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Radiohead live at Bonnaroo – Live Report

Radiohead’s 2012 tour continues tonight with a headlining slot at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. The band previously played the festival in 2006 (that link is slightly 404) and played one of the longest shows of their career (28 songs).

Tonight the band are scheduled to play for two hours (from 10pm to midnight CDT) but, given the spirit of Bonnaroo, they may extend their set beyond that. The best part is you’ll be able to watch the gig as it is being streamed live on YouTube.

We’ll of course be updating this post live as the show happens as well as updating our Twitter feed so even if you’re not watching you still won’t escape Radiohead’s reach.

And we’re off…

01 Bloom
02 15 Step
03 Kid A
04 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
05 Staircase
06 The Daily Mail
07 I Might Be Wrong
08 The Gloaming
09 Separator
10 Nude
11 Morning Mr Magpie
12 Identikit
13 Lotus Flower
14 There There
15 Karma Police
16 Feral
17 Idioteque
18 You And Whose Army?
19 House Of Cards
20 Supercollider (dedicated to Jack White)
21 Bodysnatchers
22 True Love Waits/Everything In Its Right Place
23 Give Up The Ghost
24 Reckoner
25 Paranoid Android

At 25 songs and 2 hours and 20 minutes, this was Radiohead’s longest show of the year (topping Miami’s 24 song set on the opening night of the tour). Radiohead seem to always rise to the occasion at Bonnaroo.

Also of note, in his dedication of Supercollider to Jack White, Thom hinted that they had done something with Jack on Thursday. Now given that Jack White’s Third Man Records studio/shop/dreamatorium is located in nearby Nashville, I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to assume that Radiohead may have recorded a 7″ or a collaboration of some kind with Jack this week. Thom said we’d “find out later.” Already looking forward to it…whatever it turns out to be.

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  • God, watching this live stream is only making me more impatient for Sunday night when they come to Chicago!

  • Colin is playin’ some nasty bass. Oh yeah.

  • Indentikit was cool – Thom was groovin like an Egyptian

  • Good to see they worked out the Idioteque bugs. 🙂

  • Streaming:

  • Actually how did you get all the money to go to every Radiohead show?

  • Coachella weekend 1 was a better broadcasted performance

    • Only my opinion, but I slightly disagree…in that I think they were more into the performance and the crowd looked more into it…coachella crowd seemed kinda meh…also the camera angles of blending their views I think works best for radiohead bc their songs seem to work when they are vague and the lighting becomes one with the song…obviously that’s the point of the effects…there were a couple times where I felt apart of the stage effects itself and got lost…I think that works better…that’s why I think this stream was slightly better…

    • hahaha Im not talking about the cameras or the lighting, or the crowd. Im talking about their actual musical performance. Maybe you don’t play music but they got sloppy a bunch of times from what I recall.

    • Yea they did…your right about that…but like someone said they maybe their just tired from all the touring…

  • 25 Paranoid Android

  • Best setlist ever

  • Good performance even if it was a longer blend of the similar sets they’ve been playing already…I do hope Johnny’s hand is ok…still not better IMO than 2006…that recorded performance is still my favorite…seeing them that night still tops all their other shows I’ve seen…the bootleg on YouTube is amazing…

  • I love them and all but I can’t help but think that Thom kinda ruins some songs by not really caring how he sings them. His voice seems to have a trivial sound to it like he isn’t even trying to match the mood of the song. Almost makes me feel like watching a cover band play Radiohead songs.

    • I think he was hoarse last night. Theyve been traveling since feb, cut him some slack

    • Haha okay yeah I hope that’s it.

      Honestly though even if he was just not doing very well live I don’t care. I would still love Radiohead albums regardless of how they sound live. Although it is a plus if it is even better live. Hopefully it’s just me judging too quickly though. 🙂

    • screw that. i think they get to a festival and thom experiments more with the vocals and in the music. a number of these songs had some extra bars in them and variations that were not seen earlier in the tour. i’m all for this. let these songs grow a bit and give the fans something they have not seen before. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it does not. but no better place to try it then on the big stage at Bonnaroo. and JG on piano on Karma was AWESOME

  • Third Man single. Identikit bw/Cut a Hole

    You heard it here.

  • Jack White Collab being reported everywhere? Wowsa 🙂

  • Reckoner + fireworks = orgasm

  • […] Sean from Radiohead At Ease commented that: “…given that Jack White’s Third Man Recordsstudio/shop/dreamatorium is located in nearby Nashville, I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to assume that Radiohead may have recorded a 7″ or a collaboration of some kind with Jack this week. Thom said we’d ‘find out later.’ Already looking forward to it…whatever it turns out to be.” […]

  • Oh Morning Bell… where are you!? 🙁

  • Isn’t Jack White a prick to his fans, selling fan club exclusives on e-bay with the excuse that because some of his fans do it and he wants a cut of the action, they all must suffer? His music sucks, too.

  • They also dedicated Paranoid Android to the Chili Peppers

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