comcast Center in Mansfield/Boston, MA. After a few weeks off it will be interesting to see what the band have in store for us tonight. Radiohead will hit the stage between 8:30 and 8:45.

Tonight also marks the first show of 2012 that features Caribou as the support act. Should be a great show. Check back later for live updates as we get them from the venue. And, as always, follow us on Twitter @Radioheadlive.

We might even have a live stream here.

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Airbag
04 Staircase
05 The Daily Mail
06 Myxomatosis
07 The Gloaming
08 Separator
09 Pyramid Song
10 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
11 Morning Mr Magpie
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Feral
16 Idioteque
17 Supercollider
18 The National Anthem
19 Lucky
20 After The Gold Rush/Everything In Its Right Place
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 Bodysnatchers
23 Reckoner

And that’s it for tonight, folks!

Stream the show here…

Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream

Or here….

Streaming by Ustream

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  • Fuck the Gloaming

    • Agreed. One of the worst from HTTT. Why can’t the band play any of the softer tracks from that album?

    • Have you ever heard the live version of the gloaming?
      It’s totally different and awesome.

  • Such an amazing show. Pyramid Song, Identikit, Bloom, Lucky, Feral, Myxo, and Reckoner were incredible

    • What time did the will call and doors open? Seeing them in Newark and want to be up front for GA

    • You better get in line hours early…crazy inefficient for getting ppl in shows…worst time I’ve ever had getting in a show…takes forever

  • Last night’s show in Mansfield left a LOT to be desired.
    I’ve seen every show they’ve played since 2000 and this one left me feeling like a jilted lover!
    I don’t know what they were thinking but I found it all very self-indulgent.
    Seriously disappointed!

    • Tool.

    • “I don’t want to live in a world with no more Radiohead tours…” who’s the tool now? jackass. if you can’t take someone else’s opinion on a show then stay off the boards.

    • What’s your point about that quote? You’re a tool. I stand by it.
      Radiohead truly enjoyed themselves last night; it translated to the music and likewise to the thousands of fans eager for more after 2 encores. Anyone who goes to a concert where the band puts on a show of that level of quality and energy, and who comes away from it feeling above it all to the point where you feel compelled to post to a fan-site that it was “self-indulgent” while peppering in CAPS to let us all know how “disappointed” you were is a tool. Deal with it.

    • i’m sure nothing they did was as self-indulgent as your comment above.

    • I am inclined to agree. My mind kept going back to how good the band was the last time I saw them on the In Rainbows tour (I went to Mansfield then, too).

      I think the band wasn’t into it last night. Whatever the reason – tired, the pollen, etc. They just weren’t ON like every other time I have seen them.

    • If you were wanting their old stuff, maybe. They only did two 90’s songs. But they picked out an incredibly energetic set of songs from Hail to the Thief, Kid A, and In Rainbows, Pyramid Song from Amnesiac, and the new material. I actually enjoyed it more than the 2008 mansfield set because they left out some of my less favorite tracks from In Rainbows and didn’t play any dull tracks from the Bends.

    • I just watched a few video’s of the concert last night. No wonder why it wasn’t what you were expecting, the crowd was bullshit. People up at the front row were hardly moving around, everyone was talking, no one really even gave a shit. All the songs sounded great to me, had a killer setlist and the band was full of energy. The audience was not giving them the response they deserved.

  • The Gloaming is sick you don’t know what you’re talking about. They played plenty of softer tracks, not enough like the Gloaming, Backdrifts, spinning plates, etc.

  • I echo some of the feelings from the other comments, however, for me it had to do with the fact that I was so far in the nose bleeds outside the shed. I think it makes a huge difference begin inside the shed and having the music just engulf you.

  • I couldn’t disagree more with the comments below. While I liked the set-list better the last time I saw them, last night was very, very, very good. They sounded incredible, the lights/screens were awesome, and I thought Thom was very warm and gracious and was clearly enjoying himself. Awesome show from the best band in the world.

    • Bomber, I agree with you completely. After having listened to several shows from the second leg, I was worried that I was going to be put to sleep by the overly mellow song choices. I felt they really picked up the pace last night, and incredibly the crowd just stood there…It certainly wasn’t because of the band.

      The August ’08 show at Mansfield was the best concert I have ever attended and I’m compelled to say that last night is a close second…

  • A few videos from last night

    The National Anthem –

    Identikit –


  • Baffled that they have stopped playing Codex almost completely in their last leg of shows. That’s not the one I’d leave off of the KOL tracks if I had my choice.

    • I totally agree, that was my one gripe with the new album material. That song is beautiful even if it is one of their softer songs. Those tend to be my favorites anyway.

  • Setlist had a great encore 1…other than that pretty standard setlist on this whole tour…which is surprising…I wish there was more variety in songs…

  • I’ve seen them every time they played in Boston since 2006, and I definitly felt like they were the most into it last night. THey seemed to have a lot of energy and feed off the crowds enthusiasm. Great show and awesome set.

    • so three times? I would have to say the best was BoA pavillion show in 2006

    • Having also been to all three, I’d say the setlist was best in 2006, but the energy was best last night.

    • Umm Idk if I agree haha! THe version of videotape in 2006 was out of this world and kid a was a great touch too, but I loved the energy last night, and Thom’s voice was incredible. Maybe I’m just hyped from the recent performance. I’m seeing them in New Jersey tomorrow and I’m hoping for amazing sounds of orgy!

  • Does anyone know where I can get a good mp3 of the show?

  • They played “Optimistic” too- but I can’t remember exactly when.

  • Can someone tell me why Radiohead played at the Comcast Center in Mansfield and not TD Garden in Boston?

    Most of the people at the show travelled from the greater Boston area, all by car (perhaps there were a few buses). If the show had been at TD Garden there would have been *far* fewer people travelling by car as TD Garden is connected to the MBTA subway. Thus if they’d played TD Garden it would have been a much more ‘eco-friendly’ show, at least in that respect. Radiohead care about so much about this issue that they sometimes choose their gig venues based on this (e.g. in choosing which UK festivals to play), and they keep another set of their equipment in the US to avoid having to transport it over. Moreover, it was a terrible venue to get in to and out of – it took us over three and a half hours to get there from Boston, 40 miles away (an hour’s journey usually), and it took us over two hours to get out of.

    Speculation: is it because TD Garden is run by a bank? (!)

    • Tradition? They always play Mansfield.

      In my experience, all of New England goes to these shows. As someone that’s been travelling to Mansfield from out of state for the past decade every time Radiohead comes around I appreciate not having to actually drive to Boston.

    • Sorry to ruin your speculation, but TD Garden is run by a hospitality & food service management company, DelawareNorth. They own and operate the building. The bank simply paid to display its name.

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  • I disagree with the comments regarding the audience. I was dead center in the middle of the audience under the roof so I got a good view of the audience. I thought the audience was really into it. I thought the show was great also and Thom and band seemed to be having a great time. You may not have liked the setlist but it seemed consistent with setlists from the first tour.

  • Being at the show – I left completely uplifted. I appreciated every aspect of the show the band put together. It was pitch perfect – the energy was high (from the band and the crowd). You could clearly see the band was having fun and feeding off the crowd. Just wish I could personally thank them for a great performance. I was excited to read some posts from everyone and was shocked to see some negative comments- I think some critique so much in life they forget how to even enjoy it.

  • this wasn’t the fisrt show with caribou as suport act, remember in mexico city they open both nights with other lives.

  • Wah…hoo….! Sounds like quite interesting because Radiohead live in Mansfield. I hope that every person will be impressed to know that live report. Thanks for impression bit post here!

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