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Radiohead live in Newark (Night 2) – Live Report

Instead of a hockey game tonight at the Prudential Center, Radiohead will once again take the stage in Newark (Radiohead >>> NHL). The big question tonight: will the computers cooperate and allow the band to play Idioteque properly?* Tune in later to find out. The band should be taking the stage between 8:30 and 8:45. Once again, Caribou will be opening the show.

Check back here later as we update this post live as the setlist comes in. You can also follow @Radioheadlive where Mr. At Ease himself will be live tweeting the show from the wilds of New Jersey. In addition, if all goes well you should be able to live stream the gig here.

*And Idioteque was a mess again tonight

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Bodysnatchers
04 Kid A
05 Staircase
06 The Daily Mail
07 Myxomatosis
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Pyramid Song
11 Morning Mr Magpie
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 The National Anthem
15 Feral
16 Idioteque
17 How To Disappear Completely
18 Supercollider
19 Go To Sleep (tour debut)
20 Paranoid Android
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 Reckoner
23 The One I Love/Everything In Its Right Place

So that’s it for tonight. The tour debut for Go To Sleep and another airing of Supercollider. Reckoner also didn’t close tonight’s show after closing the last couple nights…I note this only because I’ve seen lots of comments of people unhappy with Reckoner as a closer. You got your wish!

Apparently Michael Stipe attended tonight’s show which explains the little REM cover before Everything In Its Right Place.

Stream the show below.

Live broadcasting by Ustream

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  • Sound even better tonight

  • OMG! and I, here doing homework

  • Fucking boring give up the ghost . Should not be legally permitted to be played on a live show . same with house of cards on 2006 .

    I am going to sleep , be back after this one .

    • Agreed

  • What is going on with Idioteque?! Second night in a row?

    And whomever is live tweeting this is HILARIOUS. Most entertaining thing happening on my timeline right now. THANK YOU. xx

    • That was Ade tonight and he was actually at the show (we’re usually not) so he was able to provide more commentary. Plus, pretty sure he’d had SEVERAL beers.

    • Live tweeting a show should be almost always done several beers deep.

    • I’m thinking I should do the same when I’m live tweeting it from my couch.

  • One more thing: Can someone tell me what song was playing after EIIRP? The one after the band left the stage? It was very jazzy & I loved it, & was just about to Shazam it, but the livestream went off the air. :[

  • Good set list. but it’s basically been the same for the entire tour so far. They really need to diversify.

    • Well said…

  • awesome show!

  • You know everyone complains about the lack of diversity in the setlist, and when I just sit at home & track them, it might seem boring. BUT I was there tonight, and when you experience the greatness of each song in real time, you’re not thinking about the setlist at all. It was all outstanding…the last portion of the National Anthem was one of the most intense sonic moments I’ve ever experienced.

  • Thom skipped a verse during Paranoid Android and apologized briefly citing a long day. Idioteque got dropped before the typical live ending. Kinda rare even after last nights timing slips. Highlights included How to disappear (Possibly inspired by Stipes reported attendance?) and Kid A. Go to sleep had an extended guitar solo on Jonnys end. All things condidered it was a fantastic show.

  • I think it is about time they retire Idioteque for a small while, especially if two nights in a row it fucked up. Also Everything in it’s Right Place is always going to be what I want to see them close the show with.

  • Wow… night 2 is so much better than night 1.
    Kinda jealous.

  • Night 1 was the Moving experience I was looking for whenever I go see these guys..night 2 didn’t reach that emotion peak.

  • I wrote this as a comment for a BrooklynVegan post but it might be more relevant here,

    The whole “messing up” Idioteque I’m pretty sure is a joke with the eventual punchline being, we aren’t performing that song anymore on this tour, Jonny forgot how to play it. It was weird cause the rhythm kind of shifted around although being the infectious party rocker that that song is some of the fans near the front of the stage, around and including me, were still compelled to try to sing, clap and dance to it. Which speaks to the greater point of them messing up any of their songs. It seems that they are attempting to draw out some kind of contentiousness between them and their louder fans. I’m not sure if it’s playful or mean-spirited but it was certainly there. Particularly if you consider the lyrics of Morning Mr Magpie, when they decided to not sing them and what was going on with the singing in the crowd. During “Paranoid Android” Thom Yorke dropped his vocals during the “you don’t remember, you don’t remember, why don’t you remember…” part and the crowd sing-along didn’t remember or care to continue to sing the ones that followed. They even prefixed this song with Thom saying something about James Dean, a “Rebel Without a Cause” reference? Personally as a city dweller and as a fan with an emotional connection to alot of these songs there is certainly a level of catharsis to letting loose and singing/breathing along. I can also see how it can be annoying to others, particularly when people don’t seem to actually know the words or where they fit in the instrumentation. The lack of talent as far as the crowd members vocal ranges and whatnot isn’t really as much of a thing to me as long as the people are into the music. For me as a spectator the random shouting and just plain old chattering during the set I’d say is more the thing that borders on being rude. Although, I’ve read things in interviews over the past in response to these issues I’d be interested in hearing what the band had to say about them in 2012. I wonder if they want to be able to to take some of their songs in a more jam band or jazz direction live and feel stifled by the crowd participation. Perhaps they prefer complete silence during their performances or maybe they are perturbed by the half-hearted nature of people’s singing along. -brandon

    • I guess I’d agree with the latter part of your last sentence, but not the former. There’s no way they really do want “complete silence.” In all honesty though, I don’t think they’re trying to play some sort of psychological game with their fans… During the first night, they were smiling quite a bit at the audience members who were singing along or showing general enthusiasm. They also seemed particularly thankful to the crowd at the end of it. Maybe they’re just having trouble getting their machines to work properly – Thom said something like, “They say we have too many machines. I say we don’t have enough.” You might be looking too far into it.

  • Saw Radiohead in 2008 in Camden. They sound like a different band in 2012, not necessarily better but diffferent. The addition of Clive Deamer gives their sound a new dimension and more bite. They seemed tighter. They did a blistering rendition of Bodysnatcher. The set list was built around The King of Limbs and Kid A with hardly anything from their first three albums. At this point Thom seems to be going in a different direction, rejeciting rock anthems for syncopated rythyms and more sonic soundscapes. The TKOL stuff sounds great live. In addition to Bodysnatcher, highlights for me were: Pyramid Song, The National Anthem, How to Disappear Completely, and Paranoid Andriod (though Jonny disappeared to talk to a roadie (broken string?) and Thom expected him to come in with a guitar solo. You could hear Thom say, “what’s going on here?” before repeating the verse to buy more time for Jonny. A minor hiccup in an otherwise stellar show.

  • Re: my earlier comment, sorry it wasn’t Paranoid Andriod because I just watched the video, but there was another song where Jonny leaves in the middle to go talk to a roadie and Thom was expecting him to come back for a solo and when he didn’t Thom just sang the verse again to buy more time. I thought there was something wrong with the sound mix because Jonny’s solos were getting buried. Anybody remember what song it was?

  • the live version of Lotus Flower seems to me a little bit rushed, or is it that I want this song to never end?

  • bring me dc!

  • I have to say i thought idioteque was awesome regardless of Thom saying Fuck it and walking off the stage during the end of it. I thougth the entire show was great. Yes, they didnt play There There and Weird Fishes as i was hoping, but still getting to hear How to Disappear completely was amazing. And Supercollider is fantastic live. So all in all I thought it was a great show. I am seeing them on the 13th in Trenton and looking forward to it very much.

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