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Radiohead live in Washington DC – Live Report

Radiohead are playing their fourth show of the third leg of their World Tour at Washington DC tonight.

The band play at the Verizon Center of the nation’s capital. Caribou opening again and went off stage at 20:00 hrs. Except Radiohead on a little after 20:45 hrs.

Live tweets via @radioheadlive or just follow the setlist below. Would Idioteque still be on it?


01 Bloom
02 Airbag
03 Kid A
04 Bodysnatchers
05 Staircase
06 Codex
07 Meeting In The Aisle
08 The National Anthem
09 Nude
10 Morning Mr Magpie
11 Identikit
12 Lotus Flower
13 Go To Sleep
14 The Gloaming
15 Feral
16 There There
17 You And Whose Army?
18 15 Step
19 Supercollider
20 Paranoid Android
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 Separator
23 Reckoner

So tonight sees Idioteque dropped from the set for the first time on the tour this year (not really a surprise given the issues with the performances in Newark). Other notes:
– Reckoner seems to be finding a regular position as the final song of the night
– Supercollider is becoming a set regular this leg
– This is the first time that There There has ended the main set this year
– Just the third performance of Meeting In The Aisle (first since Tampa)

(thanks to @postracialist, @shadowordeath, @ardoverton and @kevin_niemann for helping us out on twitter today)

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  • Meeting in the Aisle? FUCK!

  • they left out idioteque? and they played codex, super collider, and meeting in the aisle all in the same show? hmmm glad im seeing them at a different show.

  • Please stop closing with reckoner..,

  • I do hope they fix the Idioteque glitch by the 13th but all in all I would of enjoyed this set very much.

  • Just got home from the show. I don’t have to tell you, it was fantastic. They’ve gotten even better live since I first saw them in ’03.

  • Why is everyone all hating on Reckoner? I could seriously make love to that song haha.

    • I’m a Reckoner fan too. People just like to complain.

    • I like reckoner…just not as a closer…I’m seeing them tues and wed…I want to hear that but imo I would prefer something else…not that it matters bc live I will be in the moment, but I prefer it early in the sets…not that my opinion matters, just my take on the ending only

    • I wish they would play something rare to close like life in a glasshouse, blow out, motion picture soundtrack, or even fake plastic trees…idk…

    • I’d agree people do complain a lot and I’ve never liked seeing the much hater comments since I think there really isn’t a bad radiohead show and I like all the songs they play… although seeing what I think is my least favorite setlist while theyre soon to play in my area got me cynical… classics they’ve been playing a lot like idioteque, everything in its right place, weird fishes, lucky, myxomatosis, little by little, were all left out in favor of some of the songs I’d be least interested in hearing (codex, meeting in the aisle, airbag, super collider, go to sleep). They’re all good songs but a lot of the best were left out. Hope they change it up soon.

    • The problem is that radiohead is so good and they have a lot of beautiful songs that it would be impossible to match all of them in a single show…hence the show must have at least 30 songs and everyone would be happy

    • true it’d be impossible to get a show with everyone’s favorites played without playing them all haha. If I was at this one I still would have walked out incredibly happy and still be blown away hearing so many great songs in one show. Do hope they change the setlist a good amount though and bring back idioteque

    • It’s the best song the band has released since “Hail to the Thief”.

    • My brother and I were talking today about how reckoner is more prominent now than on the inrainbows tour. Also, about how the only thing that makes some people happy is being unhappy. Who could be unhappy with reckoner, the way it has sounded the past few shows?

  • Fuck all you haters. Amazing show for us TRUE fans who have seen Idioteque and EIIRP enough, and appreciate some different songs that we’ve NEVER seen live. Go see Aerosmith if you wanna see nothing but popular shit.

    • who are you? you sound incredibly lame. amazing set radiohead

    • To whom are you directing this?

  • Thomas butchered my favorite lines from Paranoid Android. I was beyond excited to hear Meeting in the Aisle live! Main set was tremendous. I could have done without the encores minus Giving Up the Ghost.

    • You actually wish they played less songs? What the hell?

  • best set list

  • Amazing set!!! Not much to complain about… though I agree that Reckoner works better as a non-closer. Motion Picture Soundtrack as a closer? Oh, talk about a magic moment to end with <3 But still, that's one hell of a set they played…

  • Definitely, the best setlist so far !!! I wish a concert like that in Montréal !!!

  • I saw the show intampa and saw the show in dc last night and thom was nt feeling the show at all in Florida. In dc on the other hand he blew my mind the band was so fucking into it. It was a great set list and excellent vibe. Can die happy now.

  • Last night was my first ever Radiohead show. I can now die happy having seen The National Anthem (with Jonny actually fiddling with an old-school radio), Lotus Flower, Go to Sleep, The Gloaming, There There, You and Whose Army?, Paranoid Android, Give Up the Ghost, and Reckoner. Reckoner is one of my all-time favorite Radiohead songs, but I DID also think it felt slightly out-of-place as a closer (in the sense that the show didn’t really feel like it was over). I was thrilled mostly because I knew that the show was winding down and I was really worried that they wouldn’t play it at all. Part of me was secretly hoping they would come back onstage (yet again) for Motion Picture Soundtrack, Exit Music (for a Film), or Street Spirit (Fade Out), but I have no complaints and it was probably the best show I’ve ever seen.

    P.S. Did anyone else think it was annoying that whenever there was a softer part in any song (which are frequently my favorite parts of their songs), people in the crowd would start yelling and clapping like the song was over? Like I know you get excited and, sure, you can clap AFTER Jonny’s mind-blowing guitar solos or Thom’s incredible singing and/or dancing, but when the really awesome part of the song is STILL happening, don’t you want to actually HEAR it? Thom was acting like he was kind of blown away at the crowd’s enthusiasm, but I secretly was hoping he would tell them to shut up haha.

    • Jonny always fiddle with that ‘old school radio’ , you’ve never seen a concert on video before? Should be in Meeting People is Easy and the MTV concert…AND snl.

    • I haven’t seen many of the concert videos (I usually just get the audio). I’ve seen Meeting People is Easy but I don’t remember seeing that. I thought he only used it for Climbing Up the Walls and National Anthem, and I wasn’t sure that either of those would be played. If he uses it in every single concert, then I guess my excitement was misplaced. Still cool to see it live for my first time though.

  • I do have to say though the sound quality at the vdrizon center is very poor

  • Eek, hope they don’t close with Reckoner in Tinley Park next Sunday. Don’t hate on me, I’m not saying the song shouldn’t be in the setlist, it is a phenomenal song, I just don’t think it is the most fit closer. My mom is attending with me and driving the three hours down. She absolutley loves “No Surprises” but looking at the setlists I told her there’s probably a 95% chance (or more) that they won’t pull that one out. Anyway, still so stoked to be going to my first Radiohead show.

    • i’d pay them a $20 bonus if they’d play The Tourist, STILL the most perfect album and concert ender of all-time…though i’d be fine with Led Down too, or the original Nude with organ…Lift…or True Love Waits:)

  • speaking of dying happy, i had a heart attack 9 weeks ago…really puts being lucky enough to even GET to see radiohead at least ONE more time into perspective. my fav band since 1996, a band that has given me SO much in my life and never let me down, it’s definitely a good year to finally do back to back shows:) (chi/det)

  • Hey All. I just finished editing and posting my shots from the show. Enjoy. go here:

  • Heading to the Palace of Auburn Hills Monday! Can’t wait.

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