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Radiohead live in Cincinnati – Live Report

Radiohead continue their 2012 tour tonight in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Riverbend Music Center. This will be the fifth show of the third leg of the tour. If memory serves, Cincinnati is not a place Radiohead play regularly so I’m sure the crowd will be pretty up for tonight’s show. As always, you can expect Radiohead to hit the stage around 8:45pm. Caribou will once again be opening the show so make sure, if you have tickets, to get there early.

You can follow our @Radioheadlive account for live setlist updates or just refresh this post as we update the setlist as it comes in. Will tonight mark a return for Idioteque? Oh, the suspense!

01 Bloom
02 Airbag
03 Kid A
04 Bodysnatchers
05 Staircase
06 Codex
07 The Daily Mail
08 Myxomatosis
09 The Gloaming
10 Separator
11 Nude
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 15 Step
15 Feral
16 Idioteque
17 Morning Mr Magpie
18 These Are My Twisted Words
19 Subterranean Homesick Alien (tour debut)
20 After The Gold Rush/Everything In Its Right Place
21 Give Up The Ghost
22 The National Anthem/Hunting Bears
23 Reckoner

And that’s it for tonight. Subterranean Homesick Alien gets its 2012 tour debut (last played at the Roseland shows last year) and Twisted Words is played for the first time on this third leg. Plus Hunting Bears! See you all in Cleveland.

Soundcheck Report
Radiohead have soundchecked I Might Be Wrong as well as new song Full Stop. Here’s what @Pantwin said about Full Stop: “Heavy bass, synth. Lyrics: Finding a taste in nothing? Confirmed…he just said full stop.” And it was soundchecked a second time: “Soundchecking Full Stop again. It’s fucking incredible.” Dollars and Cents, These Are My Twisted Words, Subterranean Homesick Alien (!), Packt Like Sardines and Bloom have also been soundchecked.

Here’s a clip of Full Stop…from a distance. Thanks for this, @fittr_happier.

And here’s a short clip of Full Stop

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  • I will be there!!!

  • reminds me of cymbal rush

    • thats a great thing

  • I wanted to clap

  • same setlist

  • thanks for doing all this all the time. it’s like we’re on tour with them.

  • Best set list of tour thus far – Cincy’s first Radiohead show is a good one!

    • My favorite was 4/17 @ Mexico . The performances once you’re @ the gig outshines the setlist when their really on.

  • Tried to stream…bad service…so I couldn’t…will try tomorrow in Cleveland…

  • […] to those great Radiohead fans over at atease, Radiohead sound checked a new song before their show in Cincinnati yesterday. The song is […]

  • I actually would have loved to hear “Hunting Bears”.

  • Flea and Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers were in the audience just four rows in front of me.

    • They were right behind me

  • i was at the DC show and desperately wanted to see Subterranean Homesick Alien, bummed that i missed it by one show!!!

  • here’s my cleveland channel from ustream for tonight’s show…again service permitting as cincinnati had terrible service…

  • I watched some of the vids from this where Clive wasn’t on stage… does anyone else find the playing to be boring, mechanical, and over-rehearsed while he’s around? As soon as he’s off stage they sound like radiohead again.

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  • […] (via At Ease) […]

  • […] Beginning a half-hour before sunset, Radiohead’s show was accompanied by a brilliant, almost overwhelmingly intense light show that varied for each song, with bright graphics, flashing colors, and a shifting array of angular video screens displaying ghostly palimpsests of each band member’s image. The set opened with an expansive, swirling “Bloom”; with a second drummer (Clive Deamer, live drummer for the mighty Portishead) backing Phil Selway on this tour, the percussion-heavy live version far surpasses the one on record. This set the tone for the rest of the night–all of the other tracks from The King of Limbs sounded as good or even better live. “Lotus Flower,” “Separator,” and the exquisite “Give Up the Ghost” (here, played delicately by Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke, with Yorke looping his vocals and harmonizing with himself) sounded just as beautiful and haunting as the originals. “Codex” became a lovely solo piano track without its orchestral arrangement, while the wordless interlude “Feral” was transformed by rippling blasts of Colin Greenwood’s bass guitar. Better yet were the newer non-album tracks–”Staircase,” “The Daily Mail” (which built from solo piano to a huge full-band climax), and the stunning, still-unreleased “Identikit.” Featuring a nearly hip-hop beat, a memorable guitar riff, and prominent backing vocals by Ed O’Brien, “Identikit” was easily one of the highlights of the evening in a set filled with classics. (You can view the setlist on Ateaseweb.) […]


    video clips of every song they played.

  • […] got a very special present. The band debuted a brand new track called “Full Stop” which they had sound checked about a week ago but never played on stage. Down below you can check out video of the track. If […]

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